Massive Food Riots, Civil War and WW III Are Near! The Doug and Dave Intel Report

civil war

This edition of the The Doug and Dave Intel Report, broadcast on The Common Sense Show, focused on Ukraine in this particular episode.

America is entering an unprecedented chapter in its history. Biden is both creating and pushing the Ukrainian war with Russia to drive America off of an economic cliff and there is no doubt he is succeeding. At the present rate, it is likely that Biden will be judged to be the most successful Globalist President in American history! 

With the present trajectory of the economy, American food riots are on the near horizon. America has also entered the red zone of false flag events as the globalists are using the Biden administration to start WW III in furtherance of the so-called Great Reset!

Historically, the Ukraine-Russian War will soon become synonomous with the conquering and occupation of the United States, that is for those Americans fortunate to survive what is coming! When contemplating the future of America, one has to be mindful of the Deagel Report and the projected 200 million Americans who will not survive.

How these current events impact the average America is covered in this edition of the show.

After listening to this interview, any rational and reasonable American will quickly conclude that the main mission of the Biden administration is the complete and utter destruction of America's political system, economics, military strength and morality. 

The interview can heard by clicking this link

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