Et Tu, Flynn? The Election, The Steal, and The Cover Up


By Susan Bradford

A Special Presentation Submitted to The Common Sense Show

By the end of President Barack Obama's second term, populist
resistance to globalism was increasing and threatening to derail a
centuries old plan for the New World Order. Despite his best efforts,
Obama was unable to advance the globalist agenda as far as he would
have liked and so he reached out to Italian Prime Minister Matteo
Renzi to figure out how they could squash nationalism and public
demands for government accountability and transparency. A plan was
then hatched in which $400 million dollars was set aside from the
$1.7 billion Obama had given to Iran, with public funds, for the
expressed purpose of encouraging the peaceful applications of nuclear
technology. From the shadows, Obama would retain his grip on power and
frustrate any efforts to derail globalism.

As CEO Patrick Byrne acknowledged in interviews, elites
had decided well in advance of the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton
would be the next President since she was compromised and therefore
controllable. As first female President, she would preside over the
collapse of the United States and rise of Communist China.

If, by some fluke, Donald Trump managed to win instead, the Russian
collusion delusion would be released, preventing the new
Administration from implementing its nationalist America First agenda.
Obama's foot soldiers who had been placed throughout the federal
bureaucracy, particularly the Department of Justice, would see to

Of key concern to Obama was helping the Turkish government crack down
on dissidents. With its land bridge and intelligence networks linking
Europe and Asia, Turkey was an important strategic ally to the Vatican
and City of London – and to powerful multinationals seeking to
expand their markets.

Turkey had also been used by globalists as part of a
divide-and-conquer strategy in which the Vatican and Rothschilds
professed to be the greatest defenders of Judaeo-Christianity against
radical Islam while Turkey flooded Europe with Muslims the elites had
radicalized and weaponized against the West.

As a loyal Obama foot solider, Gen. Michael Flynn supported
proponents of moderate Islam and advocated for the overthrow of
Turkey's repressive Islamist government within his capacity as
Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Once he joined the Trump Administration as National Security
Advisory, after Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner lobbied the President
to hire him, Flynn established the Flynn Intel Group to engage a PR
firm and production crew to neutralize dissidents..

In addition to writing an oped forThe Hill characterizing a Turkish
dissident as “Turkey's Osama bin Laden,” Flynn was accused of
plotting to kidnap the Turk from his home in the United States and
delivering him to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan beyond the reach of
America's extradition laws. While Flynn denies the allegations, CIA
Director James Woolsey affirms that the discussion took place as he
had witnessed it.

A strange commingling of interests then coalesced around Trump's
inner circle – that of Zionists promoting regime change in Iran
while, at the same time, running interference on behalf of Turkish
elites who were funneling money to Iran in violation of U.S.

For his part, Rudy Giuliani, an attorney and advisor to Trump,
delivered speeches promoting regime change in Iran while running
interference on behalf of the Turkish leaders who had violated
sanctions against Iran through bank trades. The former New York Mayor
also advocated cutting grants to schools run by the dissident Flynn
was targeting.

Trump's leading fundraiser, Ballard Partners, also got in on the
game, reportedly defended executives of a state-run Turkish bank that
had sent billions of dollars to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions
while its lobbyist, Robert Wexler, a member of Obama's re-election
Steering Committee, argued in TheJerusalem Postthat the United States
should “reaffirm our commitment to confront Iranian aggression and
include Iran's support for terrorism in future negotiations.”

The Turkish-U.S. Business Council (TAIK) and the American Turkish
Council (ATC) even hosted conferences at the Trump International Hotel
in Washington, DC in which Jared Kushner was a keynote speaker while
Ivanka pursued business with TAIK on behalf of the Trump International
Hotel in Istanbul.

TAIK also reportedly worked with the Flynn Intel Group. .
The odd man out was Vice President Mike Pence who threatened
sanctions against Turkey in an effort to secure the release of an
American pastor imprisoned there.

