The Plot to Overthrow America Is Headquartered In California-Paul Preston- The CSS

civil war 2

I recently interviewed Paul Preston. He is the President of the New California 51st movement. His movement is a reaction to the communist government that is presently running California into the ground and into the bankruptcy courts. His movement has the favor of the Trump administration as evidenced by the fact that Rick Perry, recently Trump's energy secretary, resigned, without any controversy, to become the Governor of this movement. 

New California is opposed by the Globalists' Calexit movement which is designed to separate California from the United States (illegally) and would exist as a protectorate of the United Nations. Calexit derives its membership from the Mexican government, the Chinese government, the Bank of China, George Soros, former Obama administration officials (eg spokesperson Eric Holder), the cartels both domestic and foreign, representatives of the United Nations, the Pope and his Jesuits and the communist politicians from California such as Pelosi, Feinstein, etc.  

The consequences of California leaving the union would be catastrophic. Forty percent of American retail crosses Interstate 5. The loss of California agriculture would cripple the American food supply and create enormous food inflation and even spot famines. The globalists want to use Calexit as a weapon against the United States as the engineer the downfall of the United States. 

Well over 3 years ago, Paul Preston, on my show warned that violence would be perpetrated against whites and white, conservative Christians if Calexit was unsuccessful. Why? Because Calexit wanted to create so much mayhem that the United Nation would come to the resdue of these communists under the Kigali Principles. As the manifestation of this plot unfolds, we both think that it is likely that the murder of the 9 American citizens was a Calexit hit (eg Calexit-related cartel carries out the hit-it is known that the cartels are largely controlled by China-The UN has been training the Mexican National Guard who acts with impunity toward the cartels-The Mexican government uses cartels to carry out their enforcement activities). This chain of custody describes the massacree of the 9 dead americans as well as what will follow. if the violence reaches a successful crescendo, the UN will have the justification to enter the conflict under the previously mentioned Kigali Principles. The recent massacre of the 9 Americans is merely the first domino to fall.  

Paul and I discussed a number of issues related to these events including civil war and the giveaway of 8 states under the LaRaza movement. Also, Paul has a list of who is talking to the feds under duress from the Trump administration (eg Comey, McCabe).

This is is a highly controversial, but very accurate interview. 

California is the epicenter of what is coming to America.