Growing Evidence That the Coming Civil War Will Begin In Space

space based weapons

It is very possible that Civil War II will begin in earnest in space. This article will address this issue with accounts from myself and Paul Preston.  

The President of the Trump-supported New California 51st state movement and the host of Agenda 21 Radio, Paul Preston, called me in the early morning hours to break a story. The story is part a personal anecdote and part insider revelations. It just so happens that Preston’s insider revelations matches what I was given 3 days ago.  

Paul Preston’s Personal Observation of a Northern California Fire Being Manipulated

Paul Preston’s personal anecdote is accurate and very revealing. Paul was driving back from a 51st state convention meeting when he was personally caught in a fire. There was a big a fire which inexplicably was being blown away from him by giant gusts. However, people that were Leary of the danger were attempting to turn around by crossing the median and going back in the opposite direction. However, there efforts were cut short as fires began in the median, thus preventing people from turning around. Paul said the fires starting sounded like machine gun fire as they appeared in rapid succession seemingly out of nowhere. And as he stated, the fires were blowing away in the opposite direction. In the first few minutes of our conversation, he said, these Northern California fires had to be coming down from space. Paul was correct they are coming down from space.

The Blaze and Fox News Cover-Up of My Secret Space Program Revelations

On October 1, 2016, I appeared on the Blaze with host Kate Dalley. She interviewed me about many things including the secret space program that I had gone public with. In Dalley’s synopsis of the interview she in part wrote the following from Blaze's official description of the interview:

"Kate interviews Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show! This may be too much truth to hear all at once, but this podcast will leave you reeling. We talk WW3 and what the space program is REALLY up to. Our thoughts on Charlotte, the banking system, what you can do right now to prepare and just what could be happening with the election. We also talk about how Dave's own community fought the New World Order and succeeded. Dave expands on many issues not being covered by mainstream and there is a reason why. Sometimes the truth can be hard to take."


The topic of the secret space program was too much to take. The archive for the show has been removed.


The Blaze Radio Host, Kate Dalley


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The Kate Show


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Kate Dalley used to appear on the CSS and I had many appearances on her show. This was the last time I appeared. She abruptly cancelled a few minutes before our last scheduled interview. She had been told not to discuss the topic of the secret space program again by their FOX News affiliate. The pressure became so great that she abruptly cancelled her appearance on my show at the last moment with a very weak excuse. I had appeared on this particular show about a half a dozen times and was a preferred guest as stated by the host. However, after my secret space program revelation, I was no longer welcome. 

I tell this story because it is instructive as to what is going on today and that the Deep State is desperate do not want the general public to find out and the host, which in my opinion, was desiring to keep her job was forced to play and eliminate all references to the secret space programs.  

I have listened with much chagrin to the recent revelations to regarding the so-called secret space program. Except for the article which detailed how 6.5 trillion dollars ended up in the space program, with all due respect, the other recent articles are not credible. My father worked with captured Nazi scientists and some of these scientists had advanced knowledge of space travel and related technology. When my father was terminal, in his last two years, he shared much of what he did and was a part of. For decades, I could not speak of this because my mother was living off his pensions and would have lost them if I had revealed what I was told. The details are in the video and the one thing I can say for certain is that WWIII will begin in space.   

My father told me that the CIA was in charge of a second space program that totally operated on its own authority. In other words, he did not feel that they answered to anybody. The following video, published on September 22, 2016, actually got me invited to my last appearance on Dalley's 10/1/16 show. 


Source Confirms Paul Preston's Fire Observation

I was recently speaking with a former source about the secret space program and we frequently joke, which one are we speaking about?  The source told me what Paul Preston has learned from his sources in the administration that the fires in California are coming from space based weapons. My source told me that this is the original Deep State, CIA controlled space program. Preston told me that Newsom is $85 billion in debt and the pending financial collapse in California will reveal Newsom's complicity in the fraud and money laundering schemes that began under former Governor Jerry Brown. The fires are being started because Newsom needs to the money from federal disaster relief funds to stay afloat and prevent public disclosure of his criminality in managing the state. People around Newsom are resigning because they do not want to go to prison. Laundering operations exist with the casinos and their business with China. This is why the casinos are open in California and churches and gyms are not. Preston says that the Trump administration is fully aware and is forumulating an action plan to deal with it. However, I am in the dark as to the specifics of the administration of this plan. 

This where the conflict becomes very interesting. Think of the Space Force as having two sides of what is supposed to be the same coin. The "dark force" controlled by CIA interestsand the international banking cartel are the ones starting these fires from space. The forces loyal to Trump want to take them out and are awaiting direction from Trump. In fact, the source I spoke with is chomping at the bit to take out their weapons-based relay systems.

I have held on to this story because I did not have confirmation from a second source. I believe that Paul Preston's anecdotal account and his sources are, in effect, confirming what I have been saying all along. As far back as 2016, I stated that any war or civil war would begin in space and this is confirmation of the information I received four years ago. 

It is very possible that the space-based Northern California fires will be the trigger event for a civil war. I am pre-recording an interview on later today.