Obama's Promise to Fundamentally Transform America Is Being Carried Out Under the Harris-Biden Administration


They said this day would never come. We are going to fundamentally tranform America!



 This article will make it clear, that Obama is still running the White House.

Warning to my liberal friends: There were many supporters of the execution of Marie Antoinette who were also beheaded. Some of you liberals believe that because you support the criminal Biden administration, the election theft and their immoral and perverted and unconstitutional policies, that you are safe from persecution. You most assuredly are not safe as evidenced by the fate of the Nazi Brown Shirts, the original revolutionaries who murdered Czar Nicholas and his family as well the aforementioned ill-fated French who were separated from their bodies via the guillotine.

The Obama Blueprint for a Communist Takeover Is Omnipresent In America Today In the Harris Administration

I have issued a specific warning regarding Obama’s role in the future takedown of America since 2009 when FEMA camp documents (FM 39.4) appeared and demonstrated that foreign actors would incarcerating and murdering American citizensin FEMA camps. The document was official and confirmed, yet America slept.  

Also in 2009, the H1N1 vaccine tyranny surfaced. I covered how DHS and local law enforcement in places like Grand Junction and Trinidad, CO., were mobilized to form vaccine checkpoints using fake scanner devices and busses to at the ready to transport the unwilling detainees to a FEMA camps after separating wives from husbands, and children from their parents. Although immigration is a central theme in this article, I can’t help but pointing out the border conditions to point out how the Democrats don’t hesitate to provide abusive detention of children under their authority. Of course so many of them partake in the pleasures of children, it is not surprising in the least. As another aside, I predict that the present communist administration will indeed legalize pedophilia and we have already seen moves in this direction in Commiefornia.

I doubled down on the previous warning in 2011 when the NDAA was passed at Obama’s insistence. The NDAA allows Americans to be snatched off the street, Gestapo style, merely based on the unconstitutional order of a President.

Also In 2011, I warned the country, several times, about Obama’s Executive Order 13603 which allowed a President to take control over piece of property, business and person in America. This included the complete control of food, water, transportation, ownership, provided for civilian slave labor camps, etc. Despite the fact this was all in writing, my warnings were ignored. People said “they would never do that”.

In 2012, DHS signed an agreement with Simon Properties, the largest owner of strip malls and malls in America which would allow the federal government to house government detainees of an unspecified nature. The agreement was later expanded to all professional sports leagues and their participation venues.

But wait there is more, in 2012, I clearly linked the Batman movie murders in my former hometown of Aurora, Colorado to the Federal government and in particular to the FBI. This event ushered in another set of calls for what would lead to gun confiscation which would render the American people vulnerable to the genocidal tendencies of a future dictator (ie Democrat) for not cooperating with the takedown of America. As a prelude to Part II of this series, the people of Boulder might want to look 50 miles to the south to the Batman massacre to better understand what just happened in your city. Oh, by the way did you catch the nationality (Syrian and anti-Trump) of the Boulder shooter, along with his scrubbed Facebook page in order to conceal his identity? Mark Twain was correct, “history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme”. The spirit of the Reichstag is alive and well in Boulder, Colorado.

Then of course there was Jade Helm 2015 and Jade Helm 2016 and another Central American illegal immigration into the country, which placed tens of thousands of terrorists in the country in the well-documented form of ISIS,MS-13 assassins for the cartels, cartel leaders, CHICOM national and many on the nation’s terror watch list. Jade Helm 2015 and 2016 was a dress rehearsal for an American rebellion against the likes of an Obama dictatorship. As I covered, Veterans, in particular, were targeted in these drills as was anyone who was Christian, conservative, pro 2nd Amendment, pro-Constitution, etc. Under Obama, the ground work was set to make it illegal to be a patriotic American.

Unheeded Warnings

 During the 2016 Presidential campaign, I demonstrated in instance after instance about how the Obama administration set the framework for Hillary to takeover, purge all conservatives and make America communist nation with no Constitution or any semblance of the rule of law.

A funny thing happened on the way to tyranny, his name was Donald Trump. God gave us four years to stop our hedonistic and anti-human and anti-Christian ways. Unfortunately, most of us did not want to do any work, we left it to the fake promises of the fictional Q-Anon and to Donald Trump. Trump was merely the stop gap, God was clearly telling America to get their act together and we fell short. Now, the globalists, or should I say more accurately, the Satanists, are 4 years behind, but are moving full speed ahead. Behind a slut and a demented President, the work of Obama is coming to fruition.

Part II of this series will fill in the blanks for each of Obama’s treasonous legislative trail with modern-day concrete example. And the spirit of Karl Marx says “God is dead and soon we can say the same about all Americans”.