Does America Meet the 3 Preconditions for Civil War?

civil war

I have been saying for over 30 months that, more than 20 times in print or broadcast, that Hillary Clinton will be running for President. Biden is done! Kamala Harris has underworld connections too deep and too well-known to cover up and her party is distancing themselves from her. Warren is a fraud and everyone knows it. Further, Warren cannot hold the attention of a room. There is literally nobody that can be beat Trump except for Hillary.

I have a dire warning for America. Hillary will be the last ditch effort by the Bolsheviks that run the Democratic Party to use the system to effect a regime change and that will culminate in the death of our political process, our civil liberties including the right to own guns and private property.

Mark it down, Hillary will be the candidate and when it becomes apparent that she has no chance, then the violent revolution will take place. On the CSS radio show, I have asked several guests as to how far they think the Leftist extremists will go to maintain and increase their power? The universal answer is that they will stop at nothing.

From the time that Hillary is deemed to be defeated in the upcoming election, all hell will break loose. I do not believe that there will be an election. The globalists manage by objective and they will make their move if and when it is apparent that Trump will win re-election. The most dangerous issue about a Trump re-election is that under his direction, the conservatives will clearly control the Supreme Court and the unconstitutional leftist agenda will be struck down by the Supreme Court. This is why they are desperate to make a regime change now. Look for Pence to be implicated as well in some, as of yet, undetermined scandal and that would open the door for Pelosi to assume the Presidency. Pelosi can hold down the fort under Clinton can gain the upper hand. If Clinton senses she is going to lose, she will have no hesitation to unleash a civil war.

Most Americans believe that violent civil wars are the byproduct of political and economic repression or ethnic/religious hatred. For the most part this is true. Most of the civil wars emanate from these causes. The remainder of this article is going to present the model and analyze if America has crossed the threshold into inevitable civil war. There have been more than 200 civil wars since the end of World War II, and they have a success rate of around 40% up significantly from the 19th century in which less that 25% were successful.

Subsequently, the field of political science has amassed dozens of studies asking one simple question: “What factors explain how a civil war gets started?”  

Very interestingly, the initial civil war studies did not occur until the 21st century. Generally speaking, civil war most often occurs when the following conditions takes place:

  1. Ethnic/Racial discrimination (population must comprise at least 25% of the population
  2. Extreme economic disparities and resulting bifurcation of wealth
  3. Extreme political division.

There are other ancillary factors that exist and will be covered at a later time. However, the purpose of this article is to focus on the 3 major causes of civil and then decide if these factors are prevalent in significant of a degree to promote civil war (Stanford Professors James Fearon and David Latin).

  1. Does America have extreme racial division? The answer 15 years ago would have a clear no, not to the degree that civil conflict would arise. The answer should still be no because the data does not support what the MSM is saying. However, perception is reality and everything that moves brings out the labeling of something as racist by the Democrats and their allies in the MSM. Antifa is the manifestation of this new (false) perception. The MSM is doing its best to divide America along racial lines. AOC will cry for child immigrants but ignores child poverty for Americans living in her own district. This is why people need to turn off the MSM, it creates a false sense of reality as the result of the MSM propaganda is a heightened sense of racial division in which a spark could unleash massive race riots in America.
  2. Does America have sufficient economic disparity to set off a civil conflict. The answer is a resounding yes. While it is true that under Trump, Latinos, Blacks and women have enjoyed record low unemployment, and wages have increased, they have not increased enough to end the disparities. Therefore, please note that every Democratic Presidential candidate is calling for mandatory wealth redistribution, using violent means if necessary. Elizabeth, in violation of her own gun confiscation views, has said she would take rich people’s wealth at gunpoint if necessary. Presently 25% of Americans do not have bank accounts and 55% of Americans could not afford a $400 car repair bill. Further, 70% of America makes less than $30,000 per year. Yes, the conditions for civil unrest, leading to civil war are ripe given the present environment.
  3. Does enough extreme political division exist to lead to a civil war[DH1] ?  On one hand you have Americans over the age of 40 who have been raised on the overlapping concepts of free enterprise and a representative government in which civil liberties are guaranteed. We, over the age of 40 are shocked at how easily the new Democrats (ie communists) are calling for violent means to confiscate wealth and personal property. We are shocked at how white people are blamed for wealth disparity. This has led to an extreme rise of socialism among the young. They have been led to believe that they are entitled generation and older white people, with some money, are responsible for their oppression. This economic view bleeds over to the political realm. How does one level an unequal economic playing field? The answer is wealth redistribution. This becomes the rallying cry for many a revolution. And its young, vibrant and healthy people are most often the ones who take to the streets. Again, the youth of groups like Antifa, combined with their violent tactics, demonstrates that the political division in this country is significant.

Socialism/communism require an autocratic government to work and that is exactly where we are moving.

In conclusion, the right conditions exist for a civil war. A failed Hillary Presidential run could be the impetus for extreme rioting culminating in civil war in America. We are living in very dangerous times and Hillary’s candidacy could definitely be the catalyst to usher in a civil war which is what the extreme left wants because of the extreme political and economic change that would result. Part II will deal with how the average person can prepare for these eventualities.