Reflecting conflicting loyalties, Flynn worked as a consultant for
Francisco Partners, a private equity firm that owns the NSO Group, a
subsidiary of the Israeli Q Cyber Technology Group; the NSO group
produces Pegasus, software which has been used by repressive
governments to monitor and track dissidents, like, for example, the
Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was assassinated at
the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

As public records reveal, Francisco Partners lavished campaign
contributions almost exclusively upon Democrats, with its greatest
contributions going to the Senate Majority PAC, the Democratic
Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Joe Biden's presidential campaign.
In 2016, Francisco Partners even donated $1,000 to the anti-Trump
Steven Schmidt-led Lincoln Project, perhaps accounting for why
Kellyanne Conway, a Counselor to Trump, championed Ivanka while her
husband, who was affiliated with the Lincoln Project, publicly
disparaged the President.

After the surprise election upset in 2020, Maria Zack, the CEO of
Nations in Action, brought forth evidence she claimed to have acquired
which confirmed that the votes had been swapped from Trump to Biden
via a military satellite in 17 states, including six swing states. The
company responsible for the electronic swap was Leonardo SpA, an
Italian defense contractor whose lobbying firm on record was Ballard

Funded by money rerouted from Obama's Iranian deal through the
Vatican, the effort, she said, was electronic vote swap was overseen
by Trump's Ambassador to Rome, among other embassy officials.
Affidavits were provided from IT specialists at Leonardo SpA,
providing irrefutable evidence of the alleged electronic interference
in the 2020 election, she said.

Anticipating foreign interference in this election as early as 2018,
Trump had signed an Executive Order that allowed him to declare a
national emergency to challenge, and potentially reverse, what had
happened – and prosecute those involved.

What followed next was a comedy of errors. A challenge by Trump's
attorney, Rudy Giuliani, appeared to border on the comically absurd.
According to a Georgia election official, Trump's attorney presented a
“deceptively edited” video as evidence of fraud.

Another attorney, Sidney Powell, announced to cheering Trump
supporters that she was going to “unleash the Kraken” only to
concede that no reasonable person would have been believed her
outlandish claims of election fraud.

Law suits filed by Trump's legal team were thrown out over procedural
errors while filings were reportedly rife with spelling errors and
typos. While promising disappointed Trump supporters proof of
election fraud, no proof was ever provided.

Gen. Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Rudy
Giuliani, and celebrity attorney Lin Wood made the rounds alleging
election fraud and foreign interference in the election without
providing any proof.

In an interview with Newsmax, Flynn said that Trump could “order,
within the swing states, if he wanted to, he could take military
capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically
rerun an election in each of those states.”

Why would Trump need to do this if evidence had been presented of
election fraud, particularly since he had an Executive Order that
would allow him to take immediate action against the fraud and the
perpetrators of it? Rerunning the election might serve to block
legitimate audits which could reveal both the alleged tampering and
the culprits.

As Axiosreported, “What Flynn and Powell were proposing amounted to
suspending normal laws and mobilizing the U.S. Government to seize
Dominion voting machines around the country,” as if attempting to
seize and hide the evidence.

They reportedly wanted to have the National Guard take voting
machines in six key counties.

Former CEO Patrick Byrne reportedly claimed that Trump
was on board with the plan even though he was never carried it out.
Providing critical strategic advice was Steve Bannon, a globalist who
had attempted to launch a gladiator school in Rome to fight against
Islam on behalf of Judaeo-Christian Europe. After being
unceremoniously fired from the Trump Administration, Bannon tried to
recruit Mark Cuban to run for President against Trump after the
billionaire had stumped for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.
As if trying to plunge the final knife into the Trump Administration,
Bannon convinced Trump, who was surrounded by enemies on all sides,
that a “Storming of the Bastille” moment on Capitol Hill would
save his Presidency.

Bannon claimed that Pence had the power to certify Trump as President
on January 6, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward observed. However,
Pence denied he had any such authority. Once he refused to accommodate
their demands, the organizers of the insurrection blamed the Vice
President for the election upset.

Based upon evidence, Representative Liz Cheney concluded that
“Bannon had substantial advanced knowledge of the plans for January
6 and likely had an important role in formulating those plans.”
Bannon reportedly set up a “war room” at the Willard
Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, DC. And coordinate
communications with Giuliani, both of whom had “detailed knowledge
regarding the President's efforts to sell millions of Americans the
fraud that the election was stolen.”

“We are going to kill the Biden presidency at the crib,” Bannon
was quoted as saying.

