FLASHPOINT ARIZONA: What will the people do when the STEAL is so blatant? … Continued “plandemics” critical to Dems’ election rigging


 By Mike Adams 



The Democrat playbook for stealing elections is both simple and sinister: Push a nationwide plandemic to justify widespread mail-in voting. Send out millions of ballots in the mail so that extra ballots are easy to come by. Delay vote counting any time a Republican is winning, and use the delay to scrounge up whatever number of Democrat ballots is necessary to “win.” Rinse, then repeat in 2022, 2024, 2026, etc. Keep the plandemics going, the masks going, the media psyop going, the mail-in ballots going and the rigged elections going.

That’s where we are in America today, and the latest victim of this election theft fraud is Kari Lake, who should have already been declared Governor-Elect of Arizona. Instead, the media called her corrupt opponent, Katie Hobbs, the “winner” of the race, and anyone who questions the steal will be called an “election denier” and an “enemy of democracy.”

Yet who is destroying democracy here? Clearly, it’s the Dems who are rigging the elections yet again… and they’re doing it in plain view, right in front of the people of Arizona and the world.

Just how much blatant election theft will the people put up with?

My question today is simply this: What will the people of Arizona do in response to this blatant election theft? Will they just back down and take another punch to the gut, telling themselves, “We’ll win next time!” or will they demand an honest election?

According to The Gateway Pundit, one group of AZ citizens is already demanding new elections to take place December 6th, carried out with in-person paper ballot voting. The Democrats, of course, will never agree to honest voting, since they would handily lose such an election.



What options remain to citizens when election theft is so blatant and malicious? Mass protests might be one option, but the deep state would obviously stage saboteurs in the crowd, dressed as MAGA Republicans, to carry out acts of violence so that Biden could claim conservatives are terrorists.

In a free country, you might be able to speak out and alert your fellow Americans to the theft that just happened, but Big Tech and the DOJ have already declared that anyone who doesn’t accept the steal is engaged in acts of “misinformation” or “insurrection” and should therefore be banned or perhaps even criminally investigated.

Thus, in America today, when Democrats openly steal an election, you aren’t allowed to protest the theft or even talk about it without being labeled terrorists or criminals. This is exactly the playbook of one-party rule that has been carried out in other fascist / communist regimes such as those under Stalin, Mao or Mussolini. Now, it’s being rolled out across America, and the GOP establishment apparently has no desire to stop it.

Kari Lake, for her part, is saying she will not concede to this stolen race. But Dr. Oz conceded quickly, and so did a lot of other Republicans who are proving they have no backbone for the real political fight this country now faces.

Elections are rigged through government-coordinated censorship, which is blatantly unconstitutional

We live in a nation where the US government conspires with Big Tech to censor conservative voices, and then we’re told that Democrats are the ones protecting “democracy.” We live in a nation where the media is nearly 100% rigged in favor of Democrats, where virtually every corporation, university and institution is all-in with the Democrat agenda (climate change quackery, child grooming, pedophilia, transgenderism, etc.). And yet we’re told that conservatives are such a danger to democracy that they should never be allowed to speak, or to operate businesses (ESG scores) or to win elections.

Apparently, the American people are supposed to just sit down, shut up and have their children mutilated, their dollars looted, their economy crushed, their food supply compromised, their speech silenced and their future annihilated, all in order to protect America from “extremism.”

Rigging elections is pretty extreme, it turns out. So is releasing biological weapons on the population, or injecting the masses with genocidal mRNA weapons. Printing trillions of dollars in fiat currency is extreme, and food prices are hitting extreme levels, with no end in sight. But the real “extremists,” we’re told, are the people asking questions about all this, not those carrying it out.

This is how nations fall. And we are living through the final chapter of the American empire, with all of its corruption, lawlessness, media brainwashing, arrogance and government terrorism against the people now rising to the surface. When this system breaks — which seems imminent — don’t be anywhere near a U.S. city, or your chances of surviving the chaos are rather slim.