Exposed Airline Employee Training Reveals That America's Enslavement Will Greatly Worsen!


In the past ten days, I have received 3 communications from airline employees who are concerned over the nature of their new Covid training and the protocols that they are going to be forced to observe. In addition to the new airline draconian covid rules, mix in a little computer-based-training about how evil and racist White people are, we have a clear view of the future of the American society. The Constitution is gone! Reparations are on their way as part of wealth redistribution scheme. The virus will be indefinitely used to destroy America along with its civil liberties.

If you wondered, whether or not, you will be required to receive a vaccine in the near future, this article should remove all doubts about the encroaching tyranny.

Warning to the Non-Woke, rational, America first crowd, your country has been conquered and occupied! The takeover is now being institutionalized as evidenced by the insider information that is contained in this article as presented to this author with regard to the immediate changes coming to the airline industry. This is pure insanity on steroids.

Hi Dave!
I just completed a covid computer base training for work as a flight attendant.If you decide to share please don’t share my name. Thank you.

They are highly encouraging us to get vaccinated for one. ( which I will not get) They are setting up vaccination sites at airports for airline employees…


In order to protect the identity of the airline employees that sent me this information, I am going to take their statements and slightly paraphrase so no identifiable information comes out.

This is a summary of what was sent to me and I should mention, that this is the 3rd such list I have received and they are all very similar which I why I decided that this reliable information and it needs to be exposed to the public


  1. The airlines will be making a list of those who are vaccinated because there will be certain cities that non-vaccinated people will not be able to fly or work for the airlines. 
  2. Airline employees are forced to sign an agreement at end of the “CBT” that we will not meet up with any airline employees crew member on layovers or business trips related to airline business.
  3. Airline employees are required to eat alone. All airline employees are being told to change their way of thinking. All employees are potentially positive covid super spreaders.
  4. Specific to flight attendants, they are required, when eating on the airplane, another flight attendant cannot be in the galley while a flight attendant is eating. All airline employees, while flying on plane, have to wear the mask between taking bites of food and drinking!
  5. Airline employees are required to wear goggles on the jumpseat when sharing with another flight attendant.
  6. An airline employee must never remove the mask regardless of the venue even after departing a flight or even the airport. Facemasks must be worn at all times including hotel transportation and walking thru a hotel. Offsite restaurants carry the same admonition.
  7. If airline employees do not comply or follow these, “so-called” federal laws they can be fined or terminated. Two of the airline employees questioned whether these practices were actually part of any federal law since no statute was cited as would be expected in any employee training exercise.
  8. The airlines are certainly anti-White and inappropriately woke as I learned that all airline employees are required to complete more computer based training on diversity and inclusion. The material was decidedly prejudiced and cast White people in the role of being persecutory towards all minorities by inference through a highly questionable multiple choice test. A de-emphasis of “whiteness” was present in all aspects of this training. One airline employee described the training as absolute “brainwashing” without substance. In the diversity and inclusion brainwashing computer based training, the program showed employees various photos of people and provided the trainees with multiple choice questions about their subjective feelings related personal feelings in relation to the various human images displayed. This kind of training presupposes prejudice on the part of White people and, at first glance to one employee said he felt “baited” to say the wrong thing which could endanger his continued employment. Hyperbole notwithstanding, I am surprised that clouds have not been declared to be racist!

Draconian rules for the public:

  1. No warnings have to be given for the flying public. If a passenger is caught “inappropriately” wearing a mask (eg not fully covering the nose), they and the rest of their party can be expelled from the flight. And if an extra stop of the plane is needed to enforced the rules, the offending passenger can be fined for extra expense.
  2.   Flight attendants will be required to warn passengers that not PROPERLY wearing a mask will result in the offending party being put on the Federal fly list. Since when does an airline get play the role of judge, jury and executioner? This is illegal and unconstitutional. Of course, so is the theft of a Presidential Election, but who is paying attention?  

All three employees are obvious not very good Air Nazis. All three, in one form or another, said they were either going to retire soon or seek other employment, presumably outside the control of the DNC-CHICOM-Controlled Nazi Party.

Please allow me to point out the obvious contradiction here. Vaccinations are going to be mandated before one can fly or work for the airlines. However, despite having taken the untested vaccine (hint: We are the lab animals), one must keep a mask on at all times even between consuming bites of food. Then why is the vaccine needed, assuming it works, which is still totally unproven? As an aside, airline employees might want to consider the fate of the Hall of Fame Baseball player, Hank Aaron and championship boxer Marvin Hagler who both dropped dead after taking a vaccine.

The main takeaway from these three airline employees, each serving in different capacities, is that if you thought normalcy was on the way back to America, you are sadly mistaken.

Isn’t it ironic, that in the age of “woke”, that slavery is being imposed upon the country’s citizens? Who speaks for us?

First, they came for the White people and nobody said anything.

Then they came for Asians and Native Americans and nobody said anything.

Then they came for Blacks and Hispanics and nobody said anything.

Then there was nobody left to speak and the depopulation advocates (eg Bill Gates) had a party.

 At least history will say that Americans died with their masks on!