Does ISIS Possess Localized Russian EMP Weapons Capable of Bringing Down US Aircraft?


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In June of 2015, I reported that Russian proxy forces, armed with Russian localalized EMP technology were responsible for bringing down an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general flying near the Mexican border. I reported at that time that Russia had very possibly had fired the first shots of World War III through its proxy forces, ISIS. I have an update on the leaked findings of the crash site and the implications are not favorable to the US and its citizens.

Is This What Happened to a US Fighter in Iraq?

From Russia Today:

"United States Central Command denies Islamic State’s claim that its fighters shot down a US warplane and killed the crew in Iraq’s western Anbar province.
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed that the jet was flying near Ain Al-Asad air base, which is run jointly by Iraq and the US about 100 miles north of Baghdad".
Bcause of what I have learned about the Russians, ISIS and localized EMP weapons, whenever I read about an incident, like the one reported by Russia Today, I wonder if it was brought down by a localized Russian EMP weapon and at the heart of the incident, is ISIS. As far as the incident reported by Russia Today, I have no idea about the actual circumstances surrounding this news report. However, the use of Russian EMP weapons, designed to bring down a plane is not new. The implications are frightening and this is something that needs to appear in our national discussions regarding terrorism.


Background of the F-16 Crash at the Mexican Border

An Iraqi pilot who had been training in the United States for four years was flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, on a traiming mission, that crashed in southern Arizona near the Mexican border. At that time, a spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry confirmed that Brigadier General Rasid Mohammed Sadiq Hasan was alone in the F-16 Fighting Falcon when it went down during a training mission.

This Was No Simple Crash

On the surface this appears to be a tragic accident as an Iraqi pilot, who was our partner in our fight against ISIS, was tragically killed in an accident. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. At the time of this crash, 13 months ago, I had two confidential sources, one who is on the inside, and another who has connections to those on the inside, and they were both saying the same thing, and they are still holding to their story that; “The crash of this F-16 plane was no accident”. The circumstantial evidence forms a “preponderance of the evidence” which supports the fact that Russia is ultimately responsible for the take down of this particular F-16,  in Arizona, in June of 2015. Contrary to what some have published in the 13 months since this event, in which they claim that this F-16 was shot down. The plane was not shot down, it was brought down. My sources have stated that General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, along with key members of his staff have privately stated that this crash not as an accident, but not as a shoot down, but as a take down. It was a take down by a localized and focused EMP blast aimed at the plane. We never heard any further developments on this event since this revelation by General Austin, until some intelligence information was recently leaked. Here is what I have learned:

  1. Originally, the first responders could not find the pilot. They assumed he ejected in a last ditch effort to save himself. After the flames were extinguished, the pilot's badly burned remains were found in the cockpit. To the crash site investigators, this was a stunning revelation, but the facts made sense when they considered the EMP scenario.
  2. The pilot never issued an emergency distress call, nor did the emergency equipment, which can to do the same, issue a distress beacon. They were likely disabled by the EMP.
  3. The plane did not crash in the traditional sense of the word. The plane simply fell from the sky. The plane did not break apart until final impact. In other words, it was not shot down. However, crash site investigators were originally confused because of the abrup manner that the plane dropped from the sky. Again, from a circumstantial point of view, the EMP argument made the most sense.

Enter DHS into the investigation, and the trail of information went black and the upset military began leaking their findings. The supposition of the military also centers around the fact that the Russians gave ISIS the go ahead to bring down a plane with an Iraqi pilot. The privately expressed opinion of Central Command was that the Russians, at that time. would not have dared to authorize a take-down of an American plane with an AMERICAN pilot on American soil. And ISIS was all too happy to attack a plane with an Iraqi general. This has very serious implications for national security. First, did someone leak to the Russians who would be flying the plane and where was it flying? Or, do the Russians have the ability to intercept ground to air transmissions and make a determination? One of my sources states that the first scenario is most likely and that a traitor, or spy, leaked the information.

The Changing World of EMP Weapons

The proliferation of EMP weapons has expanded beyond previously unimagined levels. There are how to manuals on how to make your own. However, the type of weaponry designed to take down an F-16 flying at about 10,000 feet would have to be amazingly sophisticated and would likely be guided by portable radar with the assistance of lasers and satellite uplinks.

The Russians Are the Source of Localized EMP Weapons

For several decades, the Russians have been at the forefront of research and implementation of scalar weapons. In retaliation for the humiliating defeat at the Cuban Missile Crisis, Khrushchev unleashed the first known scalar weapons attack upon a U.S. Naval vessel. On April 10, 1963 the U.S.S. Thresher was destroyed with just such a weapon. Scalar EMP waves were sent through the ocean and jammed the sub’s electrical system and the sub lost control and sank to a depth were the ship was crushed by ocean pressure. In military circles, the Russians have moved to the head of the class when it comes a to variety of EMP weaponry and as in the past, the Russians have proven that they will not hesitate to use such weapons. A localized and very crude EMP weapon is demonstrated here in this video. We also know that Russia exported EMP weapons to North Korea in 2014, and this leads us into a very novel way to look at the recent crash of the F-16 at the Mexican Border. After reading the following paragraphs which exposes the interconnections between Russia, the known terrorist groups, the Mexican drug cartels and ISIS, it is easy to conclude that Russia is providing localized EMP weapons to more than just North Korea.

Russia’s Terrorist Connections

We seem to have a case of the knee bone being connected to the thigh bone…It has been admitted to in the main stream media, since 2007, that the Mexican drug cartels are openly involved in Middle Eastern terrorist groups. My former DEA source has implicated the Peruvian drug cartel, the Sanchez-Peredes cartel as the arms and drug supplier to the Sinoloa cartel. The Sanchez-Peredes get their arms from Hamas and are also tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah (i.e. the CIA-created ISIS as exposed in detail by ARSOF’s Scott Bennett). And it is well-known that Russia and Hamas are closely aligned as Russia has supplied the government of Syria with Russian weapons and used Hamas to deliver the weapons. This is where the taking down of the F-16 in Arizona gets very interesting. The attack on the F-16 was not the first of its type on American soil at the same time. Last year, at about the same time, a Border Patrol helicopter was shot at and struck several times near the banks of the Rio Grande River. A later Border Patrol statement said the crew of the Office of Air and Marine helicopter was patrolling the US-Mexico border near the banks of the Rio Grande when attacked. Border Patrol insiders have stated that they believed that this was an attack conducted by ISIS upon a Border Patrol helicopter that got too close to an ISIS incursion across the border. More can be found on this incident at this linkBoth of these events happened in June of 2015. Some think these events were part of a Beta test for future use against American forces.

The ISIS Base Camp Ties These Events Together

  ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that includes a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. Yet, President Obama is completely ignoring this fact. This is a monumental national security issue and all we hear from the Obama administration officials are the proverbial crickets chirping. Obama was willing to chase ISIS into Syria and risk a confrontation with Russia, but he ignores this well-documented ISIS base camp which is located mere miles from the border and El Paso, Texas. This base camp has jumped to the top of the suspect list as to who initiated the take down of the crashed F-16.