The End Goal of the Present Conflict is Transhumanism! Are We the Last Generation of Humans?

transhumanism  steve quayle

I recently received the following email from a listener to my radio show that is very instructive as to what is coming next?

Hi Dave!

I appreciate your show and listen all the time. With all the chaos going on what do you think the final goal will be with all this violence and the overthrow of the government? I don't think this bodes well for America. What is the bad guys final goal? When and where will all of this end?



Heidi's email is typical of the type of questions I am beginning to receive. More and more people see Antifa and BLM as a means to an end and they are correct. Artificial means (eg race) is being used to divide our country and create a civil war. For the globalists to get what they want (eg a one world economy and ruling authority), America must be brought down. Antifa and BLM and the mass violence that is enveloping our cities is simply a means to an end. So what is the end game. Some researchers, Daniel Estulin and especially Steve Quayle have clearly identifed the final goal of the global elite. We have even seen it in our predictive programming coming out Hollywood. 

Hollywood Prepares the American Public for the Inevitable

Hollywood has made millions on movies like The Terminator, Blade Runner, and RoboCob, just to name a few. In fact, Robocop is being re-released in the next several weeks. In 2014, when I interviewed Daniel Estulin, he stated that cyborgs or man-machines are the future in a post-human world. Yes, you read that correctly, we could soon find ourselves living in a post-human world. You may be familiar with the former TV series on FOX called Almost Human where one of the main characters is a cyborg cop. We could see such an interaction between nonhuman and morphed humans in the near future (i.e. Robocop). In 2020, AI has acquired this capability. 

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

2013 movie, Man of Steel, provide valuable insight to this issue as well. In the future of transevolution we will be witnessing a literal fountain of youth, which will result from becoming a cyborg as it will soon be possible to purchase immortality in the future. However, everyone except the super elite will be banned from purchasing this literal fountain of youth.

One day soon, our existence, my common brethren, will be similar to what movie goers saw in the Summer of 2013 in the movie, Man of Steel. In the opening 30 minutes of the movie, it was revealed that every resident of Krypton had certain genes "turned on" and certain genes "turned off". And everyone from Krypton, except for Superman, had been artificially bred for specific purposes. This is what humanity is quickly moving towards and unless you are the elite, you will be bred, dumbed down if needed, to serve a purpose for the global elite.

Today, there is open discussion that all fetuses should be raised in incubator tubes and undergo genetic alterations. I summarize this practice in the following video.

The Purpose for the Destruction of the Global Economy

Estulin mentioned that the wholesale destruction of the world’s economy is not an accident, nor is it a miscalculation or the result of political shenanigans. This destruction is being done on purpose, as it is has been a long-term plan that he revealed to me in 2014, and it is being done absolutely on purpose. Out of chaos comes order, the New World Order.

Estulin revealed that his Bilderberg insider told him that the slave masters on this planet want to collapse the economy, force people into the stack and pack cities of mega millions and then exterminate most of humanity. Estulin and I explored the methods that the super elite may use to exterminate 90% of all people on this planet. We both agreed that starvation is one of the most likely candidates. Viruses was also mentioned and this far ahead of the infamous Coronavirus, which is not the killshot. Both a bioweapon and starvation represent a clean method of killing, it is quick and it would leave the planet in good shape for the global elite to establish their paradise on Earth inhabited by their transhumanism masters and the surviving, dumbed-down humans.

What mankind is really headed into is transhumanism and nobody has caputured that more accurately than Steve Quayle. Steve Quayle's book, Xenogensis: Changing Men Into Monsters was filled with information which spelled the end of the human race as we know it. I call this a Christmas greeting from the Satanic globalists. 

 Isnt it ironic that under the guise of removing all references to the wicked institution of slavery, the radical left is inviting the ultimate slavery and major depopulation when they are done destroying America. For when America is destroyed, massive depopulation begins, as transhumanism is perfected. In this sense, Antifa and BLM and all radical leftist Democrats are the ultimate Brown Shirts in which they are used by the global elite to accomplish the takedown of the United States, only to be cast aside as Hitler did to his Brown Shirts. 

The globalists have a Christmas present for you, it is called Transhumanism. Since they cannot crack the sanctity of the soul. they are actively seeking to destroy God's creation of His most prized possession, man in the image of God. In  fact, we could accurately say, Merry Christmas from the globalists. Make no mistake about it, the globalists are after body and mind (eg Darpa), but most of all they want your soul. Short of that, they will settle for your body as covered extensively in the 2018 Branson True Legends conference on Transhumanism.  

Genetic engineering is about taking control of nature, redesigning it and rebuilding it. The phrase “playing God” comes up in almost every conversation about genetic engineering. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Nothing good comes from genetic engineering as this generation of children will be the last generation which will be human in the sense that we define humanity today. Steve Quayle and other experts on Transhumanism have documented how insects are being weaponized for combat through chipping as a result of recent DARPA projects. Humans will soon be chipped, not necessarily for warfare, but for the purpose of transformation into something hideous which will serve the whims of the global elite.

The National Security State

Presently, all the communication happening on the planet right now can be monitored in real time and it is being done to control us, to dumb us down, to brainwash, to influence, and to predict our future behavior. The super elite is doing this so that we don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much thinking on our own. A simple example of this fact is in evidence in an ever-increasing number of airports as facial scanning techniques are designed to reveal to security individuals who are angry, malevolent, etc. This technology is right here, right now and will bed to reduce the size of humanity and the single criteria is the degree of compliance with Satan's objectives within the New World Order!  

Off World Escape Plan If Things Get Ugly

According to USA Today, “NASA recently revealed that their Mars robotic rover has found signs that a vast and hospitable lake once spread over the now-desolate surface, a potential home to past life for centuries or more.” With this new discovery that life may be possible on Mars, the elite could easily, through nanotechnology subsequently build a homestead there! There are many private corporations on the planet who are ready to go to Mars within five years. Some speculate that billionaire, Robert Bigelow or ELON Musk, is ready now. Apparently, if the elite cannot exterminate humanity in the clean and neat ways that they have designed, it may be necessary to temporarily move off world while the job is completed in more "messy" ways. According to some, this is their "Plan B".

Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, history will record that humanity willingly marched to their death. For if we accept the "slavery" that comes with the coronavirus, which includes the loss of jobs and income, the right socialize, to right to worship et al., we will accept anything and our complacency just signaled the global elite to begin the dreaded transhumanim age. And what is the purpose of the transhumanism age? The global elite on behalf of Satan, would very much like to destroy the soul but are unable to. So they have decided on destroying all of humanity. Welcome to the end days.