Move Over New Zealand & Australia-Washington State Concentration Camps Will Soon Be Open for Business


 When the Nazis began collecting Jewish citizens to be sent to the death camps for final disposition, the original excuse for the incarcerations was medical quarantine. History is repeating itself in Washington under Governor Inslee. 

Governor Inslee's Brave New World

Washington Governor Inslee's Creating a Brave New World! This is the unveiling of the 4th Reich. The late Jim Marrs wrote the book, The 4th Reich in which he detailed what Hitler did was appearing in America in a modern technological context. With fascist ideals that the government has the right to know everything about you in an effort to control your every move!

Washington Governor Inslee, when he stated that he would give back, someday, your right to go to a business, the governor further said that business must record your personal information and turn it into the government. This contact tracing is only valid in the first few days of a pandemic. So medical purposes cvan be excluded. The reasons are tied to technocracy, technocracy that will enslave all of us. 

With the passage of HR 666  6, contact tracers come get you out of your house and take you to an undisclosed location and they do not have to tell your family where you are going. This is the NDAA of the medical field. They can also take your family and anyone else you have had contact with.  This is the medical excuse to implement "snatch and grab" practices found in HR 666 6. Both myself and Celest Solum have been warning about this for years.  

There is also an increasing prevelance of fear and anxiety, being expressed by conservatives, regarding our government and their extreme abuse of power and this is expressed in the following email"


Dear Dave,

My family and close friends love you. You are fearless. 

I want to bring to your attention the fact that in the State of Washington our dictator, Governor Inslee, is cooperating with FEMA in setting up what you and Celeste Solum called FEMA Medical Martial Law Camps which are not really medical camps at all as you and Celeste stated. 

Your reporting set into motion some investigations by my family into the topic of these camps because some of them are in my local area. I saw yesterday that you addressed the topic of the camps and also the use of guillotines. Normally, I would have doubted what you said in your latest article, except we are seeing the beginning of this in my local area. 

I remember your original report last year was right around the time of the beginnings of the lockdowns and you had accurately predicted that America would challenge the lockdowns and you said FEMA camps, gas and guillotines would become part of the estblishment's solution and the solution would begin with FEMA Medical Martial Law Camps. 

I want you to see what I found on another website and this verifies exactly what you said in your interview with her. 

This is all true, I am aware of these facilities and many others know about this too. We called the local paper and radio stations and they want nothing to do with this topic! Thanks Dave for everything you do because I am sure you know your name is on their list of targets. 




The truth was announced though Rep. Matt Shea with an eyewitness coming forward and providing a photograph of the camps being assembled.

The witness confirmed that she spoke to the Mayor of Goldendale and it was, again, confirmed that these camps are being set up for Covid 19(84) patients...Governor Jay Inslee said, in his press conference of May 12th, that if you cannot isolate safely at home (as determined by the state health officer) then you will go to a place of the state’s choosing.

This is frightening beyond belief. I first wrote about the medical martial law camps run by FEMA and HHS back in October of 2014.  

I have already validated the claims made by the second-emailer. 

Contact Tracers Are the New Stasi

Anyone with 5 minutes to research this topic will know that contact tracing is only effective for the first 2-3 days of a pandemic. And we are not in a pandemic. 

Contact tracers, especially in places like Washington are going to become the domestic spies in the spirit of the East German Stasi. 

gain, from Redoubt, publicly available information identifies both camp locations, along with a subsequent job ad, and the associated form of incarceration:

Please remember that the establishment's response to our current civil disobedience is the new version of what will be referred to as the "new final solution" and all that the term implies. I have documented this to a very high degree of confidence.

The above documents are from 2020. However, the following references are from this past week. In other words, Governor Inslee, on behalf of Biden's handlers, have progressively been moving toward concentration camps for over a year. This is not speculation, it is what the time stamps tell us. The progressive implementation of concentration camps has followed a progressive pattern because it avoids detection from the public as to the real intentions of these individual acts.  

The Position of Gestapo Death Camp Guards Is Open for Interviews Beginning on September 21, 2021 

The State of Washington is advertising for Prospective applicants to apply for and be invited to interview for full-time positions as “Strike Team Consultants” at the State Isolation & Quarantine Facility in Centralia, Washington, according to a post by the Washington State Department of Health 

This recruitment will be used to fill three (3) non-permanent full-time Program Specialist 2 positions located within the Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response. These Program Specialist 2 positions are anticipated to last twelve (12) months from date of hire.

The duty station for this position is in Centralia, WA at our State Isolation and Quarantine Facility. The facility is staffed 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Staff may work any or all of the three shifts and may work overtime as needed to ensure adequate staffing of the facility.

Isolation & Quarantine Team Consultants (PS2) – Non-Permanent – DOH5814



$3,294.00 - $4,286.00 Monthly


Lewis County – Centralia, WA

Job Type

Full Time - Non-Permanent


Dept. of Health

Job Number


Duties Include

  • Maintaining the readiness of the isolation and quarantine strike team, facilities, and equipment.
  • Providing direct services to the public at the I & Q facility to include: check-in, providing technical assistance, purchasing groceries and supplies for the site and guests, distributing food and resources, assisting with inventory of resources, and ensuring all guests receive excellent customer service.
  • Assisting nurses on performing rounds,
  • Maintaining facility cleanliness and processing guest laundry.
  • Providing guest transport to and from the I & Q facility.
  • Prepping the I & Q facility to receive guests, ensuring rooms are stocked and have been properly cleaned.
  • Providing outreach, education, and technical assistance to internal and external stakeholders.



Katie Daviscourt of The Post Millennial shared screenshots of the job description on social media.


“Our ideal candidate is outward even when confronted with others that are not open or collaborative. They demonstrate resilience to model outward behaviors even when stressed or tired.” 

Did anyone notice that the positions are listed as "nonpermanent?"  Why? Is it because the residents to be guarded are also nonpermanent? 

This is exactly what I would expect from the Left. They are losing control of the people with one crisis after another. They are exposed for who and what they are...They are desperate and need dramatic solutions to stay in power. These events will not be isolated to Washington, they will soon be in your neighborhoods as well.