Even the Intelligence Agencies Are Covertly Attending the Sold Out True Legends Conference

true legends

The Devil is in engaged in spiritual warfare. A key speaker's plane was delayed coming out of Australia. Also, in the early part of the Branson conference, the lights suddenly and dramatically went out. Very quickly, the GENSIX security presence was felt as they quickly moved in to protect the crowd and participants from any possible attack. I knew there was armed security at the event, but I was awestruck as to how imposing this presence was when their presence was needed. Anyone thinking of perpetrating a Paris-style attack upon the site of the GENSIX, conference at "The Mansion", would quickly be thwarted. I feel completely safe and protected at this conference. 

This sold-out conference has attracted some very positive attention from the Independent Media as well as dark shadowy figures from the intelligence agencies. In fact, one of my contacts stated that I might bump into some of them because he was certain that they would have a presence at the conference. Even though the comment was off-handed, it ended up being prophetic, but not surprising.

Since I was 4 years old, I spent almost my entire life around intelligence figures and black-ops. There are good ones and there are bad ones. I can smell them from a mile away. I spotted at least three of them, all sitting by themselves (bad cover). I politely confronted one of them by the display table of Robert Griswold's Ready Made Resources. I caught the person watching me and following me. When I arrived at the Mansion this morning, I had to fight very large crowds in order to find the right people to provide myself and my family our security credentials. As I went from station to station, this person, dressed in a non-descript T-shirt, kept following me. I was frequently interrupted and greeted by people associated with the conference and by those who recognized me from my various presentations. At first I thought this person might have been someone who just wanted to approach me and talk about my work and they were too shy to do so. However, it became obvious that he was just content to watch, observe and try to listen to me. After my 4th or 5th conversation, in which he was intently trying to listen in on, I politely confronted the man and asked him if he was familiar with my work. He was taken back by my direct confrontation and sheepishly said "kind of".  I then asked him if his interest in my work was from a strictly curiosity standpoint or as a member of one of the alphabet soup agencies (eg DIA, CIA). Caught off guard, he muttered something and quickly moved away from me and left through the front exit. Of course, I did not see any ID, but I don't think I needed to. Remember, I grew up in this environment and many of my present friends are ex or current members of some form of intelligence agency or another.  BUSTED!!!` 

Not only is the conference sold out to a public seeking meaningful answers, there are those from the dark underbelly of our government that want to know what we know. In another post, I will discuss Dr. Michael Lake's presentation and I will tell you than many who attend this conference will experience a paradigm shift as well. 

You can get live streaming (Video On Demand) access at this link from the GenSix web page.

The entire conference is also available on pre-order for DVDs, as a pre-order price.

And in the words of fellow conference participant, Mike Adams, I am not compensated in any way for sales related to this event.