Five Ways the Biden Administration Is Conspiring to Steal the Private Wealth of All Americans Except for the Elite


There is a Fabian Socialist based plan to eliminate all private wealth, except for the elite. The purpose is to create a system of neofeudalism. This plot will successfully transfer all private wealth to the control of the administration. Is this the Beast system? The answer is most likely yes. Because the system is digital it can be planted in the hand or the forehead. It is becoming increasingly clear to this researcher that those that refuse the "mark" will teach the rest of us why FEMA camps have been prepared in recent times. 

Some politicians and media figures are beginning to figure out the plan, but their knowledge is woefully incomplete. Some of the more "aware" are  Senator Kennedy (LA-R), Secretary of the Treasury and former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, and Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. Yellen is the great enslaver, the others are trying to wrap their minds around the emerging plot.  Many are beginning to realize that when one considers the combination and net effect derived from the statements of these individuals, the message is clear. America isn't just entering a system of Godless Maxist-Communist rule, America is entering the realm of abject feudalism and all of its human rights violations and abuses. Truer words were never spoken when World Economic Forum leader, Klaus Schwab stated that "You will own nothing and love it." My hope is that people will foresake applying the lessons of history. Wherever there has been emerging communisim, civilians are murdered, in great numbers! This is coming to America and we are not far away from the realization of this plot. 

The War On Private Wealth

There is coming a time when the Biden administration is going to do three things in order to separate you and your from your private property/bank account:

  1. In a well-publicized scheme, Blackrock has engaged in the artificial and intentional increase in home values. In a time of lockdown, the American real estate market should have been in severe decline, but because of Blackrock, the financial arm of the World Economic Forum, an over-bidding scheme was instituted and it drove up home values by 30%+! This has accomplished one goal for the Biden administartion, the elimination of home ownership for over one-third of the country. Additionally, it set the stage for the implementation of Janet Yellen's scheme to take American homes based on an appreciation tax caused these co-conspirators. See below for details. 
  2. The CSS has learned that Representative Burgess is planning a bill that will prevent you from leaving the country with your wealth. The wall may one day be built, but it will not be to keep illegal aliens out, but to keep you and your wealth in. Presently, the Biden administration is imposing high fees and strict rules for you to leave the country with your money are determined to keep your money in America. Presently 40% of the United Citizens do not have $1000 to their name. A full 70% of the country could not afford a $400 car repair bill. Here is the key statistic: Last year 62% of the American citizens did not pay Federal income taxes. The Biden administration has a term for the 38% of Americans who did pay tax...BILLIONAIRES. Yes, Biden says he is going after the wealthy and make them "pay their fair share". Very few of the 32% Federal taxpayers are actually millionaires. In fact, many don't make over $100,000 per year. The word, BILLIONAIRES, is a code for people with money that we want. The Biden admiistration is working on schemes, right now to turn all Americans into indentured servants, except for the elite.
  3. Please allow me to remind the readers how the government went after the middle and upper-middle class during the lockdowns. Businesses deemed "essential" (ie the behemoth box stores) and they stayed own and realized record incomes. The businesses declared "non-essential", who sold many of the same products as the "essential" businesses were closed. A full 56% of middle-class small businesses failed in the lockdows and friends of the government made record profits. But wait, there is more. The rising middle class frequently owned homes and apartments that they were renting. They illegally had the government prevent evictions for unpaid rent. Many property owners went bankrupt. When one compares this development with the other factors discussed here, the plot is exposed. The government's clear intent was to destroy the middle class while preserving the uber wealth. To add insult to injury, many of the defaulted renters received government stimulus money, the property class received nothing. And the whole scheme was unconstitutional and represented property seizure by the government's polities without the required 5th Amendment compensation. Can anyone else say "communism?"
  4. Based on Blackrock's actions as described in item #1, Janet Yellen unveiled a plan in October of 2021, presented to the Senate Banking Committee is so outrageous that it almost defies description. Yellen/Biden and their Deep-State Fabian Socialists want it all. They not only are preparing to tax you into oblivion, they want everything you own. Again, the World Economic Forum has told us that the Great Reset means that we, the people will own nothing. Yellen presented a plan that is so outrageous that you think the powers-that-be would try and camoflauge their intentions. On the contrary, Yellen boasts about the virtue of stealing your home from you and your family. Remember, Blackrock increased home values tremendously to create an appreciated value on homes. Now, Yellen wants to tax that appreciated value. The specifi amount of the proposed tax is 43%. So, if your home appreciated $100k in the last two years, if this is enacted, you would have to pay $43,000 if you want to keep your home. Of course the same people that call you everyday now, and want to buy your home, will be calling you to buy your home that you cannot meet the tax burden on. This is the elimination of home ownership for the middle class. 
  5. The implementation of a social credit score is on the immediate horizon. Americans can expect a complete tyrannical control over all property and financial accounts. Many analysts and myself believe that the Trudeau illegal seizure of private bank accounts, in supports of the so-called Convoy" was a beta test for the roll out of the digital currency. With digital currency, the government will be able to track every purchase and sale for each individual. The digital "money" will be preceded by by a “papers-please” digital ID. The digital ID is the tie-in to your financial world. If you vote for Donald Trump, or you support a protest movement, contribute to the defense fund a J6 defendant, you will likely lose access to your accounts courtesy of Google-controlled social credit scores.


This is the unquestionable enslavement of America. And as bad as what has been written is, the worst is yet to come. Is there anything that can be done about it? There maybe a lot people can do but it will be done by asset diversification domestically-based (ie gold, silver, etc) and by moving the buld of one's assets out of the country to an emgerging market.  Subsequently, I am conducting an investigation into whether or not, middle class Americans should move much of their money out of the country prior to the invocation of digital currency and policies that will outlaw such flight from the United States. To view the series, sign up at the Commonsenseshow.TV to be able to access this series as well as the other great programming on our TV site.