How Do You Fight Tyranny?


 By: Liberty Lady

By being smart. By staying several moves ahead of the tyrants. What do I mean by that? Well, one example would be not selling your land to the Chinese or Bill Gates. Or any of the Globalists. It is possible that the people who approach these land owners were only representing these Elites. I'm sure Gates didn't knock on some farmer's door and offer him a lot of money for his acres. But, I would make an effort to find out the background of anyone trying to buy me out, if I didn't know them. You can find most people on the Internet. I would at least make an attempt to find out who these front men represented before signing over my property.

Maybe it helps that I'm a born skeptic. But, when somethings sounds too good to be true, I am instantly suspicious. I would hope that these land owners weren't blinded by the glitter of gold. Because that is exactly what they would have to pay me, after I tested the bars to be sure they weren't gold-plated tungsten. Like I said, skeptic. You can bet these Elite and the Chinese aren't buying this land up for any good reason or for our benefit. But then, I don't believe people should be able to do more than rent or lease property in anything but their own country to begin with.

And then there's our faux government. All over this country, the government is using their power to crush the spirit of patriotic Americans. They will be coming after conservatives, Christians, Trump Supporters. But though it may look bad for a while, they will not win.

Remember the examples of Gandhi and MLK. Peaceful resistance, Civil Disobedience. If enough of us refuse to live in fear, refuse to play their game, we will win. Get the movie "Gandhi and study what he did. Watch clips from the 60's of MLK's peace marches and sit ins. Do your best to emulate them. I would include several books by David Icke as well.