FINAL WARNING: BRACE FOR IMPACT!!! Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

china camp

If the Democrats Win in November, You Might Be Looking at Your Final Residence If Your are Christian and Conservative. Yes, You Are Looking At a FEMA Camp


Ladies and Gentlemen of America:

We are in the midst of a joint  political and military coup. This rebellion is also being executed in conjunction with a cultural revolution with organizations like the "woke" NBA, NFL and MLB. And the people are not buying it and their ratings are sinking faster than a submarine with screen doors. Netflix is witnessing massive subscription cancellations over their pedophile series "Cuties" in which they are blatantly sexualizing 11 year old girls. 

Recently, Steve Quayle was my guest on my radio show and we discussed the PRESENT and ongoing overthrow of the US government. Ordinarily, I would only air an interview of this magnitude on our exclusive TV show (   the ad is at the top of the articles). The reason that I am pushing the TV show is that I fully expect to be deplatformed in the near future because of my potential influence on the election. I own the TV platform and you can always find my work there. If you enjoy the content I bring forth, you should consider signing up. The cost is under $3.00 per month.  In this one instance, I wanted to get this Steve Quayle warning out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, but only this one time. Time is short!!!

In the interview, Steve discussed the ongoing coup and the accompanying Continuity of Government that is going on. We also identified an emerging resistance group in Mohave County---(centered in Kingman, AZ., under the leadership of Bridget Langston). Steve make the point that if America does not, very quickly, wake up to the real threats, we are going to be victims of this Bolshevik Revolution and that by next year, we will no longer be discussing how to save America, we will collectively be looking for places to hide from the purge. 

Sit back and listen to the interview with Steve Quayle. It is entertaining, informative, but cuts to the heart that our time to act is now or never. Click here for the interview


Also, Steve made mention of the GENSIX conference, coming up in October in which I am honored to be a participant and also be in the company of such knowlegeable people who are committed helping as many people as possible prepare for what is already underway. Remember, and as Steve says, "what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here". Steve has brought together the superstars of the alt media movement (eg Lisa Havens, Daniel Holdings, Gerald Celente, Steve Quayle, etc). There is still time to register and you can do so at this link

Steve Quayle believes that this is the final conference. I pray he is wrong, but I fear that Steve, as usual, is right on the money. And sadly, America, most people will never know what hit them.