A Holocaust Survivor Is Having Flashbacks About Biden's Intention to Lock the Country Down for At Least a Year

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Holocaust Survivor Having Flashbacks About Biden's Intention to Lock the Country Down for At Least a Year

For millions of Americans, the loss of Donald Trump as President combined with having to settle for criminal perverts that are communists, taking over, will prove to be for millions like suffering a death in the family. 

One Holocaust survivor has weighed in on Biden-Harris and what it will mean to America. 

Her name is Vera and she survived the death camps, she's afraid she will not survive Joe Biden's coming house arrest of America. She accuses the left of making America like the nations we defeated in WW II in terms of surveillance, loss of civil liberties, etc. 

Is Vera right, will Biden-Harris become Hitler? Listen to what Vera says. The parallel between the Holocaust and the coming Second Wave lock down is not applicable. However, the psychological damage is identical when we compare covid lock down and the concentration camps! 

1. Hopelessness is the best predictor of suicide.

2. Without work, many Americans will lose purpose. Keeping in mind, the best predictor of death for a male, is retirement. People lose purpose, people lose hope and people become ill, very seriously ill. . 

3. Loneliness is a significant correlated predictor of cancer and/or heart disease

4. Millions of Americans are depressed over the loss of their country to the Bolshevik communists. Depression will be setting in with a multitude of health and traumatic psychological stress.

5. The universal psychological trait that we will see emerge for millions of Americans laboring under Biden-Harris will be post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. PTSD has its own spin-off health effects as well.

6. Comorbidity of psychological factors will emerge from universal cases of PTSD. There is more on what 's coming America's way in the following video. .  

Is there anything that can be done?

I was careful to make the disclaimer that the Holocaust analogy was primarily limited to psychological factors. However, there has never been a Bolshevik Revolution that was accompanied by a purge which killed millions of innocent people. Therefore, Vera will prove to be correct at the end of the day. Reservations for millions will become the order of the day. In the next article, it will be pointed that there is an increasing likelihood that our final resting place will lie north of the border as we collectively enjoy "Chinese takeout" in its final form.

Under a Harris administration, there are no limits placed on her ability to bring poverty, death and destruction to the American people. 

In summary, the election was stolen from Donald Trump and very few seem to care. 

  • America has been taken over by dedicated satanic, Christian-hating communists who view genocide as a valid political action. 
  • Amerika is an occupied nation and we conservatives are all prisoners of war awaiting final disposition. For millions of Amerikans, we are awaiting final disposition. 
  • Amerika was warned that Harris-Biden successfully stole the election, that millions of us were living on borrowed time.