The Final Battle for the Control of America Has Commenced


The Democrats, their Deep State puppeters and the globalists are in a state of panic. Soccer moms who oppose Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools are awakening a previously sleeping America to the anti-American dangers of our time. Democrats are flocking to my media sites wth a bad case of Biden's buyers remorse! The Democrats are understandably in a panic!

The Democrats/Deep State/Globalist Controllers Are Desperate

The Democrats cannot allow a mid-term election to occur under these conditions. Even with massive cheating it is not likely that the Democrats will retain the Senate and the House. If both are lost to the present ruling party, the Republicans will take over and will move to impeach Executive Order, sippy cup Joe Biden. This could set the globalists back at least a decade. It will usher in the ability to bring Trump back in 2024, if not sooner. The Democrats need a game changing evernt.If one has been following our present struggle for any length of time, it doesn't take much to convince the aware that we have entered the game-changing false flag zone with the goal of the removal of all resistance as well as the disarming of dangerous Americans who would dare to fight for their rights. 

An Ominous Message With Serious Overtones

My relatives were recently driving the California desert when all 6 people received the same “Amber alert” style message on each individual cell phone.The message stated “Do not enter this area for another 12 hours… we will further advise.”  Upon checking their Faces of Deathbook accounts, they discovered that this was NOT an isolated incident as many recieved the same clear and cryptic message just like what is described here. There is more to the message, however, the meaning is clear.

I have subsequently discussed this with multiple sources and have concluded this was a test of the Deep State’s alternative communication system, put into place by Obama, that will be used to direct the public's reaction to a false flag attack in the near future. The alert received by many is clearly a test of an alternative communications system. The event clearly indicates a bioweapon. Interestingly, I reported, yesterday, that Warren Buffet says he is “expecting” a second viral outbreak that is far worse from the first.

If the false flag is indeed a bio-attack, then who gets the blame? There are only two possibilities.

  1. The attack will be blamed on Trump supporters who are White supremacist, Second Amendment supporters who are avenging alleged and disproven election fraud. This would be pre-emptive to an excuse to seize all guns, Katrina style in select areas. Writing this scenario is easy given the recent turn of events. Biden is sending his minions, door-to-door in an attempt to vaccinate. What is if this an on-the-ground exercise to gather intel on pockets of hostile Americans. Look at this story here.

The endeavor of going door-to-door in America is an impossible task. There is clearly an ulterior motive attached to this fake endeavor. I believe this is an intelligence gathering operation. If the administration matches the attitude check of the door-to-door attitude vaccine police with matching gun registration records along with hostile attitudes encountered by the door-to-door Biden Stasi troops, the Deep State has narrowed down the most critical pockets of potential domestic resistance to Biden’s most outrageous policies, including an order  to surrender all guns following a false flag attack. Americans must be disarmed before moving the country into the next phase of Biden authoritarianism. Biden does not have the manpower to go to every American home and search for guns. His handlers must narrow down the number of targets. In recently speaking with a Federal LEO, they feel that resisters to the coming gun confiscations will be taken to camps and this will also mark the beginning of American concentration camps. America would then be left with a high volume of compliant and frightened sheep. The fate of the compliant and the resisters will still be the same. However, resisters will meet their ultimate fate a little sooner. There is another possibility behind the Deep State’s promulgating a manipulative False Flag attack.


  1. What is the alleged perpetrator of the coming false flag attacks is primarily from a foreign actor along with American sympathizers? If that foreign actor is Iran, it could be tied to Russia and World  War III would immediately commence. Simultaneous roundups could also commence. The public would be more forgiving to the roundups if the mainstream media could convince that these dissident Americans are truly a danger because they are tied to a terrorist state. I believe that this scenario. I find this scenario to be more efficient for the Deep State as it kills two birds with one stone. To the person who is new to this struggle against  the principalities of darkness, who might wonder about why this is happening at all. The answer is simple. The bad guys work for Satan and their mission is the destruction of the human race on behalf of Satan. Certainly a domestic purge of the most independent nation with the most independent system that is armed to the teeth, must be dealt with before the New World Order can be actually rolled out.

From my discussions with various military and intel personnel, I have come to the belief that scenario number two is the most likely. The move to send any federal employees door-to-door is a massive undertaking and is indeed, very provocative. It is a tremendous waste of manpower to move the vaccination needle (pun intended) by a mere 3-5%. There has to be an ulterior motive behind the door-to-door salesmen. Again, I clearly see this as a future intel gathering operation.

My advice to all Americans, vaccinated or not, do not open your doors for any reason if you are not expecting company.  All the signs are in place for the coming purge and a false flag will set off this scenario.

If you think you can sit out this conflict, I would encourage you to watch the old movie Shenandoah.

As Steve Quayle has frequently stated "what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here."