Preliminary Fifth-Column Invasion Activities Have Commenced Against the United States! We Are At War with China

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We have a country to save and Christians to protect and I don’t like it when journalists are in this business for their own gain and self-glorification. The stakes are too high for pettiness.

For the record, and to give credit where credit is due, the recent (Rep) Marjorie Taylor Greene’s revelation regarding China’s race specific bioweapons briefing is not new.  I published this information over 3 years from a leaked speech from the CCP made by CHICOM Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe. This was before Taylor-Greene was in Congress and could have received any briefing. Further, it is not appropriate for me to take credit for breaking this story because I did not. If it were not for John Moore, I would not have gained access to the story. John leaked the entire speech to me and he obtained the speech from an undisclosed source. I have cited this speech 17 times since John Moore made the speech available to me. John Moore deserves all the credit for this important story which defines how we should view China and the enemy that they are. It is John’s revelation that makes it possible to frame the proper perspective on China. We should be in a total state of war against the Chinese for the release of the coronavirus which is the first cousin to Wei Fenghe’s speech on race-specific bioweapons. There is one aspect to this story that was also contained in the leaked speech and I republished this aspect of the story in early July of 2021. Wei Fenghe stated that the race specific bioweapons were developed in cooperation with Israel. This demonstrates that Israel is only our friend when it suits their purpose. Also, in a recent podcast, I demanded that Congress pass a law prohibiting dual citizenship people from serving in Congress. We have too many Schumers who have betrayed this country.

Also, in the arena of self-aggrandizement is the story about the land in Arizona sold to a CCP member and a military general. The story that appeared yesterday and it is incomplete and it certain is not original. I acted upon the work of an independent journalist who wishes to remain anonymous because fear for their life. I have referenced this development in Arizona in an article over a week ago. I continue to gather information on the event and related events. I have been very careful not to get ahead of the story because details are still coming out. Here is what I have found out about the CCP owned land in Arizona.

First of all, Chinese owned installations in Arizona and Nevada are not new. The aforementioned Arizona land is an extension of a CCP plot, in combination with Democratic Party traitors and a few RINO’s to facilitate a base of operations within the United States. Again, this is not new.  This is part of what the Bundy family originally dealt with. Harry Reid’s son was paid $ 5 million to give away BLM land to the CHICOMS, on Cliven Bundy’s ranch to build a solar energy farm. I covered this in 2014 and identified similar facilities on I-10, in two locations in Arizona. These CHICOM solar energy farms are within the take-off patterns of Nellis, Luke and Davis-Monthan Air Force bases. There could only be one purpose: The CHICOMS will use energy weapons from these facilities to knock down American planes scrambling to meet a Red Dawn attack across our southern border. One side note, I reported that the Bundy land was also the site of uranium extraction for Hillary Clinton interests which was sold to Putin in an act of treason.

A few days ago, in a recent article, I stated that the CHICOMS purchased land in SO. Arizona was long enough to accommodate bombers. In a Red Dawn scenario, this would represent phase two of an attack across our southern border. A base of aerial operations would be needed to attack into the interior of the United States after the border beachhead was secure.

On this past Monday, I published a television interview with “Wrecker” on The Common Sense, in which Wrecker stated that cartel-led political hit teams are crossing our southern border and are actively killing Americans who are an obstacle to the new border agenda. We all know that the Chinese control the cartels. These are what military strategists call “5th column” forces which are entering the country to pave the way for invasion. Wrecker is a Federal LEO. He has been consistent source of information for the CSS.  “Wreckers” revelations are related to the same operation as the purchase of Arizona land by the CCP. Our open borders are also part of this plot as this allows men and material to be smuggled into the country in order to establish a bases of operations for attacks on critical infrastructure as well as military targets as a prelude to invasion. If the reader will recall, the CHICOMS were caught storing weapons in 3 locations inside the United States last year. Antifa was also involved in this weapons plot. The three events represent only the event that we are aware of.  We have no idea how extensive is the pre-placement of manpower and weapons. People may ask, if the Biden administration is culpable? The answer is a resounding yes.

Yesterday, another event took place that is in preparation for a business infrastructure takedown. I am referring cyber attack on 30,000 businesses and their credit card operations. This was a beta test.

If the readers doubt the seriousness of these allegations, take them to a trusted military person and ask them if these actions are not part of preliminary operations to an actual military invasion.

The election audit in Arizona is compromised by politicians who are either in bed with the CCP, or they have their hand on the chicken-switch. I wrote an article just over a week ago and I stated that if I was not satisfied with the level of disclosure of election fraud that I know exists and can be proven, I was going to declare war on the political careers of the defacto co-conspirators after-the-fact.

In summary, our country is at stake. More importantly, it will not be long until our ability to worship Jesus will be in peril. I do not have time for egotistical, self-aggrandizing individuals who don’t put Jesus country first and they report critical issues inaccurately because they want to boost their ratings.

 Biden is worried about the myth that is misinformation. Disinformation is a bigger problem. Be careful who you follow. Make no mistake about it America, the war has begun and you are not supposed to survive.