An Organized Breakup of the Nation, Or a National Genocide Perpetrated Against Conservatives, Which Path Will America Follow?

distressed america

Is the United States headed for a divorce? This has long been suggested. There is no question that America has severe differences which will prevent America from going forward regardless who is in charge. Is a civil war coming, a division of our once great nation?

Take the case of a well-known and well-respected Russian professor, Igor Panarin, predicted that America was too fractured to continue as a country.

Panarin is not crazy as he was, after all, a former KGB analyst. He went on to become the dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for prospective diplomats. He regularly appears in the media, lectures at the Kremlin and widely considered to be an expert on U.S.-Russia relations.

Panarin stated that the Northern United States would be given to Canada. Maybe that is why the CHICOMS are in Canada. The Southern portion of the US would come under Mexican control. The West would go to China, which is already under way. The East coast would go to the E.U.  Hawaii would be taken over by either Japan or China, and Alaska would be repossessed by Russia.  

06 29 Russian Panarin Map

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Living in Arizona, I don't relish living under CHICOM control. However, it won't be much different than living under Dementia Joe and "heels in the air" Harris.


There is alsothe Dicken Schrader plan which divides the United States between conservatives and liberals. The map, displaying this concept can be displayed by clicking here. The plan, on the surface appears to workable because each side would have a contiguous land mass and access to the sea. However, the plan is simplistic. For example, the plan does not account for mineral resources. The plan does not deal with how to share the power grid. And given the terrorist nature of BLM and Antifa, The United States of Conservative America, would never know a day of peace and the North American continent would go back to day zero. 

Perhaps the greatest divide between conservative and liberal America would be the question on how the military assets would be divided. This would be particularly true when it came to control of land-based nuclear silos. And what about the nuclear submarine fleet? And what about the advanced weaponry being developed and shipped off to the Space Force? After all, he who controls the high ground, controls the planet. None of this has been accounted for by any plan of dividing the United States into two separate countries.

Perhaps the biggest sticking point would be the fate of Americans, who would be zoned into the part of America that would come into direct opposition to their personal beliefs. There would always be V for Vendetta movements for people who could not afford to move, but were opposed to their new ruling class.

Unless America is utterly conquered, I do not see the UN being divided among conservatives and liberals. However, I do see America being invaded by the UN, NATO and the CHICOMS. That brings Panarin’s notions on how America would be divided. For those that find this interesting, I would suggest checking out the live streaming of The Man In the High Castle.

On the very small chance that Trump can reverse the election theft that claimed the Presidency for a man who barely received 25% of the vote, America’s conservatives, 65% of the country will continue under house arrest due to the all convenient presence of the greatly exaggerated COVID threat.

If the liberals were to lose, there would be instant civil war and the country would awash in blood. False flag events would predominate and could even include the setting off of a nuclear device in Washington DC. The military would be divided and turn in on itself.

On the other hand, I cannot help to shake the feeling that the conservatives would largely go quietly into the night. Being “rule of law people”, as opposed to Rules for Radicals, conservatives would wait until it was too late to rebel. By the time conservatives would act in their defense, Biden will have most of the guns, courtesy of his coming executive orders. Biden will have control over most of the military and he would have control each and every election going forward. The Supreme court would be stacked with Obama-loyal justices. And the purge would begin! A purge? Yes, there has never has been a Bolshevik Revolution, exactly as we have seen from the Left, without an accompanying purge which will exterminate millions of conservative Americans. I believe that this is the future of the United States.

Eventually, as Wei Fenghe called for, China will one day occupy an America, devoid of Americans. All the original Americans will have been exterminated. At least conservative Americans will carry their cognitive dissonance to the showers in the death camps that they will be assigned to. My advice to conservative America would be to have your preps in order and be prepared to bug out in a moment's notice!!!