JOE MUST GO-The American People Lost All Trust in Biden Due to His Connections with China - The Spy Balloon Proved It


 By Joe Hoft

The Biden family has multiple material issues with China.  Due to their many conflicts, it's time for Joe to go. 

This week's China spy balloon tragedy embedded all of America's concerns with the Biden Administration and China.  Based on this week's actions alone, Joe Biden cannot be trusted when it concerns China.

Joe Biden is compromised by China.  His son Hunter is a big part of this.  Hunter and Joe are connected to China money from when Joe was Obama's Vice President.

The Chinese sent Hunter a 3-carrot diamond ring in appreciation of his works.  Numerous wire transfers connect Hunter with China as we reported on November 2, 2020, the day before the 2020 Election.

We know Joe is compromised by China.  His policies ALL help China and hurt the US.  It’s as if he is doing whatever China tells Joe to do.  This is embarrassing but more so it is frightening.  

Never before in US history has a person in the White House been more compromised by a foreign entity.

This week’s actions related to China show the extent of Biden being compromised by China.

Here is a list of his concerning actions and statements that allowed China to spy on the US. 

1. China sent a spy balloon over the United States.  We don’t know what information China was after but this was a serious act that many could define as an act of war.  After dropping COVID on the world with no consequences, the risks with this balloon were extremely serious and Biden allowed the spy balloon to continue across the country uninhibited.