Most Americans only care about organized crime when they feel the violence will spill over to their community and endanger themselves and families. If this is criteria for heightened activities, then Xanax should be on every apathetic American’s medicine list. And what about Fentanyl? This drug kills 100,000 Americans on an annual basis! The drug comes from China and the drug mostly kills young adult, American males of fighting age (ie 20's and 30's). The drug is transported a Biden-sponsored open border into the United States by Chinese subordinates (ie Cartel members) and this act of war on America is openly supported by DHS head, Mayorkas, and President Biden. This is treason of the highest order! See the video below! Beheadings and the killing of uncooperative citizens, truth-telling journalists and treasonous politicians on the take from China (eg Senator Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and the governors of Texas, Georgia, Minnesota California, Arizona, New York, Illinois and cast of dozens. The Breger Report highlighted hundreds of politicians, law enforcement and judges that receive money laundering profits to control elections and commerce in the areas of drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, weapons sales and election fraud.

You will never see a successful court case involving voter fraud because the 'crooked' CARTEL-PAID-OFF JUDGES get assigned the cases. The Breger Report, authored by attorney John Thaler, who has done RICO cases for the US government, highlights these activities and more in a document containing 120,000 pages and over 20,000 notarized and legal statements which could be punished under perjury laws for any falsified statements. Yet, the media, particularily in places like Arizona, bash Thaler as a fringe and lunatic attorney who should be removed from practicing law! The leftist media never prints the fact that this is the one man who is qualified to investigate what he has investigated. In short, in 26 states, the Breger Report demonstrates that the USA has been taken over by communist-motivated politicans working on behalf George Soros, the Chinese and their cartel subordinates. Profits from child-sex-trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering from real estate and the two aforementioned ventures are used to control politicians. The problem, in Arizona, is so bad it would be easier to find a virgin in a whote house than an honest government official in Maricopa County and the State Legislature! In the paragraphs below, and the video that follows educates anyone who is willing to open their minds and conscience about how far this betrayal has progressed as a brief and recent overview is presented. 

As It Is Above, It Is Below

As we are seeing play out in Congress, the Biden family is owned by China and the corrupt Zelensky government. Biden, Obama, and a cast of hundreds of politicians and corporate CEO's have betrayed their country and it is only going to get worse! In over half of the American states, the corruption dominates politics and business. The statel, local and federal governments are quickly becoming serfdom to China and a criminal enterprise to organized crime!

Coming to Your Town

Pablo Escobar popularized the idea of widespread murder, where nobody was off limits to assassination. Politicians, police, military, judges, businessmen, journalists and anyone else who got in the way, ran the risk of falling victim to the Medellin Cartel.

In the interest of brevity, here is a short list of politicians murdered by the Escobar cartel. This will be followed with some brief, but important statistics, regarding violence, toward politicians, journalists and politicians in the Sinoloa Cartel, which is the most active cartel acting with impunity inside the United States. This will be followed by a brief section on MS-13 the hitmen for the Sinoloa Cartel which has a massive presence in the United States. And then finally, this article will take a brief view of the recent, and perhaps not so coincidental murders of two recent US State Senators in Arkansas and Oklahoma. It is clear that these were cartel hits and we are just seeing the beginning. 

America is being transformed into a narco-terrorist state where nobody (eg politicians, journalists and average citizens) are not safe.

Politicians Murdered by the Medellin Drug Cartel: Relevant History that Americans Should Be Made Aware Of!

Luis Vasco and Gilberto Hernandez, two DAS agents who had arrested Pablo Escobar in 1976, were included in the earliest assassinations of authority figures by the cartel. This was an assassination designed to cover up the fact that Escobar had a criminal element as he was elected to the Columbian Congress.

Also part of exposing the Escobar Cartel, was Rodrigo Lara, who disgraced Escobar in congress. Lara, who was the Minister of Justice. Lara was assassinated on a Bogotá highway on April 30, 1984, as he was fleeing the country after he publicly revealed that newly elected, Pablo Escobar, had a long criminal history and had actually been arrested. As Lara was driving in his motorcade to the airport, two gunmen riding a motorcycle approached his vehicle in traffic and executed him with automatic weapons.

Tulio Manuel Castro Gil, a Columbian Superior Judge, was killed in July 1985, shortly after indicting Escobar.

Carlos Ernesto Valencia, a Superior Judge, was murdered after indicting Escobar on the death of Guillermo Cano, in August 1989.

Luis Carlos Galan, was a presidential candidate, but never made it to the election as he was killed by gunmen during a rally in Soacha in August 1989.

Carlos Mauro Hoyos, the Columbian Attorney General, was kidnapped then killed by gunmen in Medellín in January 1988.

This is only the short list and does not include the thousands of police offices, military personnel, reporters, etc., that were victims of the widespread violence.

When a country imports or otherwise embraces this kind of criminality, the society quickly turns deadly. This is what is crossing our border everyday into America. Soon these political positions will be the same in the US. Only the names will change.

The Sinoloa Cartel and Murder INC.

The cartel is at the forefront of murder in Mexico. However, they use the hitmen from the MS-13 terrorist group to carryout these acts.

Tijuana is in the midst of its worst series of murder as a whopping 2,500+ recorded killings last year which was largely fueled by a surge in the local demand for illicit methamphetamine drugs.

A recently released report by the Mexican National Commision for Human Rights (CNDH) has revealed that between 2000 and March 2018, 138 journalists have been murdered in Mexico, 14 of those are women. The report, which was released as a part of the "With Violence There Is No Freedom of Speech," detailed the challenges faced by journalist and media workers in that country. The journalists heads are cut off and publicly displayed!

According to the report, the profession of journalism is "high risk in Mexico, and that negatively impacts the public's right to be adequately informed on national issues. We are just seeing the beginning of this in America.

Mexico experienced a record number of murders for the second year in a row in 2018, which accounted for 33% more killings than in calendar year 2017 according to Reuters reports. And since that time, the rate has increased at about 10% per year!

Mexican authorities opened 33,341 murder investigaions in 2018, the highest number ever, the country’s Interior Ministry reported. The figure outpaced even previous recordsl of over 25,000, which was then the highest number since the record began in 1997. Everyone was shocked, but the problem is now so pervasive, the public barely pays attention to that today because it is so common place! 

In 2016, there was many as 10,000 members in 46 states, the MS-13 gang has expanded beyond its initial and local roots. Members are accused of crimes ranging from kidnapping and murder to drug smuggling and human trafficking.. My Border Patrol sources tell me that these numbers have more than doubled since December of 2016. THESE NUMBERS HAVE EXPLODED IN THE LAST SEVEN YEARS. HOWEVER, DHS AND THE FBI DO THEIR VERY BEST TO OBFUSCATE THE TRUE STATISTICS WITH THE HOPE OF NOT ALARMING AN IGNORANT AMERICAN PUBLIC!

Again, we are on the cusp of this happening to America on a daily basis (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW)


As we unravel the unsolved shooting deaths of two US state senators, in Arkansas and Oklahoma, it is hard to believe that cartel violence is not here already and are carrying out there acts of violence against public figures. The Breger Report puts an exclamation on this point! America, through illegal immigration is becoming  transformed into a cartel ridden bastion of murder. If only % of all migrants are associated with organized crime, America is dealing with a fundamental problem that will destroy this country's culture, justice system, national safety and national security, not to mention the economy! 

Please do some research on this statement: Former Arizona State Representative, Liz Harris, and John Thaler are lucky to still have their heads attached to their bodies! They have both been repeatedly threatened!