"PAPERS PLEASE" The 25 Signs That Demonstrate America Is a Full-Blown Communist Country! What Would God Have Us Do?

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During the 2020 campaign, I used to ask the question: What won't the Democrats do gain power? The universal answer of those in the the know would reply, "There is nothing that the Democrats will not do to gain and retain power." Today, when I ask the groups I speak to I ask a slightly version of the same question: "What won't the Democrats do to maintain and consolidate their power?"

The Democrats never retool their failed policies, they only change the rules. This article is an update of what the Democrats have done to gain, consolidate and maintain power. Most Americans do not realize the danger that they are if the Democrats collectively decide that they are going to lose 2022 control of the House and the Senate. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! The most frightening aspect of all of this, is that America could become a literal bloodbath at ANY time. In a future article/interview, I will be describing the mechanisms of control that are lurking around the corner. I don't care if this hyperbola in some minds, the spirit of Satan inhabits the leadership of the Democratic Party. Please remember, that this is the political party that took God out of their party platform years ago. This is the party that refuses to pass legislation to give life-saving care to a fully born baby that survived a botched abortion/murder attempt. How this is not a violation of the Nuremburg Code is a mystery to any human being with a soul. 

The Importance of Individual Civil Liberties

Individual civil liberties can only exist within free-market capitalism. Because capitalism provides people with the ability to individually express their inner goals and desires, people are free to pursue their individualism  and unique goals in the domain of capitalism. On the other hand, economic and individual freedom dies in communism as does your soul. Remember, communists believe that religion of any type is the opiate of the masses. Only the state can be worshipped. Americans have so taken their freedom for granted, that they have lost their freedom and most still do not realize what has happened to their country. And very disturbingly, many Americans do not have the cognitive capacity to understand what has happened to their once free Republic. For those who think I am exaggerating the threat and this current communist regime will fade away, I want to remind people that this is exactly what the Jews and most of Germany thought when Hitler began to implement his autocratic policies resulting in mass genocide. America is the same position today. Stalinist policies and a Maoist cultural revolution are fully underway.

We are living under a Communist totalitarian regime. For example, if the voting machine companies had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be hiding anything. There will be no fair election in 2022.  I have learned from the Maricopa County audit that many of Arizona’s illegally cast votes took place in China and Sydney Powell is alleging that Dominion voting machines were working with the CHICOMS. A Maricopa County election insider has revealed that the Dominion officials had all the machine codes and were completely in charge on election night. Despite the overwhelming evidence of fraud in both Arizona's election and the so-called "Fraudit", unocvered by Liz Harris and myself, nothing has been done. We have a bunch of Qanons, who are now promising justice after betraying the people they purport to represent. I will have much more to say about these corrupted politicians next week. 

On the Way to One-Party Rule

Most Americans will fall into a state of cognitive dissonance and deny that any of this has happened. OUR ELECTIONS ARE GONE AND WITH THE VOTING RIGHTS BILL, AMERICA WILL BECOME A ONE-PARTY COUNTRY.  Please allow me to send these people over the edge this morning with more facts supporting the notion that the Communists are in control and total takedown of America is in progress. Please consider the following 25 events that clearly indicate that the spirit of Stalin is roaming the halls of Congress!

