The Great Culling Is Underway


The great culling is here and is present in places like New Zealand, Arkansas and Ohio. Most will recoil at this statement. So let's start at the beginning and it will be clear that we are not just losing our economy, our civil liberties, our culture, our collective souls that still want to buy and sell, we are on the edge of losing our very lives and eternal future. 

The Beginning

There was once a nation that took over 244 years to build into the most powerful and advanced in the history of the world. In less than 3 months, that nation was left in ruins. The majority of the people are on life support. However, when the stimulus runs out and the rent and mortgage defaulters run out of government protection, there will be over 100 million hungry Americans on the street without access to basic healthcare. However, all noncitizens under figure head, Joe Biden, will be receiving subsidies as well as free health care. The backbone of America, small business, has seen nearly 60% of its business die and end year's end 80% will be thrown on the garbage pile of history. 

Our meat packing plants lie idle as the real plandemic is quickly coming our way, food will be used as a weapon. Forced to wear masks that push CO2 levels down below 20% with any level of exertion, can lead the way to heart trouble, manifestation of deadly bacteria, a weakened immune system with nearly a 50% reduction in cytokines, lymphocites, white blood cells, which are all needed to fight cancer et al. Yet, our debilitated population will physically attack those who fail to participate in their own demise even those the OSHA guidelines for proper CO2 functioning are being deliberately compromised. Moronic health clubs, such as Planet (un) Fitness continue to make cardio participating clients wear masks to the point of passing out. 

We, the little people are commanded to maintain social distance even without one legitimate, peer-reviewed study that indicates this is a desired medical practice. Six feet may as well be six miles. The CDC's website says that face masks do not prevent the spread of violence. Yet, most of use line up to participate in our own demise as the communists in charge of this lunacy gloat at our compliance to the Gods of stupidity.

Two weeks of promised isolation has turned into 6 months! For the country to get back to normal, the virus must have no community spread. That means the eradication goal is being pursued. Never in the history of viruses has the eradication strategy been used. It is an impossible goal!

After months of being pressed on the practice of herd immunity, establishment, loyalists to Bill Gates, now finally address the issue of herd immunity as they collective state "herd immunity is only possible AFTER the widespread distribution of the vaccine". And what will the vaccine due to the poor bastards who will be forced to take it? The average person has no way to guage the risk because the animal studies were skipped. The long-term effects are unknown because, what should take 4-5 years to test and develop is being doone in 4-5 months. Every American will soon be Bill Gates' guinea pig. The reported side-effect rates, as per a CBS interview with Bill Gates have been placed at 80%. Even the late Ray Charles could see what is happening here. That's ok to acquiesce isn't America, you did want to live forever did you?

You have to know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em. This is an issue that many Americans will have to grapple with should the Democrats win the 2020 Election in both houses of Congress and the Presidency as well.  

How the Democrats Will Win the Presidency and Both Houses of Congress in 2020

There are many avenues to voter fraud in the upcoming 2020 Election. Below, is a brief summary of some of the methods that the Democrats will employ to win the 2020 Election. 

The majority of Americans are conservative and respect the Constitution, but increasingly, the young people are socialist and the radicals of the Democratic Party hold promise for our young adults who are too lazy to compete in the world. In short, they want something for nothing. Those that embrace socialism always end up with nothing. However, most of these people are ignorant of economic trends and the history of the world. You just read the job skill attributes of Antifa and BLM as well as possessing a serious case of psychopathology (may David Dorne rest in peace). 

In many sanctuary states and cities million of illegals are eligible to obtain a drivers license. And when they obtain a drivers license, they automatically are registered to vote. Millions of illegitimate votes will be cast for the Democrats. 

In 2016, voter fraud was often estimated at least 7 million votes . Many people voted in multiple states under multiple ID's. Now with ballot harvesting and unsupervised mail-in voting, that number could read 20, 30, 40 million votes. The Democrats have mailed out 80 million mail-in ballots. Joe Biden may be asleep by the time the polls close on November 3rd, but this is how he will win. 

Then there is the matter of the George Soros voting machines. According to a Stanford University study, the only reason that Clinton won the 2016 Democratic Primary is because of the massive voter fraud in the 16 states the employed Soros voting machines. In each case, the exit polling did not match the counted electronic votes. Yet, when paper ballots were used, the exit polling, which favored Bernie Sanders, always matched the final vote total. Look for increase in this type of voter fraud. 

