The Democratic Party Options Are Narrowing and Every American Should Take Note of What Is Coming


The Democrats only have so many ways to defeat Donald Trump. In my estimation, approximately 70%  of Americans are as politically ignorant as a box of rocks. Without boring the readers with the statistical formula I created to assess political awareness and political activism, it is clear that many Americans will say “so what”, who cares if Donald Trump is re-elected, removed from office or even assassinated. Ignorance and inaction are America’s two major enemies. Donald Trump once said, they (ie meaning the Deep State) are really after you and I am just in the way.

When I say that the MSM has been trying to brainwash the public with one-sided coverage, it easy to prove. I conducted my own data analysis. It is simplisitic and not terribly sophisticated, however, there is a clear trend curve that can be observed. 

In research methodology utilizing statistical analysis, I have resorted to a data count that is descriptive (ie qualitative, usually described as described as descriptive statistical analysis as opposed to creating and comparing data sets). In other words, I have chosen the New York Time and the Washington Post to create a raw frequency count of anti-Trump articles and themes  and some very interesting data emerged. First, I did a lit search of the two publication AND President Trump as the search terms and I did so over a 30 day period. I then categorized the data sets as (1) anti-Trump; (2) pro-Trump; or, (3) neutral. The results were not surprising, but the weight of the results was overwhelming with regard to the weight of evidence. In 165 articles, Trump was never featured in a positive light. There was not one instance in which a Presidential statement or initiated article, was positive in any regard. There were seven articles that I categorized as neutral. The rest of the articles were negative to very negative. Before you are impressed with my work ethic, I must confess that this was an easy task because I have software that does the frequency counts based upon how I operationalized (ie defined) the variables.

The negativity of my findings was not the least bit surprising. In fact, as a quality control check (ie external validity), I analyzed’s news feed for a one week period and 100% of the articles about President Trump were negative. Nobody should be surprised that the MSM is overwhelmingly against the President. However, the areas of negativity were very interesting. The topics related to negativity could be broken down in the following manner:

  1. In articles related to race relations, or civil rights, the President’s behavior was judged to racist 100% of the time.
  2. It is interesting that all of Trump’s public appearances always draws capacity crowds. Conversely, the Democrats have never had on such event. I chose 8 events on each side of the political spectrum and compared the attendees and it is not even close. However, every major poll has the President trailing in the polls by double digits to America’s first dementia Presidential candidate. When using the crude technique known as face validity, this discrepancy defies description. When one compares the ratings for the first night of the RNC vs the DNC, the Democrats lose convincingly.
  3. I track data on changes in my audience based on random selection of comments to articles and Youtube and emails. Since the advent of COVID and the subsequent lockdowns, the single biggest increase in my audience comes from disaffected Democrats who have had enough of the Democratic mayors and governors who have wrecked the businesses of many of these people. I don’t have a way to track the race of the people who write to me with phrases “I used to be a life-long Democrat, but this is no longer my party…however, I know from some of my follow-ups that some of these people are Black. Speaking from a surface level qualitative analysis, the Democratic Party is falling apart.
  4. An analysis of ticket of Biden and Harris is very revealing in support of the popularity of the two. When we refer back to the Democratic Presidential primaries, the results are telling. In the beginning the MSM was fawning over Harris, ignoring her criminality and praising her “vision”. When she was in the race, Harris led all candidates in campaign contributions. However, she never exceeded 7% in popularity. After New Hampshire, Biden’s performance was so abysmal, he never gave a concession speech and quickly departed when he stumbled his way to a near-last-place-finish. However, it was after this that the minor candidates began dropping out in rapid succession and the ALL endorsed Biden. The criminal Deep State apparently flipped a switch and said Biden was their man presumbaly because this mentally frail man could be controlled by his brutal VP running mate who is a cross between AOC and Hillary. Harris was brutal when it came to her comments about Biden in which she strongly implied that he was a racist (which he is). However, when she dropped out because her dirty laundry was surfacing, she endorsed Biden. Biden should be called the comeback kid because statistically, he was dead in the water until his fellow Democrats bailed on Bernie Sanders to 100% endorse Biden. In short, Biden and Harris were the LEAST popular of all the Democrats, yet they comprise the Democratic ticket. There is absolutely no synergy between the two. Harris still presents as a rabid dog who wants to eliminate all private wealth and place it under the control of the state. Biden is singing the message of hope and light. That would be his private Antifa army is “lighting" up the streets of Portland” and they “hope” they can injure and kill as many police as possible. Biden refuses to disavow the violence in our streets by Democratic friendly terrorists. Harris, in her role as Alameda County District Attorney and then the Attorney General of California covered for sex-trafficking on the part of the Jesuits. These facts are easily arrived at. The politically astute are aware of these criminal leanings and more. This is the most dysfunctional Presidential ticket in history. How could they win?

What does all of this add up to? Despite overwhelming support from major corporations and the mainstream media, this Democratic ticket cannot gain any traction with the American people. People are leaving the party in droves. Big tech is censoring everything in site that is conservative, but it still does not matter. It’s a case of all the King’s horses and all the King’s men cannot put the Democrats back together again.

Just over two months before the election, the Democrats must have reached the same conclusions as I have when I did my rudimentary research. The Democrats cannot win. What are their options? This is where, Mr. and Mrs. America, you better pay attention. Here are their options to steal the election.

  1. The terrorist groups that are destroying major American cities with record numbers of homicides will be engaged in active voter suppression. They will be at the polling places and will be full intimidation mode against anyone who appears to be a conservative. There will be violence and the police will be in stand down mode.
  2. The Democrats will ramp up ballot harvesting in which they will “fill out” the ballots for third party people, without signature verification. Millions of votes will illegitimately be added to the Democratic total. However, in my estimation, these two factors, intimidation and ballot harvesting will not be enough to swing the election. Based on public appearance turnouts alone, I believe Trump is ahead of Biden by at least 25%. Not all Democrats will switch to Trump, however, many disillusioned Democrats will simply choose to not vote. On the other hand, record numbers of people will turn out to vote for Trump.
  3. The Democrats can try what Hillary did in the 2016 Democratic Primary in which Hillary won every primary in which George Soros’ voting machines were used. However, Trump and Barr would easily be able to challenge this. Evidenced can be seized by the President, that Bernie Sanders did not have the ability to gather.

What options does Biden/Harris have left? I think it comes down to the following:

  1. A Deep State planned and carried out Presidential assassination. The Federal LEO’s I speak with have discussed this. They think it is likely that any such assassination would be disguised as a mass casualty event in the proximity of the President. In other words, in order to avoid a public backlash, thousands will be sacrificed in order to disguise the fact that Trump was the real target.
  2. For a number of years, I have been stating that with all the 5th column forces in our country, we will have a TET Offensive event. However, this will not last 3 days as it happened in Vietnam. The terrorism will be permanent. Life in America will de-evolve into a 1992 Bosnian Civil War mentality where nobody was safe.
  3. If numbers one and two fail, a false flag event (eg destroying the Oroville Dam) will take place the UN will be activated under the Kigali Principles and the Civil War will begin. This will be followed by a Red Dawn attack from both our northern and southern borders.


Statistically, it can be proven that the Democrats have no chance to win the White House. However, it can also be accurately stated that the Democratic Party is on its last legs and what lies ahead for them is their Kamikaze strategy in which a scorched earth policy will be brought to bear against the people of the United States.