Pontius Pilate Pelosi Needs Major Distractions Beyond Impeachment To Keep Key Democrats Out of Prison

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There are many American politicians that desperately need a distraction away from their own crminality. Some of the areas of criminality include Ukraine, association with the cartels, laundering money, selling out to CHICOM interests, privately selling our water to the CHICOMS, child-sex-trafficking, burning down homes in No California and on and on it goes. A short list of the people that need a distraction from their criminal behaviors are Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Paul Pelosi Jr., Paul Pelosi Sr., Gavin Newsome, Shifty Schiff, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and of course Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Queen bee, Hillary Clinton, and on and on this list goes as well. 

Impeachment has bought the Democrats time, time to delay the inevitable day that the indictments and the hangman is coming for the aforementioned list of criminals. However, the Democrats have run our time. The President has been impeached on two counts. The case against the President ignored all rules of jurisprudence (eg due process, right to cross-examine witnesses, the right to call witnesses, secret proceedings, secret discovery, admitted hearsay evidence, etc. 

Pontius Pilate Pelosi was waving the articles of impeachment around in the air like Neville Chamberlain's agreement with Hitler declaring "peace in our time." Just like Chamberlain Pelosi Pilate is holding a nothing burger and she knows it. The proof of this statement is in the fact that she is denying justice. She has no immediate plans to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate because she knows that they are probably going to be rejected out of hand by Mitch McConnell. 

Therefore, the criminal-enterprise Democrats need another distraction. Here are a list distractions that the Democrats hope will buy them more time before they are indicted for the treasonous crimes against America. 

The UFO Distration

UFO reports used to elict the "giggle factor" from the MSM, but no longer. The military used to dismiss UFO reports with outrageous claims such as "swamp gas." However, there has been a decided a shift inboth the coverage and the fact that the military no longer discredits the UFO reports and they even allow military personnel (eg the F-18 Navy Pilots) to make public statements regarding the UFO incidents off of the coast of San Diego in 2018. 

As the hangman's noose draws near, I would expect the UFO distraction to pick up considerable steam. Anything that gets the Dems off of the front page will be welcome. Here's how this distraction can be employed....beware of Project Blue Beam!


The Paramilitary Distraction

I have been writing about this possibility for a couple of years. We know we have embedded CHICOM troops, various cartels, MS-13, Antifa, Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in our country. Just like the TET offensive in 1868 Vietname, all of these forces could be called into play to form constant barrage of terrorist acts which could America look like Bosnia, in 1992. The uyltimate goal would create enough violence that the UN would militarily enter the country as so-called "peace-keepers" (ie invaders). 

The following account describes what this would look like. 


Assassination Via a Mass-Casualty Event

America will never believe the "lone-nut assassin with a diary" conspiracy theory again. Three indivduals connected federal law enforcement, over the past year, have promoted the fact that is an assassination occurs, it will happen via the "Designated Survivor" scenario in which a disguised terror mass casualty event will take out the President and the public will be told the President was unintended collateral damage. Here is this story. 



All of these distractions will buy time for the Democrats to escape the hangman's noose for treason. Lightening has just struck. As I was writing this last paragraph, I was informed by Paul Martin was citing a Mike Adams article citing the Virginia's governor's intention to bring in the UN to assist with his gun confiscation plans. This parallels a request I received from an unknown person to investigate the fact that soon all travel in California and Virginia will be restricted by Soviet Union-style guard towers. I have received some confirmation of this, but Mike Adams has jumped to the head of the class. 

The Democrats will soon be out of options which makes Mike Adams' story so believable.