One Silver Bullet Has Destroyed America-Prepare for Political Defeat and a Subsequent Purge


Trump Finally Turns On Kushner---3 Years Too Late!!!

A silver bullet has destroyed America. That silver bullet has a name and it is Jared Kushner, and Trump's refusal to see this threat has more than likely cost Trump his re-election and for the rest of us, we have lost our country.

Trump's political defeat will usher in the worst days of America and this article only covers a small part of the problem. For people who are very familiar with Trump, they are saddened and dismayed that he has allowed someone as despicable as Jared Kushner in the Trump inner circle. The man is probably Mossad, he is clearly a globalist as evidenced by his financial entanglements with one of American’s most notorious enemies, George Soros.

When Trump took Office, I warned him, several times in print and in broadcast format to distance himself from Jared Kushner. 

Anyone who has followed American foreign policy for any length of time, is very familiar with the term "wag the dog". And anyone who has followed President Trump's abandonment of his campaign pledge of not being the world's policeman is intimately familiar with the anti-American policies of Jared Kushner. The combination of the two have brought the US to the brink of World War III against Russia, China and North Korea. Trump's daughter may not need a divorce, but Trump certainly did, three years ago, and it did not involve kicking Bannon to the curb. The wrong dog got kicked. Traitor Kushner needed to be the one that needed to go, and because the President did not listen to the Independent Media and those around him, it has cost him his presidency.

Early on in Trump's tenure, because of Kushner's influence we have seen Trump lose the support of people like Paul Joseph Watson and Michael Savage among other notables. Kushner was pure poison and he was the straw that will stir the drink called World War III and the demise of the Trump populist movement.

Kushner appointed the COVID-19 Strategy Team. Everyone of the participants is financially owned, in one way or another by Bill Gates. Under Kushner's leadership, the entire strategy has been to find ways to inflate the Covid numbers as an excuse to keep America locked down, and what accomplished by this totalitarian threat? This is what has been accomplished:

  1. The American economy is destroyed and will likely never recover.
  2. The unemployment rate reached 40% with half of the work-eligible population not working. The number of fulltime workers in America at the time COVID was unleashed on America was 110 million. The number of jobless claims reached a high of 46.5 million. Do the math, don't believe the math of the government or the mainstream media. 
  3. America's ability to defend itself in a prolonged conflict has been greatly diminished because of the economic destruction of the economy which will not allow for peacetime conversion of industries to a war effort. 


Kushner Appointee, Anthony Fauci, Demands Only Vaccines to be Used On COVID-19

Over the last several months, both the MSM and Kushner's COVID-19 Strategy Team demanded that only vaccines be applied in the treatment of COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine was assailed as being "unsafe" and "untested". This prompted an unprecedented response from physicians from all around the country. Sen. Ron Johnson, sent President Trump a letter from more than 700 physicians urging him to expand the use of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus outpatients by removing federal and state restrictions limiting the drug’s use to hospitals. Johnson noted that he forwarded the physicians anti-viral drug use request to the White House after 776 physicians, just 14 hours after he began circulating the petition. The petition  asks Mr. Trump to issue presidential directives allowing doctors to “fight with all the weapons we have at hand” and that would include the anti-viral classification of drugs. Johnson and the 776 physicians stated that doctors in the fight against the coronavirus “must be free to use the medicines at hand free of politicians and bureaucrats’ second-guessing and threats. It is unprecedented and lethal and for state governors and medical boards to forbid physicians’ freedom to prescribe long-approved and safely used medications.”

If the physicians letter to Trump contained a recommendation for the widespread use of a Bill Gates vaccine, the previous paragraph would not have been written. 

From #RobertFKennedyJr‘s Instagram post 

#Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

The ultimate condemnation of Kushner comes from what myself and some of my colleagues found around the time President Trump was sworn in. We knew that Kushner was deeply in debt to George Soros. We knew he had Mossad ties. We knew he was the quinessential deep state operative. 

The COVID so-called crisis erased all the good accomplished by Trump in the early days of his administration. What good was that you say?

  • Through Trump’s very clear border policies, Trump has redefined America as a geographical entity.
  • Without Congress lifting a finger to help the American people, Trump has saved over a quarter of a million jobs from going overseas.
  • Trump killed the one free-trade agreement that would have erased all America sovereignty through the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Trump set forth a new healthcare plan and when it was sabotaged by Paul “the rat” Ryan with such globalist ideals, as the gun-control features, Trump demonstrated the wisdom to let a bad plan die, knowing he could revisit the issue.
  • Despite being up to his neck in the quicksand of the Deep State, President Trump is going forth with his tax plan that will incentivize corporations to stay rooted in America. He has promised to provide tax relief to American small business owners who pay the highest taxes in the world. American small business is the backbone of our economy and Trump is moving to protect them against very opposition. If Trump were to accomplish this goal, we would immediately see a reduction in unemployment and and increase in productivity.
  • Trump has expressed undying support for the leadership of our military. This follows an era where Obama tried to destroy the military by firing over 300+ command officers in very strategic positions and replace them with people who were decidedly less patriotic.
  • He is fighting an uphill battle to remove federal funding for abortion.
  • He has brought change to the communistic EPA and BLM.
  • Under Trump, Blacks achieved their lowest unemployment rate in history. (So much for the fact that Trump is a racist).
  • Under Trump, Hispanics achieved their lowest unemployment rate in history. (So much for the fact that Trump is a racist).
  • Under Trump, women achieved their lowest unemployment rate in history. (So much for the fact that Trump is a sexist).
  • Trump's unemployment levels were approaching historic gains when Covid hit. 

And now, all of these gains are gone, because Trump allowed his son-in-law to appoint a Big Pharma dictatorship which has, and is, continuing to destroy America. 

Trump's political defeat is now unavoidable. The Bolshevik Revolution is succeeding. And what will follow the Bolshevik Revolution in November? What always follows a Boleshevik Revolution? America, brace for impact, because the greatest purge in the history of the world will follow the political defeat of Donald Trump!