  1. In less than 355 days, America went from being energy independent, thanks to Trump, and now we are on the verge of extreme shortages and rapidly rising fuel costs which will impact that cost of every good sold in America. The economy has been destroyed, on purpose, we are just waiting for hyperinflation to kick in. Food shortages are beginning and fuel will be unaffordable and soon it will be unavailable. 
  2. Using 1972 CPI data, the inflation rate is 15.7% and this is typical of any Communist State. 
  3. We are living through a Maoist cultural revolution where up is down, and down is up. Woke is making us broke. Children as young as first grade are taught how to masturbate (each other), they learn about oral sex, and they learn about anal sex. They are taught to disrespect their parents, hate America and to live a hedonistic lifestyle, as they listen to drag queen guest speakers in elementary schools touting the virtues of hedonistic behavior. And add Critical Race Theory to the mix, we are producing self-indulgent perverts. The government run, NEA dominated schools are the cess pool of America.
  4. The family is under attack. Famed sociologist Amatai Etzioni once said that “The family can survive without the state, but the state cannot survive without the family.” This is a true statement for a conventional society, but where the people serve the government, the family cannot maintain a dominant position and that is exactly what we see going on as evidenced by CPS sponsored Child-Sex-Trafficking and child porn.
  5. Through their neglect on the border, the current administration is aiding and abetting child trafficking, murder and future terrorism in extreme acts of treason. 
  6. We see the legalization of drugs across America. What will this do to the morality and ambition of the younger generation. Jackie Kennedy once said, “We won’t be judged by what we accomplished as much as we will be judged by how we raised our children.” The so-called pandemic shut down schools, killed learning, killed normal socialization and taught then the government is in charge of all things.
  7. The judicial system has been turned on its ear. No bail, has led to the release of depraved animals upon society and are commiting, murder, rape and extreme property crimes. The new Manhattan DA has said that he will only prosecute murder. Hide your daughters America!
  8. We have a Commander-In-Chief who is, without question, being controlled and blackmailed by China and Ukraine (eg Burisma interests). He is a traitor who should be put on trial and punished as a traitor. 
  9. We have witnessed the change of allegiances of many prominent politicians to Communist nations as well as drug-dealing. CHICOM controlled cartels. The betrayal of America is omnipresent in every branch of government, every major corporation and most of our schools and universities. Some of the implicated politicians who have betrayed their oath of office, as covered repeatedly on this site, are Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, the squad, Feinstein, Schiff,  Mitch McConnell, Governors Newsom, Ducey, Cuomo, Whitmer and a cast of thousands anti-American politicians.
  10. The poison of local control of politicans has spread to not only governors, congressmen and senators, it is now hard to find a County Clerk and Recorder, a school board member, or a prosecutor who is not receiving direct, or indirect aid from George Soros and/or Communist China!
  11. Every major league sports operation is woke. Every major is corporation is woke and if you want to work, you must bow down to their identity politics in of the most racist movements in American history.
  12. The entertainment industry is controlled and serves the CHICOM agenda. Upright, God-fearing parents are mocked by Hollywood. Anyone who puts America first is humiliated and discriminated against. 
  13. Big Tech is on board with purposely derailing America. They support all extremists autocratic movements, which disallowing Christianity, canceling free speech and stomping out any dissent.
  14. Our military is being purposely weakened. Who won't kill American citizens? Vaxxed or unvaxxed? The unvaxxed clearly will stand up to tyranny. The vaxxed have told you by their actions that they will take your gun and kill you in the process because "they were just following orders."  The unvaxxed, because they have common sense and a conscience are being shown the door in the military. They will become tomorrows guerilla fighters that Obama practiced against in Jade Helm 16. 
  15. We have CHICOM troops off both of our borders. According to many high-place military experts, we may have as many as 2 million terrorists on our soil and many are funded and supported by the CHICOMS. 
  16. We have witnessed a stolen election(s) and now the thieves have control of the voting process. Stalin is smiling with glee from the gates of hell as American learned what he knew when he said “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes.” America will never have another free election again.
  17. Our military leadershipis hopelessly divided between woke and patriotism. A divided military cannot stand. Divide and conquer has come to our newly woke military. 
  18. Fentanyl, thanks to Biden’s lax border policies is flowing into this country at record numbers. In 2020,  70,000 died from Fentanyl. In 2021 the body count reached 100,000! What will it be in 2023? 200,000? 1 million? This is an act of war against the people of the United States and the current administration should be prosecuted for complicity due to the border policies and leniency against groups and individuals like NAMBLA, Maxwell,  and the hundreds of politicians who slept with Epstein's exploited army. 
  19. Our fiat currency, by design, is on the verge of collapse.
  20. Schools and universities are demanding complete compliance to the woke agenda on our campuses. Our kids are being taught to hate each other based on race. I never thought that Charles Manson's "helter skelter" race war would ever come to America, but it is a real possibility. 
  21. Virtual learning has been a disaster as education scores and achievement are going backwards. Are young people are resembling the children we find in third world countries. 
  22. 15 Days to flatten the curve! Fauci says you don't need a mask. Now Fauci says you need 2 masks. 
  23. Take the vaccine and your are safe. Now, we discover that fully vaccinated people can catch and transmit the virus. 
  24. Mike Adams uncovered life insurance information that the vaccines are killing over 100,000 per month. Celeste Solom places the number at the much higher rate 300,000 vaccine deaths a month. This number will continue to grow. Covid concentration are appearing across America. The unvaccinated will soon become the modern day 1938 Jews and all that this means! AND AMERICA TOLERATES THE UNFOLDING GENOCIDE WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A STRUGGLE!
  25. We will have a perpetual labor shortage and medicare and social security are in trouble because of our severely declining birth rate. Social distancing takes care of some mating. There is no time for families in the woke agenda. 




We have lost our civil liberties, our economy, our self-determination and we are the verge of being exterminated. Sadly, most Americans think that America is getting back to normal. America will never go back to the way it was. Case in point: On Sautrday, DC mayor, Bowser has mandated that nobody may leave their home without their papers proving vaccination along with a state issued ID.



What would God have us do?