Normalcy Bias Will Keep One From Seeing the Modern Day FEMA Camps (CMU's) Operating In Full View (Part 3)


This is the third part of a series on  the psychological processes which are leading to the literal enslavement of the American people by Leftist tyrants.  

Part One- The Psychological Reasons for America's Defeat

Part Two- Ocasio Cortez Is Correct, There Are American Concentration Camps-3 Studies Demonstrate the Growing Nazi Mentality In the US  

I take a lot of pressure over the FEMA camp issue. My day goes much better when I do not have to deal with this issue. On the Left, I deal with trolls who attempt to disrupt and play the role of disbelieving citizens wo make inane comments. This is designed to discourage me. Further, the Left has often engaged in technological sabotage. On the right, I deal with people who suffer from terminal normalcy bias who demand to cling to their outdated world view no matter what and no matter how much evidence conflicts with their personal world view (eg a Nazi mentality could never rule over America). If this wasn’t the case, then explain how Epstein and his merry band of blackmailed politicians could have continued operating with impunity for so long? Pedophilia is ignored because don’t want to believe what is right before their eyes. This type of paralysis can eventually prove fatal because situations arise which requires a public ro respond swiftly and collectively and because of normalcy bias, they are unable to do so.

Normalcy Bias

Once the globalists have control of the media and they have utilized the principles of classical and operant conditioning, a normalcy bias sets in and pervades the belief systems of the American people. The people become so convinced that there cannot be conspiracies, that when events such Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Jade Helm situation and the present Epstein revelations begin to come to light, the public has been conditioned to ignore anything which smacks of a conspiracy.


What would have sent millions of Americans to the streets before the advent of TV, now rolls right over the heads of most Americans. The Normalcy Bias condition is well known to psychologists and sociologists. It refers to a mental state of denial in which individuals enter into when facing a disaster or pending danger. Normalcy Bias leads people to underestimate and minimize both the possibility of a catastrophe is actually happening, as well as its possible consequences to their health and safety. The Normalcy Bias often results in situations where people fail to prepare for a likely and impending disaster. The Normalcy Bias leads people to believe that since something has never happened before, that it never will happen. Therefore, like an infant with a security blanket we cling to our habitual, repetitive, and normal way of life, despite overwhelming proof that serious danger lies ahead.


For example, the viewing of former President Obama as a danger to the American people by engaging in unprecedented dissident extraction and martial law drills through Jade Helm. The Normalcy Bias is part of human nature and, to some extent, we are all guilty of participating in it. Unfortunately, the Normalcy Bias inhibits our ability to prevent and to eventually cope with a disaster once it is underway. People with Normalcy Bias have difficulty reacting to something they have not experienced before. The Normalcy Bias also leads people to interpret warnings and to inaccurately reframe information in order to project an optimistic outcome which leads the person to infer a less serious situation. In short, it is kind of a pain-killing drug which numbs a person to an impending danger. Do you suffer from Normalcy Bias? Could you become a victim of the “my people perish from a lack of knowledge?”  

The Existence of Present Day FEMA Camps Operating in the Light of Day

Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain view. Why? Because people will not see a conspiracy if there is not an attempt to conceal the evidence. And even when thee evidence is made public, the people will still not believe it because of their built-in normalcy bias.

Such a phenomenon exists today with the existence of de facto FEMA Camps. Oh, nobody calls them FEMA Camps, but they are and they operate in full view and they show us what out future will be like. These modern day FEMA Camps are housing political prisoners. Often these people are in these facilities because of the crimes that they will commit, instead of crimes that they are committed. They are entitled to nothing. If they continue to try and exert their 1st Amendment rights, they will be punished even further. These facilities are called CMU’s, short for Communications Management Units (CMU).


From Helen Schietinger, organizer for Witness Against Torture

When the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) created the first Communications Management Unit (CMU) in 2006, nobody outside the prison bureaucracy — not the prisoners sent there, not their lawyers, not the public — knew of its existence.  It was a prison within a medium security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Muslim men, some convicted of “terrorism-related crimes,” were being quarantined from the general prison population and cut off from their families and their communities.  The CMU is housed in what had been a decrepit, abandoned building in the prison compound: the closed death row facility that formerly held Timothy McVeigh. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) began researching  its existence when prisoner after prisoner wrote letters to them desperately seeking help from behind bars to have contact with their loved ones.

Rafil Dhafir

And then there’s the story of Rafil Dhafir, MD, an oncologist in upper New York State who ran a Muslim charity called Help the Needy (HTN) for thirteen years.  It raised millions of dollars to send to Iraq’s vulnerable citizens during the time of economic sanctions leading up to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.  He was arrested and accused of terrorism related to his charity, but was ultimately convicted of violating the economic sanctions against Iraq, money laundering, and Medicare fraud. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison and served several years of that sentence in the Terre Haute CMU.  Although no terrorism charges were ever brought against Dhafir, he is on the government’s list of successful terrorism convictions.

According to a recent statement by Katherine Hughes, who has closely followed his case:

Dr. Dhafir is currently in his 15th year of a 22-year prison sentence for a crime he was never charged with in a court of law: money laundering to help terrorist organizations. His real crime was sending food and medicine, for 13 years, to sick and starving Iraqi civilians during the brutal US and UK-sponsored UN embargo on that country.

In short, Dhafir is a political prisoner and his imprisonment is being carried out in a modern day FEMA Camp hiding in full view. CMUs also house individuals with “unpopular” political views, such as environmental activists. Many of these prisoners were brought to the CMU as a calculated means to “integrate” the units after critical press attention to the targeting of Muslims. Also commonly detained in the CMU are prisoners who have been active in organizing prisoners’ rights, participated in lawful social justice movements, organized worship sessions, or filed grievances based on mistreatment and/or conditions of confinement.


So there are no FEMA Camps? Despite the documentation which ranges from REX 84 to FM 39.4, which proves to that FEMA Camps exist, we have incontrovertible evidence that they exist and are in full operation. However, many will still not believe their eyes and ears despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary due to personalized “normalcy bias”. today's CMU's are beta testing the widespread camps of the future. 

To those that have some grasp as to the gravity of what I am presenting here, there must be some who wondering about who will end up in these facilities.

  • Alt media figures will be the first to go.
  • Politicians will be framed for crimes and be sentenced
  • People with unpopular views will be incarcerated as political prisoners (ie domestic terrorists). Much of the evidence will come from internet browsing history.

There will be others but the three identified groups is standard when tyranny rears its ugly head and it happens in every dictatorial society. And this is the danger zone we find ourselves in whether or not, one’s normalcy bias.  


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