How Hillary Will Become President As America's Nighmare Is About to Get A Lot Worse


Regime change is in the air. Biden is about to leave office and the path will be paved for Hillary to assume her life-long goal, the ascension to the Presidency of the United States. This story is about how this will happen. Make no mistake about it. Hillary will be taking over at a time when WW III is a possibility and so is civil war. She will wage war on the American people. 

Let’s take a preliminary look at what the ruling class must have in place before they wage purposeful war on its own people.

  1. Corporate support for the government. The major box stores and Wall Street are on board with the woke agenda and the present redistribution of wealth because they are benefitting from it. they are awaiting leadership that make this happen.
  2. The media must provide the justification for very hostile behavior and the level of hostility that is coming which is needed to subjugate the opposition.
  3. Basic and overwhelming control of the military. I recently interviewed Jamie Walden and he recounted a discussion he had with Col. Oliver North in which he said that most of the senior military leadership has been bought off by the Chinese and willing to accept the defeat of the United States by outside forces (eg China). Further, a narrative is being created that Trump supporters will create a deadly insurrection in 2024 when Trump is defeated. I have been told by two sources that the Generals who promoted this false agenda in Newsweek Magazine are all on the take from Communist China. They also require leadership to move forward their treason that Biden/Harris cannot provide.
  4. As I alluded to before, I indicated that a regime change must first take place before this administration, controlled largely by Obama and Susan Rice, can begin the dissident roundups and gun confiscations that every Communist regime engages in. It is not a matter of if a regime change is coming, but when and how will it happen? Look at the information chart I have created :

Biden Is Removed by the 25th Amendment

The Advantages:

  1. The coup would be bloodless
  2. This sets the stage for more draconian leadership to lead the country which would be needed if the ultimate intent is civil war.

The Disadvantages

  1. If Biden must be removed through the relatively peaceful 25th Amendment the Democratic Party would be roundly criticized for running Biden in the first place. If he has dementia now, he had dementia a year ago. This would create a large shadow of doubt over the Democrats ability to select a viable and durable candidate. This would impair anyone the Democrats would select for the 2024 campaign and it will not under any circumstance be Kamala Harris.

For the record, it is important to state that I oppose any and all Presidential assassinations. First, it violates my Christian beliefs. Second, such an act disenfranchises the voting public. Third, no Presidential assassination ever improved a country. However, and the reader will see below, I have strong reason to believe that Biden will not leave office alive because the Deep State/Democratic Party have no hesitation of using violence to achieve their goals, simply look at the last 11 months.

The Advantages Associated with a Deep State Planned Assassination of Joe Biden

  1. The Democrats will be the beneficiary of sympathy. When JFK was assassinated in 1963, his main agenda, civil rights, was stalled. Biden’s infrastructure, voting bill and climate change policies are similarly stalled. When JFK was the sympathy vote pushed through his civil rights agenda with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In the even of Biden’s untimely demise his New World Order programs might pass along the same lines.
  2. There is also great mileage to be had from an assassination. Trump supporters could be framed. This would open up justification for gun confiscation. Roundups would occur. One might wonder how wide the roundups would go? If one looks at the behavior of Pelosi and the Jan 6 Commission, they are subpoenaing phone records for people who were not even in DC on that date. I would expect the administration would use this potential event to go after dissidents they wanted removed from society. Yes, the round ups would begin. Vocal opposition could be eliminated and the birth of the American concentration camps would begin. I would also expect door-to-door gun confiscations. This violent approach would ensure a 2022 and/or 2024 victory for the Democrats.

What About Kamala's Removal?

Kamala Harris will not be allowed to become the permanent replacement President for two reasons:

  1. She alienates everyone around her. Her leadership would be so schizophrenic that Biden’s stalled legislation would not likely pass.
  2. She does not have the intelligence or executive leadership capacity to carry out the direction the Deep State’s path of destruction for America’s future.

The Scenario for the Ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency

  1. Biden leaves office and Harris is sworn in. There will be little opposition because of the sympathy card.
  2. The shocked Senate would approve the appointment of Hillary Clinton to the Vice-President. I should mention a caveat here…Some think that the new VP will be Michelle Obama. However, I am not in agreement with this line of thinking. Hillary has recently resurfaced as the media portrays her in a softer light. Below is a display of Hillary’s extreme narcissism as she tearfully reads from what was to be her 2016 Presidential acceptance speech. I don’t recommend watching this video on a fully stomach. Meet your next President...

The Removal of Kamala

How will Kamala leave office? She has more skeletons than a haunted house on Halloween. In a previous article, I established, as did the Gateway Pundit, a relationship with Smollett. As previously stated, the Obamas and Smollett were close. Kamala was allegedly used to help coordinate the hoax racial/gay attack by working with the Nigerians. There are many that believe that at the right time, the Nigerians will roll over on Kamala, in secret, to obtain a lighter sentence. This would be done all behind the scenes. Kamala will resign for a bogus reason and Hillary becomes President and America’s nightmare is just beginning.

It should be noted that the leveraging of the Nigerians to force a Kamala resignation is a hot story right now. However, the Deep State, because of Kamala’s past criminality, many avenues that can be used to force her resignation. For example, when she was the Alameda County DA, she ran interference for the local Catholic officials who were abusing young boys. She even went as far, to block open records access to the media on the topic.

In summary, this is the most likely path for the ascension of Hillary to the Presidency. What would a Hillary Presidency look like, that will be the subject of an upcoming article. However, I am going play a telling interview I had with Doug Thornton, ex DEA official and now present talk show host on Global Star Radio Network with his new show, American Vindicta. In the interview, Doug and myself paint the unwavering picture that an American Civil War is close at hand. Some will not like this, but I am encouraging everyone to pray for Biden's safety. We can remove him from office using legitmate means and I don't think it is wise to lower ourselves to the Bolshvik Communists who have taken over the country




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