Led By AZ Governor Doug Ducey, the Republican Governors Association is Committing Treason Against the People of the United States


America is an occupied country. Arizona, in particular is under the direct control, through the Arizona's governor's office, of Communist China. The actions of the Governor, Doug Ducey, have put not only his state at risk, but he is threatening the viability of resources and undermining national defense. 

Doug Ducey drew the ire of President Donald Trump when he certified his state’s fraud-riddled election results on Nov. 30. The governor may be no friend of the president, but he is most assuredly considered a pal by China. Ducey has been listed as a “friendly” in a Chinese think tank’s ranking of all 50 governors’ attitudes toward China.

In Arizona, the state has a huge water shortage. However that did not stop Governor Doug Ducey from giveing away part of our water rights to Chinea. (AZ Governor) Doug Ducey is keen on selling our nation’s precious water resources to the thirsty Asian giant as well. The more one kicks over this rock, the worse it gets. In 2015 Ducey heralded the opening of an Arizona branch office for Aviage Systems, a joint venture aviation firm between General Electric and Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) of China. This was to be Aviage’s first branch located inside the U.S. From an Arizona Commerce Authority release celebrating the occasion:

“I am thrilled to welcome AVIAGE SYSTEMS to Arizona as it makes its first U.S. expansion that will be key to supporting the company’s global growth plans. It’s a partnership that makes sense for many reasons: Arizona ranks as one of the United States’ largest employment areas in aviation and aerospace systems manufacturing,” Governor Doug Ducey said. “We are looking forward to continuing to grow this key sector of our economy, and to helping AVIAGE SYSTEMS grow right alongside us.”

AVIC is controlled by the communist Chinese military. President Trump “is close to issuing a list of 89 Chinese aerospace and other companies that would be unable to access U.S. technology exports due to their military ties,” Reuters reported in November. AVIC would top such a list.

The plot thickens as Bloomberg reports:

“AVIC is a state-owned conglomerate with 100-plus subsidiaries and more than 450,000 employees. The Trump administration in June put AVIC on a list of companies it said were controlled or owned by China’s People’s Liberation Army. The firm also runs a civilian business that makes airliners and private jets — some built with parts made by joint ventures with American companies.”

An October article in Stars and Stripes chillingly details how AVIC is building China’s war machine:

China put on a spectacular military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule last year, and President Xi Jinping wasn’t the only star of that show.

As Xi and other leaders watched from a Tiananmen Square grandstand, a squadron of fighter jets, attack helicopters, troop transports and surveillance planes roared overhead in a display orchestrated to impress TV viewers at home and warn potential aggressors abroad. The company that made those aircraft: Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC), a state-owned conglomerate with 100-plus subsidiaries and 450,000-plus employees — more than Boeing Co. and Airbus SE combined.

This places Arizona in the position of helping China edge closer to parity with America on military technology. “Works in progress, according to Chinese state media, include a stealth fighter and a seaplane that would be the world’s largest amphibious aircraft,” Stars and Stripes reports. “There is still a gap between where AVIC is and where the U.S. is, but AVIC has been able to slowly narrow that gap,” Tai Ming Cheung, a professor at the University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, told the U.S. military newspaper.

Does this make Doug Ducey a traitor to the United States? This author thinks so! This also explains why Ducey refused to do the following: (1) deny the request of the Arizona legislature to call a special session to deal with the state's obvious voter fraud; (2) not support the subpoena from the Arizona State Senate, delivered to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to forensically review the suspect Dominion voting machines used in Maricopa County. Now that the election is far behind and settled, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have agreed to let the machines be inspected. This gave the County Commissioners weeks to scrub the machines of any evidence of fraud; and, (3) Ducey refused to let the Arizona Legislature convene until January 13th, one week after the voting results are verified by Congress on January 6th.

Ducey is now in a primary position to deal with the CHICOMS.As Pompeo stated, "China is poisoning the well of higher education in America. Ducey has actively recruited CHICOM interests to Arizona's universities. Given the fact that Arizona State University is at the cutting edge of space based technology, this constitutes yet another security breach by Ducey. But don't worry, the President of Arizona State University, Michael Crow, is a former member of the CIA, so there is plenty of treason to go around. 

Vaccines, vaccines, did anyone say vaccines? Yes, Ducey, in a blatant conflict of interest sits on the Board of T-GEN. We know that T-GEN has interests in the vaccine. We know that those interests, just like the Dominion voting machines, has CHICOM interests. Trump was against mandatory vaccinations for the Coronavirus. Ducey is the doing the bidding of his masters by certifying fake voting results which defeated Trump, in favor of his CHICOM interests. 

The Epoch Times has documented how the face of the CCP actively interfaces with the Republican Governors Association. I just watched a documentary, which interviewed several top military brass which explained how the US has changed its military training protocols to fight the CHICOMS. Could the treason of Doug Ducey and Republican Governors be anymore blatant?? America has been conquered at every level.  

Ducey has just been named the new Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Not all the politicians are on board with Ducey's participation in voter fraud and the betrayal of America's national interests. The Republican party of Arizona has voted to censure Doug Ducey. At least there is one ounce of integrity left in my home state of Arizona.