It May Be Too Late for America but Individual Salvation Is Still Possible- Steve Quayle


Steve Quayle recently interviewed on the CSS TV about the following topics (note: the interview is available toward the end of the article)

The globalists are winning on every front. Our pastors are compromised, the MSM and social media are controlled, business and banking are controlled, our leaders have forsaken the people and many of you reading these words will not be around to see how this ends. However, there is still hope...for those that heed the warning and take the appropriate action. 

The freedom fighters of America are on their own with no visible means of support from anyone in a position of power. And despite the fact that the Globalists are controlling every aspect of America with all of their perversions, illegal mandates, purposeful economic destruction of the United States and unconstitutional lockdowns, America may be “woke” but we have not yet awakened. That day is quickly coming and it is only due to the fact that we will not be given a choice. All conservatives are being placed on what Sun Tzu called “death’s ground” where we will be forced to fight or lay down and die.  There is one thing that you can be certain of and that is the reality that there is a purge coming and it is already underway and the Biden administration is not even hiding their intent to declare all who oppose their regime will be declared domestic terrorists and hauled off for final disposition.  Along these lines, Steve had much to say about the trucker convoy to DC.




Steve's prediction regarding the trucker convoy is covered extensively in the interview you can link to at the bottom of the article.

Make no mistake about it America, we are losing, but we are awaiting reinforcements. Unfortunately, the reinforcements arrival is as of yet, unannounced, as we do not yet know the hour of the day that the Lord Jesus will return and set things right. Therefore, my fellow Americans, we, the honorable and good people of this country, have been relegated to guerilla warfare where it is a victory to survive and fight another day in the name of liberty and and the glorification of Jesus.

It may be too late for America to survive, but individual salvation is stil possible for American citizens. In the following TV interview, Steve Quayle develops the belief that our only true option is to turn to Jesus and the examples he provides are irrefutable with regard to proving this point. 

The interview with Steve Quayle can be seen by clicking this link.


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