From Freedom to a Police State In 7 Easy Steps


A coup, resulting in a regime change follows a predictable pattern. This article identifies the seven steps which takes a nation from a Republic to a Police State in seven easy steps.

Step One: Assassination or Coup?

The Russian-Collusion-Delusion was a coup attempt. The Ukraine impeachment is a coup attempt. The Russian collusion nonsense collapsed before it got started. However, that didn’t prevent the Deep State from dragging it out for over 2 years.

The merits of the “quid pro quo” Ukraine case are collapsing as I write these words. The assassination card is coming into full view because the Deep State is running out of time with the election coming up in 2020.

State Two: Two False Flags of Regime Change

Most regime changes are accompanied by two false flag attempts. The first false flag is the assassination which comes complete with a patsy (eg Lee Harvey Oswald). The intel I speak with say that the word on the street is this event, levied against Trump, will be blamed on forces related to Baghdadi and the hit on the President is retaliation for his death.

If there is an assassination attempt, many in federal law enforcement feel that the attempt will take the form of a mass casualty event. Why? Because the public will not accept another “lone-nut assassin” with a diary with stated intentions. The Baghdadi cover story fits the bill.

In regime changes, a second false flag is often needed to excuse the need for an extreme crackdown. The Reichstag Fire is a classic example of this event. In America, I have warned about a “Tet Offensive” terror attack on Americans. We know we have embedded terror cells and it is logical to assume they would provide the necessary level of violence for a complete crackdown by a regime taking control after the assassination of Donald Trump.

Stage Three: A State of Emergency Will Usher In Martial Law

In order to better protect the people, an extreme level of martial law will be implemented.  A suspension of the Constitution will be accompanied by the requirement for travel permits, work permits, extreme prohibitions of religious worship (ie prohibitive zoning laws), a “new” national ID, food stamps, water rationing, etc. The control of all resources will make the people dependent on the new regime and will aid in establishing a level of forced compliance.

Kidnappings and the murder of key dissident figures will take place in this stage.

Stage Four: Mass Roundups

There will come a time when the new regime will feel the need to eliminate as much opposition as possible and they will initiate mass round ups. These roundups will take two forms. First, it is preferable to get the people to come to you. This was rehearsed in an Obama 2011 initiated drill called Operation Mountain Guardian. FEMA and DHS set up camp at Sports Authority Field where the Denver Broncos play football in the NFL. On the surface they were practicing a mass casualty drill. However, FEMA went around the Denver Public schools and started gathering a sample of elementary age school children. When mommy showed up to take Bill to his dental appointment, and Bill had been kidnapped by FEMA, parents began to descend upon the facility. This was an experiment to see if the parents would present themselves to a detention facility. The children were the bait and the lists would reveal whether a parent would be incarcerated and exterminated or released with their child. Food shortages could be used in the same manner and will people report on the other side of the barbed wire to get food, the same principles come into play.

Once the “voluntary” roundups have taken place, then the new regime moves to the 3AM strategy!  This is the kicking in the door of the known dissidents. This is also a strategy that will accompany gun confiscation which is a necessary part of any regime change in order to eliminate the people’s ability to defend themselves.

Stage Five: Secret Executions of Public Beheadings?

The next stage could go either way depending on the new regime’s objective. If there goal is to merely remove dissident opposition, secret executions designed to lessen the threat, without arousing large segments of the population to rise up, might be the preferable course of action. However, if a psychological dose of terror is needed to establish complete order and stamp out resistance, public beheadings will become of the strategy of a extremist regime.

Stage Six: Civilian Snitch Programs

Civilian “see something, say something” snitch programs will go into full force. Under Stalin, the public school teachers were trained to listen to the children’s statements about their parents and appropriate actions would be taken against dissidents. Under Common Core, in places like Colorado, teachers were trained to gather extensive data on their student’s habits. I have always believed that this was training for America teachers to fall into the Stalin mode of using kids to spy on parents.

Further, what do we think the red flag laws were for? Snitch on your neighbor with falsehoods and watch in glee as the local police kick in their door and steal their guns. It is all about conditioning of the public. America is ripe for snitch programs.

Stage Seven: Continual Roundups and Purges

It is interesting the fascination that the public has with the triology, The Purge and its TV series companion by the same name.    ‘

A generational reign of terror, needed to extinguish notions of freedom and liberty are needed to complete the takeover.


This article is not hypothetical. It represents what is already underway in our country. My suggestion is wipe the cognitive dissonance from eyes and plan accordingly. Your best weapon is prayer and your second best weapon is to call on your two friends, Smith and Wesson.


The following broadcast contains more detail regarding the 7 steps to a police state.