While Giuliani attempted to whip the mob into a frenzy through
rhetoric promoting “trial by combat,” Trump urged peace. Flynn
encouraged Trump supporters to take matters into their own hands one
day before the violence occurred. Why should patriots be called to do
anything beyond show their support for their President in peaceful
unity, particularly when any displays of force would undermine their
cause and put them in legal jeopardy?

As if by design, a peaceful display of support for Trump erupted into
violence, with the culprits identified as members of the Proud Boys

TheGuardianreported that the Proud Boys National Chair, Enrique
Tarrio, was an FBI informant.

Who controlled the FBI? Obama.

What was Obama's goal? Keeping Trump out of power, obstructing any
efforts he might take on behalf of the people and the nation, and if,
through some fluke, he got elected, to prevent him from serving a
second term.This is exactly what the insurrection accomplished.

Providing insight intothe actions taken by local law enforcement and
violent agitators on January 6, public records reveal that Ballard
Partners represented the City of Washington, DC alongside an
organization called TheGroup DC, which gave campaign contributions to
Kamala Harris –and Maxine Waters who encouraged their supporters to
physically attack, harass, and confront conservatives in order to
silence and intimidate them. Ballard also employed a member of Biden's
SuperPAC, Priorities USA.

The City of Washington, DC, Ballard's client, employed the police
officers who were filmed opening Congressional chambers to the mob,
spurring the violence that led to a crackdown on dissidents and
patriots, who were thereafter labeled “domestic terrorists.”

General Flynn's brother, Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, was even “in the
room for one the key January 6 phone calls in which DC Government U.S.
Capitol Police were asking for National Guard troops to quell the
unfolding violence at the U.S. Capitol” even though he was “not
part of the National Guard chain of command, (nor did he) have the
ability to deploy troops,” CNN reported.

And then came the audits.

The firm retained to perform the audit in Arizona was a firm that
reportedly had no experience in audit but somehow managed to rubber
stamp the results for Biden. The firm was Cyber Ninjas, which received
$1 million from America's Future. Serving on the Board of America's
Future was Jack Singlaub, a founding member of the CIA; its Chair was
Gen. Michael Flynn.

The Clear Ballot Group characterized the Arizona audit as “an even
bigger sham than previously known, with auditors completely missing
16,000 votes in a rechecked sample,” The Huffington Postreported.
“The recount was wildly inaccurate.”

Reports even emerged that Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, was
working out of attorney Lin Woods' house while Gen. Michael Flynn and
Sidney Powell – and two correspondents from One America New Network
funded the audit.

Trump has reportedly told people close to him that he expected to be
reinstated by the summer, raising questions about the degree to which
his advisors were misleading him.

Trump appears to have trusted people who did not deserve that trust.
OpenSecrets affirmed that “some of the firms and individuals
conducting the (audits) stand to potentially benefit from a
proliferation of similar efforts across the country,” generating
untold profits for the participants.

Running parallel to the election audits was MyPillow CEO Mike
Lindell's efforts to challenge election fraud through documentaries.
Lindell never produced the much hyped evidence either.

The promoters of the election fraud narrative blamed the upset on
China and Dominion software, leading Dominion to sue Newsmax, One
America News Network, Byrne, Giuliani and Powell over false
allegations. Giuliani has reportedly been disbarred from the state of
New York for the falsehoods he allegedly peddled in connection to the
alleged election fraud.

In the midst of all of this, Trump seemed resigned to having lost,
and at times, despondent as if he were powerless to reverse course.
Under Biden, “China will own the USA,” Trump lamented. “Obama
was caught spying on our campaign. High level FBI agents got caught
forging documents to make us look bad.”

A President who was adored by the people was backstabbed by his own
trusted advisors who put their own selfish interests above those of
the country at a critical time in this nation's history, one in which
the United States was fighting for its very survival. But as the
author John Steinbeck observed, the best laid plans of mice men oft go

Susan Bradford is a frequent guest on The Common Sense Show, appearing both on radio and television. Susan is the author of Royal Blood Lies and many other books which pull back the curtain on national and international intrigue. More detailed coverage of the election fraud is available in her booklet, The 2020 Election Steal...and Cover Up. Susan's webpage can be viewed at:

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