How the Alt Media Uses Insider Sources to Bring the Public "The Truth"


Before jumping into this most serious topic which has very serious implications to national security and the welfare of tens of millions of average American citizens, I feel compelled to state that we have so many brave and selfless men and women who serve in our nation’s agencies and bureaucracies. Many that I encounter have repeatedly demonstrated that their word is their bond, they love their country and most are highly frustrated with the overwhelming Deep State corruption that permeates our government. One federal law enforcement agent recently told me “We know where the child sex trafficking factories are, we know where the major drug dealers are, we know where ISIS base camps are located, but we are prevented from doing our jobs... many of us do not trust anyone above a GS-15 in the government (Editor’s note: The implication is that these senior ranking officials are beholding to the communist ideals brought into government by the Obama commissars).

People like Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Paul Martin, Paul Preston, Mike Adams and myself, talk to many from the alphabet soup agencies on a routine basis. The previously mentioned alt media personalities are in a very unique position in that many of our agency contacts come to us for intelligence information. Please put your eyebrows down so I can explain. If I speak with a DEA agent, they know far more about their field duties than I could ever find out. However, it is not common for them to cross-pollinate intelligence information with other agencies unless the release is planned by senior level officials with an agenda. There are, of course, exceptions, but a DEA agent is not likely to know the intelligence information that I have been made privy to from someone in the FBI or ICE. Therefore, many of my conversations with agency personnel contains a mutual exchange of information. Therefore, the release of my information is typically more well-rounded than many and often serves to present a more well-rounded release of information. And please remember, most intelligence (estimated to be about 80%) information is open source. This means that if one knows where to look, one can find out what is not being truthfully reported in the NY Times or any other mainstream media outlet. The mainstream reporters are prevented from doing their jobs. This is why the material from the truthful media is far superior and more accurate than any mainstream media outlet.

One of the pitfalls to what I do is that there are deliberate attempts to penetrate my organization and try to gain my trust. Therefore, as Doug Hagmann and Paul Martin and I agree, that our inner circles of trust are very small out of necessity. There are frauds in our business, just as there are in any other business. There are also government agents from the Deep State that try to lead us astray with false information. If one is in this business long enough, and pays attention to detail, you can smell these phonies. I have turned the tables on them as I will take their low-level information as a starting point, which they always offer and then they try and lead the alt media astray with subsequent details. I have taken the low-level information and used it as a springboard of discovery and the disinfo agent does not even know that I know what they are up to. In other words, I am pretty good at turning the tables and turning their chicken poop into chicken salad.

The reason for these discourse on how I do my job is important because I want the public, who depends on our information as the only true source of information to understand the process behind some of the major revelations that will becoming out of The Common Sense Show. Stay tuned many important revelations are soon going to be appearing on this site.