The potential for voter fraud has never been greater. And we have done nothing to counter the biggest election fraud in the history of the planet. 

When the Democrats Win...

At this time next year, we will not be discussing how to save our country and rehabilitate the economy, we will be seeking out the best places to hide and don't you dare get caught with a Bible. The left will not throw you to lions, but they will behead you. 

With no legal obstacles, the Democrats will be free to implement whatever they desire. The radical Democrats running for President are amazingly consistent in what they are calling for. Here is a short list:

  • America's only means of self-protection, our guns will be gone. Kamala Willie Brown Harris has said she will have your guns by the 100th day of the new communist regime. And what does history say about what follows gun confiscation. That's ok, don't worry about securing a burial plot, FEMA coffins can accomodate 6 at a time. If you are a Christian, I am certain that they will have a family plan discount.
  • Confiscation of privately owned vehicles. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
  • Extreme climate change taxes placed upon the people. These taxes will be embedded into existing and future homes and when the homeowner cannot afford the taxes, they will forfeit their property. This will create the nation's largest slush fund in which the Democrats will fund single payer health care and free health care for all illegals. And this is the for the people that they let live!
  • We will see the reintroduction of preferential hiring for minorities in new affirmative action plans. The woke objective is not to promote fairness in hiring but inflicting as much pain as possible in society in order to bring a real civil war to frution, so that the resisters can be identified and eliminated. This time around, the country will pay homage to illegal aliens as they will go to the front of the line. It is about to get very expensive to be a citizen. 
  • Free health care for illegal aliens unaffordable Obama style health care for citizens. 
  • Free speech prohibitions and there will be no criticism of the government allowed. Violators will be imprisoned.  Florida Rep Wilson is already calling the arrest of online Congressional critics. 

  • Google will implement its Chinese-based social credit system and people will be denied freedom on the net. And just like in China, people will be prosecuted for their online expressions of freedom and liberty. 
  • Extreme limitations will be placed upon Christians and where they can practice their faith and what the pastors are allowed to say. Many believe CHICOM justice will come to America and being a Christian will be a fatal event. 
  • A planned economic collapse will be implemented in order to gain total control over the economy. 
  • Holding precious metals will be outlawed as it was under Franklin Roosevelt. 
  • Employment will be tied to a loyalty oath to the existing regime, who we know serves Satan. 
  • The new carbon credit system will lower the average American's lifestyle to those living in 1890. Refer to The Hunger Games movie for a visual depiction. 
  • After free speech is squelched, gun confiscation will begin. A false flag, or a series of false flag events will occur prior to gun confiscation in order to give it legitimacy. Those that resist will be sent to re-education camps, or will simply be killed resisting the confiscation. 
  • Public education will continue down the same path and will consist of little more than lifestyle perversion education coupled with the full emergence of the modern day version of the Hitler Youth who will be trained to tattle on their parents. 

And this was only the short version. Welcome to the United States of Stepford Wives!!! Everyone is the same, no goals are allowed, complete obedience is required, no-child policies will become the norm. The elimination of all people with disabilities will be ushered in. Don't believe me, review Hitler's genocidal policies. 

What's the end game? The end game is transhumanism. COVID was introduced at this point in history because the globalists are ready to introduce the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI..... The old industrial civilization must die so that there is no competition to the AI revolution. Can anyone argue that the world's economy is utterly destroyed? And even though we have fallen off the cliff and we can still see blue sky, our cognitive dissonance kicks in and tells us everything is ok so long as we can see blue skiy as we plummet to our death. What does that mean? Humans are not needed. Robots can already program themselves, and create new AI applications. Again, Humans are not needed and this is why the elitist Satanists will combine man and machine and still maintain control over AI robots. If transhumanism was not introduced, very soon, the robots would have no use for humans. A transhumanism creation is compatible with AI. What does that mean for humanity? Do you really believe that the globalists are going to fund Universal Basic Income when all they have to do is introduce an immune system destroying vaccine that works by altering RNA and DNA? Who needs animal trials for a vaccine that is not intended to protect but to destroy? 

Oh by the way, Arkansas and Ohio FEMA camps are open for business for those who "test" positive for CV-19 and those who are SUSPECTED having been exposed. The nightmare of the great culling has already begun!!!