The Maricopa County Audit Has Exposed How the Left Stole the Election! BREAKING NEWS!


America is desperately in need of a rallying cry to bring the people together who will resist this tyranny that will ultimately result in the destruction of the country and in the deaths of tens of millions of Americans. This should be the watershed event that ultimately puts millions of Americans on the street.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli

Over a month ago, the CSS maintained that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were guilty of aiding and abetting voter fraud as they stated “this was the most fair and free election ever! And as Sheriff Richard Mack stated on my radio show, “Why are the Supervisors acting as if they are guilty?”

Enter State Senator, Sonny Borrelli who also is stating that the Maricopa County Supervisors are acting guilty. On a radio broadcast (see below), Borrelli stated voter registration data from Maricopa County was hacked. Coverup artist, the recently elected Maricopa County Recorder authored a letter to the public stating no personal data was breached, only voter registration material. Nobody will ever accuse Richer of being bright. Hacking voter registration data, just before the election allows corrupt election officials and their designees, to create fake ballots and enter them into the system. Is there any reason to believe that this happened? Borrelli says, “Yes!” As Borrelli stated, the  manufactured ballots, resulting from the voter registration hack can allow the entry of fake ballots for nonexistent fake voters living at the corner of walk and don’t walk! I published the same information, obtained from a confidential source several weeks ago.

Borrelli and others have stated that Dominion officials were given an exclusive and private room during the elections. According to Borrelli, the Dominion officials had their laptops. There is no way, under these circumstances that Dominion officials would not have had internet access and could have created/changed ballots. However, nobody wants to investigate. As Borrelli strongly implies that this is an election crime. Here is the Borrelli interview:

Who should investigate an election crime? It would be the Sheriff. Despite not being an election official, Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, publicly stated that the audit was somehow invalid. Speaking of the Sheriff. It is both state and federal law that election codes are to be controlled by on site election officials. The codes have been court ordered to be released to the audit team. I reported several weeks ago that based on the information that I received, the Supervisors could not surrender what they never had. So, where were the codes. As the Supervisors were being pressed by audit officials to surrender the codes, the Supervisors invented a tale of the century.  The Supervisors stated that they had given the codes to the Sheriff for safekeeping. This violates state law as previously stated. Further, Penzone is aware of the court ruling to surrender this material and he has failed to comply. Penzone is an officer of the court and as such is duty bound and legally required to surrender the codes to the audit team. He refuses! The Sheriff should be arrested for obstructing an investigation and failing to comply with a court order. Don’t look for help from Sheriff Penzone. Multiple sources say that George Soros funnelled $2 million dollars into the Sheriff’s election. Unfortunately, there is a no law and order in Maricopa County

Attempted Assassination of State Senate President, Karen Fann?

Fann asked supervisors to come before senate to answer questions about the anomalies connected to the election. The Supervisors refused to speak with Fann. Shortly after that a container with unknown and mysterious white powder was sent to Fann.

As I previously reported SEVERAL of my colleagues in the media were sent messages demanding that my colleagues disavow my work. One person was told “If you keep following Hodges, he is going to get you killed.”  All of these unsolicited attack upon me, were all related to the audit and what I was publishing. I am under aerial surveillance with craft that lift cell phone communications and read text messages. Tracking and data implanting are also part of the capabilities. Go to this link and eliminate "live flight" and keep going through the progression. I live in a rural area NW of Surprise, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. The flight lines you will find circle around the area that Iive in. 

The audit is also under the same surveillance. I was sent a map of the aerial surveillance. The map disappeared from computer and is not obtainable. However, I do have this communication that was sent to me.

Monkeywerx found a plane that is spying on the audit! He has two weeks worth of data. During the time that the audit was suspended, this plane did not fly, first day of restarting, bang its back and following the same pattern! Call sign: N620FB it’s a PC 12/47E and is owned by Phoenix Police Department. It has a dirt box and stingray on it. It can not only capture data from up to 20 miles away, but it can communicate the data in real time! It also has the ability to PLANT data. It was up for a couple hours on 5/25 2:30 CT at 8,634 feet.


There are no free elections. Whatabout the participating Republicans? Anyone is for sale and guaranteed victories from corrupt elections is a powerful inducement to allow cheating!  When HR 1 passes, it will solidify the fact that the Bolshevik wing of the Democratic Party will forever steal elections and in effect, we are under a communist dictatorship! Isn't it time the people rose up and did something