It Is Time to Paralyze the Criminal Biden Adminstration with Civil and Criminal Lawsuits

constitution burning

In the upcoming weeks, The Common Sense Show is going to partnering with former judges, lawyers and paralegals in an attempt to paralyze the criminal and communist Biden administration with law suits. With regard to this endeavor, we are going to be raising money because people cannot afford $350 to $500 per hour to get the legal representation they need in order to seek justice against the Biden crime family and their globalist associates (eg Obama and Susan Rice).

The areas of legal vulnerability stem from a variety of areas:

  1. There are significant 14th Amendment issues related to the mandated jab. The Biden cabal has exempted Congress and Federal judges, as well as their families from the mandatory vaccine. These are the very people that will make an unconstitutional ruling, or create unconstitutional legislation to preserve the illegal mandates. The 14th Amendment comes into play at the borders. Soon, we will have close to 2 million illegal aliens that have crossed the former border between Mexico and the United States. Not one of them is mandated to be covid tested or take the jab. If we are to believe the propaganda from the Marxist-stream-media, covid is deadly and if everyone is not vaccinated, bodies will be piling up in the street. If this were true, then why isn’t the jab being mandated. This is another issue for court.
  2. Biden, Blinken and Austin should be sued for wrongful death for the 13 military personnel killed at the Kabul airport. I keep running into military personnel who tell me that hovering US aircraft detected explosives on the suicide bombers as they approached the soldiers and Austin refused to give permission to fire upon the suicide bombers. If true, Austin joins Milley and Biden as traitors to the Republic.
  3. When Biden signs the UN gun registration treaty, he should be sued for violating the treaty provisions of the United States Constitution which demands that the Senate must approve all treaties by a 2/3 majority vote.
  4. Biden left over 1,000 American citizens behind enemy lines. Under the law this is depraved indifference and law suits for each American needs to filed. This is also ground for impeachment but we know the corrupt and worthless RINOS will do nothing because they benefit from this corrupt system. This is why I am advocating for an anti-incumbent movement.
  5. As audit results become public beginning this week, an ex-parte lawsuit needs to be filed on behalf of 80 million disenfranchised voters.
  6. Citizen Grand Juries need to be convened to investigate Biden’s conduct in Afghanistan.
  1. Abandonment of American citizens in Afghanistan.
  2. Conspiring to leave $90 million in high tech military equipment in Afghanistan to be recovered by China.
  1. A Citizen Grand Jury needs to be convened to investigate DOJ officials for obstruction of justice and failure to carry out their fiduciary and Constitutionally mandated duties in prosecuting Hunter Biden for treason.
  2. Lawsuits need to be levied against Biden for illegal Executive Orders which terminated the Keystone Pipeline and other energy projects which turned America into an energy dependent nation. Biden’s actions illegally interfered with binding contracts to the detriment of the public interest.
  3. A Citizen Grand Jury needs to investigate and indict General Milley for conduct unbecoming an officer, treason, insubordination and creating a coup against a sitting President.
  4. Sue the Biden administration for election fraud and effect a change of rule through the legal application of the Insurrection Act. This, of course, will require the cooperation of the majority of the military. 
  5. Sue all County Clerks for breaking election laws related to illegal ballot procedures, both criminally and in civil court. 
  6. We need to move to declare China an enemy of the United States. Any politician or administrative official which has business relationships with China must immediately be terminate or they will be prosecuted for violations under Trading with the Enemies Act.

This is just the beginning. We have 23 issues that need to be adjudicated. I am a pragmatist. The United States, in its former condition as a Constitutional Republic may be permanently lost. However, we must paralyze the efforts of this administration in turning this country into a communist nation.

The resistance against this Satanically inspired tyranny is just beginning. I want to be clear on this point. This is a spiritual war more than it is a physical or legal struggle. There is no middle ground. Either you repent and swear an allegiance to the Lord and Savior Jesus, or you are a member of Satan’s army. There is no middle ground.

If legal remedies are not successful, universal civil disobedience is next all in the name of Jesus. Salvation of the soul is the primary goal, not the restoration of the Republic. A nation that embraces a spirit of repenting for previous sins against God, may win back God's favor and the judgment that has come upon this nation may be lifted. If the United States is to be save, it will not because we vote for the right candidate, it will be because of a supernatural intervention from the Lord because this nation has repented. The odds are long, however, it is not wise to place limits upon the Lord.