George Soros Communist Groups Have Transformed American Beach Towns Into Ghost Towns

empty beach

America's economy has passed the point of no return. Oh, there will be pockets of the economy that might have a chance to partially recover from the carnage, but not many businesses will survive the communist takeover of our economy masquerading as the simultaneous Social Justice riots and the Covid-19 cure which was no more than a George Soros Arab Spring attack upon all institutions in America including the economy. Nowhere does one witness a better example of this takeover than we find with the utter devastation of America's coastal towns. They should be the poster child for what happens when a country lets its communist contingent seize control of the economy in whatever their latest false flag attack consists of. 

Particularily hard hit are America's costal businesses. The estimation range is high with regard to how many beach front businesses, ranging from hotels to restaurants will fail because of the COVID-19 unconstitutional lockdowns, but the numbers of 50-70% potential failure rate paints a bleak picture and that when you are planning next year's vacation, you will be dealing with a ghost town instead of a beach town. 

The Social Justice Movement Is Not New

Twelve years ago I received a glimpse into the future when I was visiting San Diego County's Del Mar Beach, there were petition checkpoints on the boardwalks trying to get people to sign up to "close the beaches". The reasons that they listed had to do with protecting the native sea life and to limit pollution. The petition proposed the closing of all of California's beaches between the months of May-October, which would have been the height of tourist season. 

I made it a point to question the petitioners about the economic impact on the local economy. They said to a person, there are going to be economic casualties in order to preserve the environment. I asked about the business owners and their economic welfare. I reminded them that the employees had people in their families that depended on the ability to earn a living and this is where I received my first introduction to the Soros-style Gestapo soldiers that are invading our cities today. Out of the 4 petitioner stands that I visited, to a person they stated that it was the greedy, immoral capitalistic system that was negatively impacting the eco-system and that I was obviously part of the problem for daring to question their motives for the petition. 

My Glimpse Into the Future

One White-skinned petitioner asked me what I did for a living and I told the person that I was a college basketball coach and educator. They stated that I was exploiting the "Black youth" of America for my own personal gain and this "close the beach petition was made for people like me and that the Black youth of America had to be protected and compensated from people like me. (Editor's Note: Actually all of  my players were adults).  This petitioner continued to lecture me about the fact that my racist views would one day be my undoing and that in the future, a group of young adults would hold me criminally responsible and I would one day be paying reparations to the young African-male adults that I was exploiting on the basketball court.  The person also stated that there was a movement that one day would take America away from the greedy capitalists like myself. I asked the petitioner what form of government that they favored and he said "fascism is making a comeback" and "that soon there will be nowhere for a-holes like me to hide when the revolution was about to begin.

I subsequently asked the petitioner and future member of Antifa if they could cite for me any historical examples where fascism and ultimately socialism had ever worked in the history of the world. Obviously, unable to do so, the person asked me if I was still having sex with my mother and told me to get the ____ out!

Although, this investigation began as an analysis of the economic destitution that has been brought about to America's coastal businesses on the east coast, west coast and the Gulf Coast, this was my first real exposure to high level of vulgarity that was emerging from our nation's young adults as well as their complete contempt for American culture. I remember telling my wife that one day, we would find ourselves fighting for our very survival against this new generation fo communists. I accidentally and prophetically stated that this was the beginning of revolution in which misguided youth would seek to steal everything that I have earned and who would have no compunction about taking my life to do so. I under estimated how quickly this threat would spring into reality. 

When the George Soros Arab Spring began three years later, I did not realize how quickly this whole communist revolution would sweep the planet. Now these communists, who were nothing but flunky drop outs from the 60's and 70's are running much of our country's government. These traitors (eg Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Feinstein) have betrayed the President. However, you have to give them credit, they have managed to get one of their own elected to President. Everyone made such a big deal that Obama was the first black President, the more important measure was that Obama was the first real communist President of the United States. And Obama has left behind quite a legacy in that his demented Vice President stands a good chance of becoming the next communist President  in which his puppet masters will drive a stake through the heart of every gainfully employed American. Soon, America, you will own nothing and you will have no civil liberties.

The following broadcast exemplifies that how the Democratic Party (ie Bolsheviks) have destroyed the economies of America's beach towns. They will do the same to your financial interests. This is the story of how George Soros' Arab Spring has come to America!