Ebola Ridden Immigrants Is the Cover Story for a Devastating Bioterror Attack to be Unleashed On America


From what I have learned over the last six years, and in combination with what I know to be true with regard to the importation of ebola positive illegal immigrants, I believe that a greatly exaggerated health crisis is being created in order to provide cover for a larger and more deadly agenda that will soon be unleashed upon the American people. 

In the late 1990’s, Maricopa County Health officials came to my campus and asked for volunteers to dispense antidotes and vaccines in the event of a chemical or biological weapons attack. We were told that the volunteers and their families would first receive the antidotes. I thought it was prudent to volunteer and I subsequently did. However, not long after the formation of the program, the Federal government absorbed the program as I learned from a few meetings that I attended.

In the course of the conversion meetings, I became acquainted with and ultimately good friends with a former FEMA official. We played basketball, went to happy hours and I came to know his family well.

As I have told the story in many times, in many venues (eg Doug Hagmann’s show), I was in my last year of coaching college basketball, in the late fall of 2012, and my FEMA friend and his wife were waiting for me outside my basketball office as I was concluding practice. The couple informed me that they were “bugging out” to a predetermined location in the Southeast. They had been planning this for 18 months and had never said a word to me about their plans. That night, we talked until 1AM.

In the course of the meeting, I was told that they had been planning this with FEMA colleagues and their families. They had developed a “survival community”. As I have previously revealed, my friend felt he was a modern day “Brown shirt” and would one day be executed for what he knew about the coming false flag chemical and biological attacks. His specialty was counter-bioterrorism. He and some of his colleagues knew of specialty bioweapons that the rest of the world had no idea what we had. He also learned that those in control had no allegiance to the United States and were often working contrary to the nation’s best interests. As my friend and his colleagues became aware of covert agendas, they knew that their knowledge would put them in danger if a coup, in which this bioterror threat was ever acted upon.  He told me that there was concern that the American people were waking up and this had to be stopped. And keep in mind, this was before the rise of Trump. 

The move off of the grid was done so by late December 2012. My friend told me that he felt we had only a few years before these bioterror attacks would be unleashed upon the American people. However, he and his colleagues were not counting on the “Trump interruption” as I have come to call it. We received a reprieve when Trump was elected. However, I see signs that this agenda is moving forward.   


Not everyone's fate is determined when a communist/fascist coup takes over the government of the United States and suspends the Constitution. However, for some people, there exists the non-negotiable future of termination without due process. Decades ago, this is what Steve Quayle called the "Red List". Under Operation Rex 84 and Operation Cable Splicer, etc., there is a 3 step process to subjugate the American people. Stage One of the plot is particularly heinous. FEMA likes to use the term "disrupters" who will be terminated with extreme prejudice. These people will be gathered up and taken to a remote location and executed. They most often will be taken from their homes between 3AM and 4AM, which is what the Gestapo did, so as to not arouse the attention of the community and to lessen the possibility of increasing resistance. Along these lines, when a communist/fascist coup overtakes the government, Operation Cable Splicer/Garden Plot/Rex 84, will be in effect and FEMA and DHS will be in control (DHS was actually created and molded after the East German Stasi). The extreme actions of unwarranted arrests and mass executions are designed to remove the majority of the leadership or any resistance to the coup. These are the elements of the coup against the American people and government. This paragraph encapsulates the agenda that the Deep State and the globalists have planned for the American people. 

In Furtherance of the Agenda

This is not new information, as I have recounted many times before on the website of The Common Sense Show, the story of my long-term friend, a FEMA counter-bioterrorism expert, who said if the the powers that be cannot quell the rising tide of populism (please note this was said  in the Pre-Trump days of 2012), that millions would be gassed and exposed to a variety of bioterror agents.

My FEMA friend, before he bugged out to a secure location with like-minded people from FEMA because they saw the writing on the wall told me that the primary dispersion agent would likely be chemtrails. However, he thought a bioterror threat would be manufactured on our Southern border through the importation of “diseased” individuals coming into the country, which is exactly what is happening here. Yesterday, a DHS source revealed that over 500 Africans from Ebola ridden areas in Africa are among the recent immigrants coming into the country across that Texas border. It is difficult for me not to see this as the pre-emptive excuse to move this plot forward. This is exactly what is happening today!!!

Further, this paralleled the story of Rosebud, brought forth by the Doug Hagmann, which basically recounted the same intentions to "gas" the people in times of resistance to the new authority. How will FEMA deal with these resisters? It just so happens that it is being reported in multiple publications that FEMA, in 2018, purchased 2,500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide from a Brazilian chemical manufacturer, Askell Quimica. In light of Operation Cablesplicer et al, which is still on the books, the purchase of hydrogen cyanide can only mean one thing. The following Executive Order demonstrates that the globalists have been planning these actions against the American for a very long time. Perhaps this is a coincidence, but again, based upon what I already have reported, I do not see this as a coincidence and my belief is bolstered by Executive Order 11004.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations. 

Deep State elements of DHS have been preparing for the resistance to the coming new populist authority for a long time. Under Operation Cable Splicer and Rex 84, all levels of government will be collapsed into one central authority and that centralized authority will be handed off to the global authority, presumably the United Nations or their proxy. The operating principles as I have been reporting are known as the Kigali Principles which allows the UN to unilaterally enter the country for “humanitarian purposes. Also, and as previously reported on the CSS, on April 9, 2019, the Mexican National Guard was just created and was being trained by the United Nations for humanitarian missions. This prompted me to write an article which documented a joint plan between Human Health Services, the United Nations, under the authority of an Obama Executive Order which could quarantine Americans for health reasons in medical FEMA camps. However, none of the participating agencies had any affiliation with medical treatment. I concluded that this was a disguised FEMA detention camp and the UN is training the Mexican National Guard to become our FEMA camp guards. Army FM 39.4 provides for foreign guards in FEMA detention camps. 

Recent Events

With Ebola positive people entering the United States, we could soon have a built in excuse to begin to quarantine Americans. It is my belief that as my FEMA friend predicted six years ago, a manufactured threat would usher in the real biological attack with chemical and biological super weapons.

Recent events, indicating that a medical mobilization is underway in this country, as of this week, indicates to me that this plan could be moving into an operational phase. Further, Paul Martin and Paul Preston, in the past 24 hours have provided me with confirming data which strengthens my concerns in this area. Additionally, this whole scenario was rehearsed in Denver and DIA in 2011. These topics will be the subject of Part Two of this series.