How Does it Feel to Live in This 'Newfound' Communist Country?


  By Gary D. Barnett   


Let us forget about any alleged "Constitutional Republic," or any democracy, Fascist, Socialist, or any other evident political leanings in the U.S., and just concentrate on reality. The United States today is based more on a Communist society than any other single political system or ideology; so much so as to now follow almost to the letter, the entirety of the ten planks of Communism.  To argue against this certainty, is not only short-sided, but fails to meet any test of accuracy whatsoever. To accept this may be difficult for those living in an imagined dream world called 'the land of the free,' but once accepted and acknowledged, a move forward becomes possible. In order to grow and prosper, one must accept truth and reality, and face it, or forever live and die in chains.

The control measures put into place over the past two- and-a-half years have been telling in one sense and tyrannical in another. Telling, in that the voluntary compliance by the masses was almost universal, indicating that the test of obedience due to fake ‘viruses’ designed by the state was successful, as most all did as they were told. Of course, the results of this were completely tyrannical, as extensive damage was done due to lockdowns, loss of the ability to support self and family, psychological torture, depression, suicide, poisonous injections, abandonment of family, masks, ‘distancing,’ and immune system destruction. Due to these plotted outcomes, extreme sickness was evident, which only helped the evil state in its efforts to promote fear and hate. The fact that this was designed and not accidental was totally lost on most, as they acquiesced to state terror willingly, acting as a collective herd of sheep awaiting slaughter.

While most all in this country would balk at any suggestion that Communism was not only present, but the leading ideology of this governing system, that is exactly what has taken place over time, and now resides as the mainstay of this push toward global power and control. The U.S. leads in this carnage due to its status in this world, and the completely false belief by the citizenry that this is the freest and most ‘democratic,’ and ‘exceptional’ country on earth. It is certainly not anything of the kind. The gradual metamorphosis from what was falsely considered true freedom to a near outright Communist state, was able to remain hidden from most due to massive propaganda, gullibility, gross nationalism, and the notion that it could never happen here.

Communism as described by many, while falsely presented as “for the benefit of the people,” is a system based on lies, propaganda, and total control over all conditions of life, from a top-down structure where the state claims total power. This structure fits in perfectly with a technocratically-run state, as only the few retain power over the masses, and through technological means, are able to control all movement, monetary policies, supply and demand of energy and food, surveillance, and access or not to life sustaining necessities. This system will also likely address and demand the implementation of tracking and tracing of all human activity through facial recognition, passports, chips, monitoring and control of most all spending, and also the constant monitoring of day-to-day activities. This is of course, contingent on this population continuing to allow its own takeover by the oppressive state.

Communism is not the single ideology of this country, as aspects of socialism, blind democracy, and extreme fascism are present, among others as well, but consider that the  ten planks of Communism are already either fully in place, or are being put into place today. A brief overview of the planks will bear out the existence of a Communist state of affairs in America.