A Giant Sucking Sound: Today’s simultaneous passing of H. Ross Perot and his South American counterpart, President Fernando de la Rua


By Sam Honnold 

Today’s simultaneous passing of H. Ross Perot and his South American counterpart, President Fernando de la Rua.

Perot warned in his 1992 presidential campaign that, if NAFTA became law, American jobs would migrate across the Rio Grande “with a great sucking sound”. That warning, among others, proved to be prescient, as the Mexican side of the border is now peppered with gleaming factories (where Mexican workers log 60+ hours weekly for one US Dollar an hour). Perot is widely blamed for the election of Bill Clinton; he is also widely credited with starting the global conservative revolution now headed by Donald J. Trump. In the last year of the Clinton presidency, the global conservative wave was building in South America, and Fernando de la Rua took the Argentine presidency. De la Rua’s victory at the polls was the first electoral defeat of the Peronist dynasty which had for fifty years only been interrupted by military interventions. The US champions of freedom generally live long and prosper; Latin heroes have generally died for daring to struggle since the 1811 execution by firing squad of Mexican revolutionary Miguel Hidalgo. De la Rua narrowly escaped this fate when he famously evacuated the Casa Rosada by helicopter in 2001, only halfway through his four-year term. After his resignation, socialist policies continued and the Argentine Peso fell from parity with the US Dollar under de la Rua’s predecessor to 42 Pesos/ Dollar today. Argentina was also abandoned both financially and as a security partner by US president George W. Bush after the 9-11 WTC attacks, causing their economy to shudder and bank runs to begin. This strategic nation was then courted by the Chinese and the Communist bravado resumed, with Peronist president Fernandez de Kirchner repeatedly threatening to re-invade the Falklands. As ex-President in exile, de la Rua was indicted for public malfeasance. The charges persisted (in a classic example of double jeopardy) until 2014 when de la Rua was finally cleared by Argentina’s highest court.

De la Rua’s death was confirmed today in a condolence message by Argentina’s conservative President Mauricio Macri, a staunch Trump ally both in the hemisphere and globally at the G20. Macri, and Argentina as an allied conservative power, are doubly embattled economically (by pension debt and years of socialist waste) and politically (as Macri is facing a bitter reelection campaign against Peronist ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner). De la Rua lived long enough to clear his good name, but the courts have so far been unable to condemn his rival Cristina Fernandez, despite consecutive scandals running the gamut from the “notebooks” bribe case to lethal Hezbolla-linked bombings of two Jewish centers, which she allegedly covered up during her presidency. Macri’s government has progressed to seizing US$38 million of her assets and partially stripping her senatorial immunity to investigation, yet today she is a free woman and viable candidate in the looming election. If Fernandez were to be caught up by US authorities in the widening net surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, as her close associates Bill and Hillary Clinton are expected to be, it would be a great victory for the Americas and freedom worldwide.

The world should take notice as Perot and de la Rua, these corresponding heroes of North and South American conservative policy, both passed away on the same day…perhaps as final exclamation of their correct policies and their warnings, which have proven prophetic.


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