How Biden Will Use Technocracy to Destroy What Is Left of America-Patrick Wood and Dave Hodges

glag burning

Today the nation is passing the torch to Joe Biden. Unfortunately, we already know that Joe Biden will use this torch to burn America down. His treasonous associations with Communist China provide ample proof of this statement.

Most Biden-Harris critics believe that Biden’s allegiance to state-sanctioned high taxes, disdain for Constitutional liberties, especially private property rights and climate change will lead to the burning down of traditional American values that we have come to appreciate.

Biden and his type embody the despotic characteristics of fascism, communism, socialism, aristocracy and the dangers of rule by the corporations. He is guilty on all accounts as are his liberal colleagues. Communism and social espouse the worst economic features of wealth redistribution.

Presently the Federal Reserve and its many Chinese investors own over 33% of all mortgages in America and when the rent/mortgage moratoriums end one day soon, they will own over 3/4ths of all American property which represents the rise of an aristocracy. The recent lockdowns have destroyed small business, but the “essential policies” of the lockdowns have enriched the corporate elite to record levels. This is establishing the rule by corporate entities in a “Rollerball” style corporatocracy which has been ushered in under the guise of the so-called pandemic.

Biden’s administration will be characterized by ALL of these features. However, these elements will fall under the umbrella of technocracy.

I recently interviewed Patrick Wood about what is coming from Biden’s world of technocracy and it is nothing short of frightening.

Click this link to listen to this very important interview.