The Harris-Biden Ticket Actively Supports Middle East Terrorist Groups Who Have Massacred American Citizens

harris and biden

I just completed a TV interview with Robert Griswold on The Common Sense and Robert made the astute observation that the left is now using “Holocaust language”. For example, Nancy Pelosi has referred to Trump supporters as “enemies of the state”. She is correct, you and I are indeed enemies of the state, the police state, to be exact. I specifically asked Robert Griswold if he expected a genocidal purge should the radical Left capture the Senate and the Presidency and he, unhesitatingly, answered in the affirmative, and I could not agree more.

As a former college basketball coach, I became reasonably adept at anticipating my opponent’s strategy that would be used against my team. In utilizing this same skill set and apply it to the enemy of the average America, as well as using historical lessons as a backdrop, it becomes relatively simple to anticipate the actions of the satanic-serving, Bolshevik left.

I would submit that with all the embeds in our country, millions to be exact, I would expect that a TET style offensive would be unleashed against America before the election. Therefore, especially in Democratic-run cities and states, I would expect that embedded terrorists will rear their ugly heads and begin a widespread swath of terrorism and assassinations. I expect the terrorist activities to be mostly located in places like Los Angles, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc. because the terrorists will only meet with limited local opposition from Democratic mayors and governors. How could I say such a thing? I would respond by telling one to take a good look at Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Louisville. The support for these groups reaches into the former Obama administration and that includes Joe Biden. Today, many Americans are concerned about the criminal activities of Joe and Hunter Biden and the mainstream and social media extreme censorship in an effort to conceal these illicit activities. However, I am more concerned with treason than “pay for play”.

Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris et al., have all supported terrorists and selected acts of terrorism. Feinstein, used Holocaust language when addressing SCOTUS nominee Amy Barrett, stated “your Christian dogma lies within you.” Please allow me to remind the readers that it was Diane Feinstein who had a driver for 20 years that turned out to be a communist spy. Kamala Harris has ties to a group that supports a Holocaust against Christians as evidenced by the following:

  •  The Harris-Biden ticket has definitively stated they will reinstate the the Iran nuclear deal known formally as the  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Trump condemned and rejected the Iranian nuclear arms deal which is tantamount to treason.
  • The Washington Free Beacon has published the fact that a deep friendship between Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Critics of CAIR have accused it of pursuing an pro-Islamist and decidedly anti-America agenda. According to the article, the group has deep ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, both of which are US identified terrorist organizations. CAIR was identified by the United States Justice Department as an “entity” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Harris supports Hamas and CAIR. After the San Bernardino (CA) massacre, Harris did not support the 16 dead victims and their families. Instead, she hosted an anti-Islamaphobic campaign when she was the California Attorney General. This is why Harris is widely hated in San Bernardino.
  • Only 4 months ago, CAIR participated in the Million Muslim Voter Summit which has subsequently endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden In other words, America, an organization with deep terrorist ties has endorsed the Harris-Biden ticket!
  • From Israel365 News:  The Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt, supported by Qatar and associated with the Islamic State (ISIS). It is designated as a terrorist organization by several nations….In the investigation into the 9/11 attacks, federal authorities began investigating the Holy Land Foundation, for Relief and Development, Hamas’s fundraising arm in the US. In 2007, HLF was found guilty of transferring millions of dollars to the Hamas and seven HLF members who were also part of CAIR were convicted on terrorism charges. 

There can be little question that both Harris and Biden support terrorsists and terrorism against America. If you doubt this statement, please reread the article and actually take the time to click on the hypertext links. This is clear and direct proof that the Democratic Party and their Presidential ticket supports Middle Eastern terrorism. This is treason of the highest degree. And America, we are just getting started. At the center of this plot against America, which will soon unleash a massive TET Offensive terror event, lies Obama and his associations are even more outrageous and this will be the topic of the next article on the CSS. Let's call this what it is, TREASON!!!