The Globalist Playbook for False Flag Events Always Repeats! Comparing the JFK, RFK, & MLK Assassinations Along with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill to the Current Coronavirus Plandemic! (Part 1)

false flag

 The author of this story knows the globalist playbook. I am a former football (high school) and basketball (high school, college, NBA scout) and I fully understand how to gather intelligence and prepare for friendly combat with an opponent. In this spirit, I have the globalist playbook. I understand how the globalists use false flags in order to profit on humanity's demise. 

At first glance, the Satanic globalists appear to be operating on genius level and it appears they will always win and they are very good at securing the key positions of power to help them carry out their false flag attempts along with the ability to execute the crime and to also get away with it! However, they have a vulnerability, they are predictble. Part of effective scouting is establishing a pattern of predictability associated with the strategic approach of an opponent and then to properly prepare to interfere with the execution of the strategy.The Globalist Playbook for False Flag Events Is Always the Same! Comparing the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, the 3 major assassination to the Coronavirus Plandemic is child's play when understand the basic strategic pattern!

We are currently in the midst of what is called March Madness, which is the very popular college basketball playoff system. The major appeal of March Madness is the establishment of a Cinderella which upsets teams with superior talent. Trying to predict the Cinderella's related to who will be the small school overachiever which drives the ever popular event that underlies the public interest in the event as manifested in office pools. How do some small schools overachieve and prevail against superior opponents? Simple, the underdogs coaching intelligence (ie scouting) establishes opponent predictability and their game plans take away the stength of the strategy of their opponents and the upset can be achieved. This process of random overchievement is enhanced by the overconfidence and arrogance of a superior opponent which makes them vulnerable to a well-planned upset! If America understood the nature of globalist-orientated false flag events, we could collectively destroy the success of the interpretation of the events, thus rendering them ineffective. By discussing the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, along with the Great Gulf Coast Oil Holocaust, we could tear appart the reasons for the war in Ukraine and the Coronavirus Plandemic. Through in 9/11 and we would have an effective false flag "vaccine" in which we could teach the public how to smell false flag BS from a mile away!

As I look at the various false flag events throughout modern history, patterns emerge. Many of my colleagues often ask me how I know what the globalists are going to do and I answer "I understand the elements of the pattern." 

Along these lines, look at the 3 major assassinations of the 1960's. 

1. JFK- The  accused assassin was a lone nut assassin who left behind faked written evidence of his intent (ie a diary). Proper Secret Service protection was removed the day of the assassination. This is a classic CIA political assassination tactic. We now know from a concidental discovery from the Miami PD, that the assassination was rehearsed when JKF was in Miami 10 days before his death. The plot was leaked to the Secret Service and JFK was helicopted into his destination in Miami. So the assassins in Dallas even learned about assassination previotion contingency plans.

2. RFK- The asscused assassin was nuts, a political extremist with weak motives who acted on his own. He was convicted in the court of public opinion by a very weakly written diary. The Secret Service protection was blatantly non-existent. RFK was a sitting duck and circumstances led to sufficient confusion which allowed the murder to take place and to be properly concealed in the aftermath. 

3. MLK- The accused assassin was nuts and had the exact same MO as the alleged assassins LBJ and J Edgar Hoover removed the FBI protection for MLK the day of the assassination and the rest is history. Mrs King and family never believed that the convicted assassin was the guilty party, but let's not the Mainstream Media let a good crisis to go waste as they presented the proper narrative which served to mask the real intent and provide for plausible deniability.

Bringing on the Vietnam was was one of many central themes associated with the 3 assassinations. All 3 assassunatuib victims were opposed and in the aftermath of the JFK assassination, RFK and MLK continued to work towards ending the war. All 3 victims failed in this regard and true assassins got away with murder and the ignorant public was placated by MSM cover-up stories. 

The same kinds of replicable false flag strategies were present in 9/11 and the present manufactured Coronavirus false flag event. And each operates under the MSM cover of the CIA-created "fact" that their no such thing as a valid conspiracy theory. 

In this series, I am going to expose the similiarities between a seven-part series I wrote called The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust which was the false flag event used by Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum and Transocean  which prevented America from becoming energy independent by creating the false flag event which culminated in the destruction of the Transocean oil rig in 2010. The event also made certain that the correct high-ranking officials received their payoff in exhange for the wink and a nod coverup. 

The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust used many of the same false flag elements and coverup as we see in the present plandemic we call the Coronavirus event and all of its improbably variants of which one variant after another follows on the heels of the previous. Variants for a pathogen don't occur a few short months after the previous with a virus, until now....! Vaccines take years to develop until now. Herd immunity kicks in at some point, until now! And on and on it goes. 

As a teaser for Part II, I will give you a glimpse ahead. Obama, as President, was the man that the globalists had to control in order to carry out the plot and they did an excellent job of enriching this traitor.

The teaser, which will lead into Part II, is based on the foundational state of economic affairs which was a globalist plot, carried out by the Obama administration to destroy America's energy independence, sending the economy into a tailspin in the aftermatch of the 2009 credit swap derivatives depression-causing event and this false flag major event was what happened in the Gulf and it was designed to bring America to its knees! Hillary was in line to complete the destruction, but something called Donald Trump happened and gave America a 4 year reprieve. 

Look at the economic after-effects of the Gulf Coast event on the economy in the following chart. Then ask yourself, isn't this the exact same econmic pattern that we see in the aftermath of Biden's Coronvirus false flag event 12 years later in which the the economic fallout is being enhanced by the war in Ukraine? The Obama chart (below) clearly shows that history may not repeat but it sure does rhyme (Mark Twain). Praise to the Lord and thanks LA Marzulli whose Hear the Watchmen's presentation inspired me to write this series. 

See you in Part 2.