Gavin Newsom Holds the Key to the Dismantling of the United States

gavin newsom

In Part One of this series, an outline of the various movements, within the United States, in which there are demonstrative attempts to withdraw from the United States of America and form what amounts to be a foreign country. To date, the two-decade old movement known as La Raza, or Reconquista de Atzlan, presented the biggest challenge to the eventual breakup of the United States. Reconquista proposes seizing the entire Southwest and seizing the propert of and expelling all people of White, European descent. No mention is made with regard to Asians, Blacks or people from a mixed racial background. However, Calexit is back poses an enormous threat to the continuance of the United States as a fully intact country.

Many people have questioned the wisdom of allowing California to withdraw from the United States. The impact would prove to be devastating. Some people say "who cares if California exits the country?" That is an ignorant question. California agriculture dominates the US. Similarly, California retail makes up 30% of the nation's entire retail revenue. A departed California will economically devastate this country and produce widespread food shortages. This is the globalist goal and as the caravans of illegal immigrants, from Central and South America, arrive, the plan to destroy America will kick into high gear.

Paul Preston, the President of the New California, 51st state movement and myself have done numerous radio interviews on this this topic. The attention we drew to the matter, led the courts to previously declare Calexit, or the “Yes, California” movement to be unconstitutional and the movement appeared to be dead on arrival. However, things have changed recently.

Under its last two governors, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, California is mired in treason and massive mismanagement of its State’s money. As Preston and I have covered on multiple occasions, California is hopelessly in debt, a whopping $185 billion dollars in debt (ie fraud and financial mismanagement). California has not spent the Federal COVID-19 funds from the federal government (ie fraud, embezzlement). As a result, California cannot even pay its 2 million jobless claims.  

By mid-August, California will not be able meets its CALPERS requirements (ie most of California’s retirement account). The failure to meet the latter obligation, will put many Californians in the street and it is not likely that they will be go there willingly. The potential for widespread violence cannot be overstated and we are a few weeks from the countdown for these events. It was announced that Gavin Newsom is releasing an additional 8,000 dangerous prison inmates over the next five weeks. This coincides with California defaulting on its debt obligations. The released inmates provide a convenient excuse from which to blame the coming retirement crisis and the subsequent violence that will likely follow the Newsom's default on the financial obligations to the people of California.


Paul Preston has learned that Newsom tried to illegally obtain a trillion dollar loan from China to stay afloat. President Trump was able to thwart the agreement. Subsequently, California has retreated back into the Calexit movement which would make the state a protectorate of the United Nations as it seeks to once again, attempt to withdraw from the Union.

Many had made the mistake in thinking that the movement was dead. It is back with the same sponsors as we found before (eg Soros, Bank of China, Obama, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder serves as the movement’s Spokesperson.

Here is a copy of the new legislation that will make California a free and independent state.


From the newest version of the Calexit website the following statement appears:

 “On the same date that Trump declares an end to COVID-19 precautions, California announces that the state secedes from the union.”

Again, it is not such a far-fetched idea. Given the right circumstances and the proper motivation, fueled by poor federal leadership or no leadership at all, states such as California, or others, ought to take matters into their own hands."


This constitutes outright rebellion against The United States of America. This is not legal, this is not Constitutional, this is South Carolina in 1861. However, this is exactly what is being proposed here. In the following proposed legislation introduced to the California legislative docket is a proposal to have California withdraw from the union. Here is the latest get out of jail card for California officials. Please note the emboldened portions of these excerpts from this recently introduced legislation. 


ATTORNEY GENERAL Xavier Becerra, Attorney General

ATTN: Initiative Coordinator P.0. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

RECEIVED July 3, 2020 JUL 0 3 2020 Re: request for title and summary INITIATIVE COORDINATOR

ATTORNEYGENERAL'SOFFICE Pursuant to Article II, Section I O(d) of the California Constitution, this letter respectfully requests that the Attorney General prepare a circulating title and summary of the enclosed ballot measure:

"Calexit: The California Independence Plebiscite of 2024", which amends the Government and Elections Code.

Also enclosed are the required signed statements pursuant to California Elections Code 9001 and 9608, and a check in the amount of $2000.

Please direct all inquiries and correspondence regarding this proposed initiative to: Marcus Ruiz Evans President, Yes California Independence Campaign 6083 N. Figarden Drive, #356 Fresno, California, 93722 president(a)

CALEXIT: THE CALIFORNIA INDEPENDENCE PLEBISCITE OF 2024 An act to add Article 6 to Chapter 1 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Government Code, relating to the establishment of a commission of inquiry on California sovereignty and independence from the United States of America, and Division 22 to the Elections Code, relating to an independence plebiscite.


The following Article is hereby added to Chapter 1 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Government Code, as follows: ARTlCLE 6. THE CALIFORNIA COMMISSION ON NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY MD INDEPENDENCE FROM 'tHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [220-225] 220. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COMMISSION. The Commission on National Sovereignty and Independence from the United States of America (in this Article referred to as the "Commission") is hereby established as an independent, nonpartisan commission of inquiry.

221. PURPOSE AND FUNCTION. The purpose and function of the Commission is to –

(1) prepare a complete public report on California sovereignty and independence from the United States of America, and to specifically: a) ascertain, evaluate, and report on the current ability of the State of California to govern itself independently should the need arise due to an unforeseen collapse of the United States government, open rebellion, revolution, or in the event of civil war. b) ascertain, evaluate, and report on the future economic and political viability of California as an independent country; c) study, evaluate, and report on the global use of plebiscites as a peaceful means to obtaining independence; d) analyze and report to the public on its findings, conclusions, and recommendations.



Please allow me to remind everyone, that from the CSS’ conversations with Paul Preston we learned the cartels and most of the gangs of California are associated with this movement as are BLM and Antifa. Given this development, and the event known as CHOP, should we be expecting violent behavior in order to facilitate California’s movement to become autonomous? Will California become on big bloodbath? The answer would appear to be an absolute yes to that question. President Trump needs to immediately move to arrest Newsom for sedition and conspiring to commit fraud against the federal government. Please keep in mind that this legislation gives California the excuse to use violence as the excuse to leave the Union. 

It is the considered opinion of the CSS, that if Trump makes a move on Newsom, this would galvanize his base and this could turn the election in Trump’s favor. However, there will be much violence. And please note the proposed Calexit legislation, the document gives California permission to withdraw from the United States in the event of war, civil war, and the collapse of the United States.

In the immediate future, it is clear that California will be able to count on his domestic terror organization to employ the extreme violent tactics we have seen in the Democratically controlled cities in America (eg Seattle).  If California becomes ane independent country, or even attempts to do so, this will collapse the economy of the United States. California's leaders, like Gavin Newsom, will be exposed. Calexit or civil war looks more and more like a real and definitive possibility. Subsequently, we can safely conclude that two things will happen before America is released from the unconstitutional lockdown of the country: (1) the vaccine is ready; and, (2) Calexit is initiated!  

The CSS believes that both events will happen at the same time. It is going to be a long, hot summer!