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Communist China is invoking Sun Tzu's principles of conquest. This series of articles will establish the fact that Sun Tzu's principle of conquering without firing a shot is underway. Infiltration and subsequent control of key politicians is the order of the day.  

The CHICOMS are taking over America at the grassroots level. It is no longer a case of Senator McConnell's wife, who is CHICOM national whose parents run the major ports for the CCP, who is compromised. From President down to Congress, to most of the Supreme Court, the CHICOMS, or their corporate partners own our key top level officials. The globalists have finally learned the meaning of the phrase "all politics is local." There is an excellent chance that if you live in a so-called "swing state", that everyone of importance in your state/county are owned by the CHICOMS in one way or another. 

This series will continue to examine China-friendly political entities in order to demonstrate how compromised many of our politicians have become. Remember, what you are reading today, is merely a small sample of how our national sovereignty and national security have been compromised by those that have put inappropriate and treasonous greed ahead of their sworn Constitutional oath.

Jack Sellers: Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Jack Sellers has been the key figure that has refused to honor Arizona State Senate subpoena's (2 times) to surrender key evidence (eg machine codes, routers, chain of custody logs, ets). Sellers has become notorious for his infantile rants of innocence and this was the "most fair election that Arizona has ever had. He has insulted and threatened to sue anyone who criticizes him. In a radio interview I conducted with Sheriff Richard Mack, he stated "if the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors want to be not accused of wrong-doing, stop acting like your guilty." Why should this governmental body resist a voter audit if everything is on the up and up? Why would this body refuse to surrender court-ordered evidence? Obviously, this Board is guilty of wrong-doing and we are just finding out how damaging the information is. IF the average person knew how badly our public officials are betraying the people, there would be nowhere run or hid. Right now, after conducting my own 3+ months of investigation into how the election was stolen in Arizona, I have concluded that most of Arizona's top officials are compromised by their Communist Chinese business interests. Today, we focus on Jack Sellers.Tomorrow, we examine the Governors of both Arizona and Georgia, along with the two states respective Secretaries of States and some other key officials.

When we look at Sellers' involvement in organizations, including his own business interests, he is inextricably tied to our nation's greatest threat. Whether one is a Republican or Democrat is neither, here, nor there. Members of both parties are complicit in this unholy alliance.

The Gateway Pundit and myself have found several CHICOM "conflicts of interest. Seller’s is a prominent member of the International Leadership Council for GPEC (Greater Phoenix Economic Council). The GPEC ILC has been focused on attracting “investment” specifically from China’s Jiangsu Province and their Z Corridor. 

The Gateway Pundit is quick to point out that Jack Sellers also serves as one of the Board of Directors, where he is the Vice President, for the Arizona Sister Cities program. Incredibly, most of these Arizona cities represented in ASC now have a counterpart in China. This includes the cities of Zhenjiang, Chengdu, Kaiping, Leshan, Haikou are now partnered with some of Arizona’s GPEC members such as Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. The optics of Sellers associations are not good for those that understand the goals of China and their inherity belligerence toward our country. 

The last last several years that China’s intentions are not aligned with Arizona's and the interests of the  U.S. The Chinese steal everything that is not nailed down. The always steal our intellectual property, the Chinese are repeatedly caught infiltrating key American politicians with spies (Feinstein, Swalwell etc). The Chinese have infiltrated our Universities, committed widespread IP theft, and they are contantly attacking our grid and the records of our government and many top corporations. They have threatened to nuke America on several occasions, and on and on itgoes..

I was constructing a list of compromised corporations doing business in Arizona that are too friendly with our arch enemy, the CHICOMS. The Gateway Pundit created a list of these corporations that align with China when it is not in our best interests. Please remember, the Chinese sent us, with the complicit help of Fauci's gain of function research, the China flu. It changed the election procedures in this country enough to permit enough voter fraud to steal the election and this move definitely, not only favored the Democrats, but the Chinese and anyone potentially doing business with the CHICOMS.

Thanks to the Gateway Pundit for creating an easy to read chart of some of the companies that fund and run GPEC and have allies and subordinates that work directly with Jack Sellers.

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Most of Arizona's key businesses are forsaking America and are more loyal to the CHICOMS.  McCarthyism is back, but this time, it is 100% verifiable. China benefitted from stealing the election by getting rid of their key nemesis, President Trump, and they had the help of many American politicians and coroporate interests. And we wonder why Sellers and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are stopping at nothing to assist in the audit including with witholding of key evidence. The exposure of alleged compromised political figures continues.