Patrick Byrne: US to become like Venezuela, China if election fraud is not stopped


 By Kevin Hughes




America Project Chief Executive Officer Patrick Byrne told Alex Newman of the New American that the United States is on its way to becoming a totalitarian or authoritarian government like Venezuela or China if election fraud is not stopped.

“This country is on its way to being Venezuela or China where 10 percent of people run everything. They can throw you in prison, do anything above the law – that’s what’s going to happen here. We have one chance of defeating it. It comes up in 40 weeks and we can beat them at the next election. If we don’t win this in 40 weeks, you can kiss this country goodbye,” the founder and former CEO of said.

“But if we can play everything right, we can get there. I do worry that they know that they are going to get slaughtered and they are trying to come up with some sort of thing to disrupt. I think they, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, have no intention of running an election. You can’t trust the election… you can’t trust the election system.”

Byrne believes that America has gone through a fraudulent election. “It was clear to me that the election was stolen and I got involved. And it was absolutely rigged,” he said. (Related: Patrick Byrne talks election fraud with Clay Clark – Brighteon.TV)

Making steps to make next American election fair

The America Project CEO pointed out that election fraud must be exposed if we want an election that is fair.

“We are doing all these steps to make the next election fair. So we can liberate the institutions that have been captured and peacefully work our way through and up and out of this situation. So that’s what I’m all about. And I’m here. That’s what I’m spending my time on these days,” said Byrne, whose organization’s mission is to harness and activate the power of the American spirit by building a support network of and for pro-freedom organizations, businesses and individuals. 

Byrne said his group is making good progress on the measures that are being put in place so that the American people can have confidence in the coming midterm elections.

He also lauded the efforts and involvement of states like New Jersey and Virginia, as well as people like Bishop Leon Benjamin, volunteers from churches and the pro-constitution, pro rule of law people who went out and blanketed the precincts on Election Day two months ago.

He added that they are also finding a way for Republican candidates to recapture the state legislature across 50 states with the help of volunteer and grassroots organizations.

Byrne mentioned that Hungarian-born American financier, author, philanthropist and activist George Soros has given $125 million to try to rig and flood the precincts with his goons to go in and muscle people around. He then denounced the mainstream media for getting everything upside down and presenting his organization as creating an army to go in and steal the elections.

Byrne also called on Americans to join and sign up for America Project, which he created with former National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn.

“He [Flynn] created this with me. We’re partners. I’m the CEO but we talked and we agreed to go ahead and create an organization for people like your viewers who want some way to fight back and to push back,” Byrne told Newman.

America Project is a network of networks

Byrne noted that America Project is a network of networks that have gotten in touch with all the grassroots organizations in America. He also mentioned that they are finding ways for good citizens to act and to push back and they have allied with people who are fighting back against medical tyranny and election fraud.

Watch the video below about Patrick Byrne’s call to stop election fraud in America.



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