The Globalists Are Making Their Move! Are Pychotronic Attacks Being Used to Discourage the Revelation of the Gravity of What Is Coming?

mind control

Are there psychotronic weapons which can produce psychosomatic effects? The process is called TI for targeted individuals in which people are electronically harassed for what they know or are about to be revealed.

People who have followed me for 15 years will be shocked that I am mentioning this phenomenon in relation to myself. The electronic harassment began during the middle of the night when I was sleeping. As Steve Quayle and my friend Bob can attest to, they received calls from my phone in the middle of the night. However, the phenomenon became two-sided. Steve’s phone and other phones began calling me in the middle of the night as I slept. This went on for a week. Then the phenomenon became very personal. As I would load information regarding Ebola to my website, I was not able to complete the task. In addition, I began to experience strong psychosomatic symptoms. When I was writing on a topic related to positing on the website, I would become extremely nauseated and feverish. Additionally, I spoke about a particular topic on the phone, I experienced the same symptoms.

The phenomenon would only happen when I spoke one topic and that topic would be Ebola. Write now as I write these words, I am writing on a third-party word processor. Subsequently, I have concluded that the harassment is not all-encompassing.

From what I have learned, I am convinced that Ebola is coming!  There is a general shut down of the Ebola topic and many I know have experienced electronic harassment, but I seem to be the only one that is experiencing induced psychosomatic symptoms.

My symptoms include extreme nausea, 101 degree fever, extreme congestion, headache. Additionally, I construct sentences on my website about this topic, the attacks begin. I cannot focus and my website malfunctions as I write about the phenomenon. I am going to guess that this will not happen as I do a third party dump from a friends computer. When I walk away from the website, the symptoms disappear.

I know how crazy this sounds, however, this is the 4th day and the pattern is always the same. Please allow me to say this, I am convinced that Ebola is in our future and certain groups do not want this out. Ebola is the kill shot and will be used to disable America before it is attacked and conquered by Russia and China. It strongly appears that Covid and the subsequent lockdowns were simply the beta test.

I have been holding on to information for the past few weeks, but it is time to let the entire cat out of the bag. From what I have learned, I know that the release of the bioweapon, Ebola, cannot come from China for all the apparent reasons. I have solid information that the release will come from Australia. This makes perfect sense.  China control Australia media, post-secondary education, entertainment, news, etc. I do not have a time frame. However, if I can find this out, others have the same information and some do.

Further, as a precursor extreme society chaos is underway.  White Supremacist groups are being met by Antifa and BLM from Maine to Texas to California.  We are ready to be hit with a  blitzkrieg of massive attacks from gun confiscation to riots, and to Chauvin’s eventual acquittal of murder of George Floyd.

As I was closing out this story, I just received an email from a colleague who feels he is being targeted as well. He has requested anonymity which I will honor. 

I do not have the energy at this time to fully develop all the things that are coming our way, but I believe the sensitivity to Ebola is merely an entry point to the total demise of the United States. It is safe to say that the globalists are making their move right now.  More on this in the next article.