The FEMA Medical Martial Law Camp Warnings From Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges Are Now a Reality!!!

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In a recent interview with Paul Preston, we both lamented the fact that many of our published and broadcasted warnings fell on deaf ears and only now, approximately five years later, are seeing our warnings in so many different domains coming to fruition.


Once case in point as I was writing for the CSS website, I warned that Medical FEMA Camps were coming. I also identified these plans back over 5 years ago in October of 2014. I repeated that warning 15 times since that first article appeared in October of 2014. Many scoffed, many laughed, but the many better hadn’t cough, or they may lose their freedom forever as well as their lives. Well, these warnings have finally been realized. 


The state Department of Health coordinated with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have formally contracted to use Washington State Patrol's fire training academy off I-90 in North Bend as a newly created quarantine facility.The facility is already open for business because the Sea-Tac Airport passengers who spent time in the Hubei province in China where the outbreak started will be placed under quarantine at the facility.


That warning given out over five years ago, has finally been realized. As I stated over 5 years ago, Executive Order, entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Executive Order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals", and Ebola is specifically mentioned. Obama's executive order, entitled, Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Bush's Executive Order 13295, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals  to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.” Even though President Bush specifically mentioned Ebola as an illness which would permit the authorities to utilized forced quarantines, Obama takes this portion of the Executive Order to a whole new level. Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained. When the forced transport of Ebola patients begins to occur, relatively healthy people will be joining them in this death parade march.


I also warned that the HSS camps had no intention of treating the sick. Of the 17 Federal agencies involved in these so-called FEMA medical camps, not one of the agencies represented in the planning documents (eg Emergency Support Function #8 – Public Health and Medical) made provisions for any kind of medical treatment whatsoever!


The site was also announced ed on the same DAY, that FEMA and DHS completed there G0386 mass fatalities in WASHINGTON was having their G0386 Mass Fatalities Incident Response Exercise (2/5-6).


As one person stated, this is the ideal location for a quarantine facility. It's in the Cascade Mountains.  Inside of the Washington Forest off of Interstate 90 which lies at the entrance to the Cascade Mountain Range.  This place doubles as a fire training center. How convenient as we are seeing in China, any dead and/or infected bodies can be burned without the public knowing. In Wuhan for example, they are burning so many bodies that the public is keenly aware. When the human body is burned, Sulphur dioxide is released and it is reaching dangerous levels in Wuhan. By placing a quarantine center in this location, that problem is solved and because it near a fire training center, convenience is added to the process. As an historical reminder, the Nazi’s did the same (ie bury the bodies in the forest). To add insult to injury, a former FEMA whistleblower, Celeste Salom, recently identified Medical martial law camps.


 Celeste Solum - "The World As You Knew It Is Over: Medical Martial Law" - Patrons Update 2/2/20

 She cites from the Federal Register published in 2016 and the topic has to do with medical martial law. These are policies which will be applied and they are very similar to what I published in 2014, for the first time, but these policies are udpated and expanded upon and are, in part, as follows:

The HHS and the United Nations are in charge of what amounts to medical martial law. Celest Solum produced a video in which she laid out many of the elements, from the Federal Register that I covered over 5 years ago. However, Celeste has information which is newer and more detailed than what I originally listed above. 

America is now under medical martial law because the Novel Coronavirus meets the "preconditions" necessary for this declaration. When one listens to Celeste describe these preconditions, Editor's Note: America is under medical martial since and has been since 2015 (HHS and UN document EFS #8) and one could argue as Celeste does, this dates back to executive orders in 2003. The differences between what Celeste is saying and what I have said are intramural differences only. I want to emphasize, we are under medical martial law and all of us have lost our rights as US citizens. 

"Reasonably are subject to confinement"A person can be apprehended on the street.There will be forced medical exams. The novel corona examples comes under several Executive Orders.  

Public health prevention measures to detect virus. Most commonly located at travel centers. Checkpoints to detect health conditions, anywhere, and could include places like in front of your church, end of your block, etc.....

Fifth Amendement rights to to avoid self-incrimination will not be allowed. Must answer all questions from the government

Federal orders of isolation....You are in quarantine.  It will be in writing. Quarantine can include home confinement (like what's happening in China). Quarantine is most likley

Permit to travel will be needed and granted or denied by the government. Travel permits will be hard to get and the detail is stunning. The CDC will be the deciding body when it comes to granting the right to travel. 

Can come to your home and enter without a warrant. Incarceration can be immediate. 

Celeste talks about the killing of our pets can be required. This is already happening in China. 

Your insurance will be forced to pay the bulk of transport, testing, and any treatment. 

There will be no constitutional protections. The CDC will totally have control over your fate. 

America is already in the status of "precondition to infection". This gives the authorities the ability to control all Americans. Orders of quarantine can be applied to all by all 3rd party notification. Chances are, most of you would never know. But snatch and grabs would still be in effect. If you don't know about quarantine rules, ignorance is not an excuse and criminal penalties will be applied and they are severe



Despite the years of proof, documentation and now a new release from the local MSM, not one major news outfit is describing the crisis at all!!!

Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges have warned the public for years and now the announcement is made about this coming genocide, this coming menace and we don’t hear a whimper from the American public because they haven’t seen it on CNN!!! The dumbing down of the American people is indeed complete.