Minnesota Nuke Plant Admits To 400,000 Gallon Leak Of Radioactive Water


 by Tyler Durden

Minnesota Department of Health released a statement Thursday about Xcel's efforts to clean up 400,000 gallons of the water containing tritium that leaked from a water pipe running between two buildings at its plant. 

Xcel first reported the leak to the Minnesota Duty Officer and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in November, but the spill was only made public this week. 

"The leak was stopped and the company is monitoring the groundwater plume through two dozen wells. An estimated 20% of the tritium has been recovered through extraction wells, and contaminated water continues to be pumped from the groundwater," the health department wrote. 

Local officials said the leak "poses no health and safety risk to the local community or environment" and has not reached the Mississippi River or surrounding aquifers.