I was told by a staffer of a prominent politiican, requesting anonmyity, at the time, that the controllers of the Democratic Party and the Republic establishment targeted (1) Herschel Walker because they felt at the time that Georgia could determine control of the senate and (2) they did not a female Ron Desantis to emerge. Maricopa County establishment Republicans led by Chairman Bill Gates led the charge against all America First candidates including Kari Lake. 

Trump  re-tweeted a screenshot of a Lake tweet accusing Maricopa County election officials suspicious lack of impartiality  

An additional Truth post featuring an image of Lake declaring, “KARI LAKE WON,” left no doubt as to Trump’s sentiments regarding the race.

Kari Lake was defeated by the Maricopa County Clerk and Recorder, ballot drop boxes, failed voting tabulating machines in Republican neighborhoods, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who should have recused herself for conflict of interest and most of all, Kari Lake was defeated by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Aren't they mostly Republican, you may ask?  Bill Gates (Chairman) and friends are establishment Republicans and they along with Mitch McConnell and Kevin MCarthy are dedicated to purging MAGA politicians. Arizona has become California!