oroville dam

 The Oroville dam, the nation's tallest, remains intact, but barely. The emergency spillway, which protects against the overflow of the dam when water levels are high, and seriously eroding as discovered on Sunday. The pipes supporting the spillway are failing. Paul Preston has been to the site and has seen the pipes that are failing.  As he said, the dam could break at any moment. This dic=scovery led to a mandatory evacuation for cities and counties near the Lake Oroville area.

I just hung up the phone from speaking with Agenda 21 talk show host, Paul Preston.  Paul shared details about the situation that are not being shared by the corporate controlled media. Here is what I have learned,

In the worst case scenario, one official said, an uncontrolled release from the dam could send a 30-foot wall of water downstream. Here are some details that Paul Preston has been able to learn.

1. In addition to the 30 foot wall of water, a 10 foot wall of water would engulf the entire valley below the dam in only a few minutes.

2.  Where Paul lives, in Yuba City, the expected wall of water would be rampaging at a high rate of speed and maintain a depth of 10 feet.

3. Further downstream, lies Sacramento. Sacramento has a population of about 2 million people in the region.  How long would it take to evacuate 2 million? The rampaging wall of water that would hit Sacremento would be at least 50 feet high.

4. A warm, wet storm is expected on Wednesday. This will melt the snow and increase the pressure on the dam from snow melt and absolutely lead to a break in the dam.  PAUL PRESTON TOLD ME THE SAME AND THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE HAS NOT RESPONDED TO THE CRISIS  


A Predictable Disaster

An accumulation of heavy rainfall in Northern California this winter has filled Lake Oroville to the verge of overflow and ultimately a breach in the dam.

The purpose of the Oroville Dam is to provide flood control service for the region and this region extend to Sacremento which is located about 75 miles to the south. If the dam breaks, the water wall that will hit Sacremento will be a rapidly moving wall of water that will be about five feet high. Can you imagine the extreme loss of life.  

I want to emphasize that the dam's two spillways, the primary and the emergency spillway, which are channels to leak water out of the lake to prevent overflow. Both spillways are in danger of collapsing. ADDITIONALLY, WINTER STORM RUN OFF HAS NOT EVEN BEGUN, and the damage covers too large of an area at the dam site and is not, at this time, repairable. THEN WHY AREN'T THE PEOPLE IN SACREMENTO BEING EVACUATED?