Former Candidate Tudor Dixon Strikes Back at Incompetent Michigan GOP Leadership



By Admin

Normally after a brutal campaign and you end up on the losing side most fade away. Yet those that actually care about the very issues they campaigned on stay for the fight and it looks like she is one of those folks.

I have been mostly quiet since the brutal defeat of the Michigan GOP on Tuesday and quite frankly the whole state of Michigan suffered and shall suffer more. While I have been one of the few people preaching to a brick wall for years here that Michigan is a blue state and occasionally turns purple, what happened this past Tuesday in a Blue Wave throughout the whole state even shocked me. I haven't been able to fully process everything that's happened and while I've been catching up with people who are involved in multiple campaigns here and trying to find out what happened, I thought it would be another week before I really started to comment on the full-blown disaster here in the Great Lakes State.

Lucky for you fine folks and readers here at RedState, my colleagues have been absolutely on top of their game and kept you and me up to speed on the Red Wave that turned into a puddle this past Tuesday.

Whitmer won by a runaway margin here and the Michigan House in the Michigan Senate both flipped two Democrat control. In fact, the Michigan Senate had been held by Republicans for damn near forty years and it was lost in the blink of an eye.

While most commentators are writers who are always quick to snap judgments and put the blame on that abortion was the main issue here I do agree with it. However, you might think that those in the party apparatus usually take a little bit longer to figure out what happened and how it happened.